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Christian Faith Publishing

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Meadville
Address 832 Park Ave
Phone 1 800-955-3794

Christian Faith Publishing Reviews

  • Feb 3, 2024

Subsidy publishers, Christian Faith Publishers of Pennsylvania are not professional publishers but sure know how to rip off their clients. Both new and experienced authors do not touch these publishers not even with a ten-foot pole!

At first, they will entice you with a load of advertising hogwash and even offer you their service, paying about over $900 and the rest to be paid $340/month by the time your book is published. They ripped me off $1995 for useless work, which is unacceptable. However, they will make you sign so they can withdraw the money themselves and continue doing so, even if you do not wish to continue working with them like I did. If you are already stuck with them and want to seek another proper publisher, cancel your card and do not renew it. If the bank sends you a new card with a new PIN, they can still go to the bank and continue taking your monthly instalments, even if they did not deliver what they promised. They only need to show the bank the contract you signed. The bank will not investigate their amateurish publishing methods. I spent 47 years working as a journalist, editor copywriter and writer and have a BA, MA and PhD in journalism and creative writing, so besides the academic qualifications, I am also backed by almost five decades of hands-on experience. But read the story below and judge for yourselves. In the following letter I sent them, I think I was clear as crystal why I refused to have a book that represents the memoirs of one of the Pope’s top ten exorcist priests massacred by what they say are “qualified editors.”

I have written multiple times before and made my complaints very clear as to why I will not be continuing to work with you. Your editing service is unprofessional, poor and not as agreed in writing when you sent me the questionnaire. In this form, they asked me whether I wanted the book in US or UK English. I chose UK English since the book is intended for global distribution. They took three long months to edit a book of over 300 pages which was quite clean as I am a journalist, editor, journalist, writer and poet and graduated with a BA (Hons), MA, and PhD in journalism and creative writing. I am 66 years old and have been working in every field of writing since I was 17 years old. I spent 47 years working as a journalist, editor, copywriter and writer and have a BA, MA and PhD in journalism and creative writing, so besides the academic qualifications, I am also backed by almost five decades of hands-on experience.

What they do not tell you in the contract is that when they edit your MS, which has to be in Word Doc is that they will return it in PDF, which is inaccessible. So, the author cannot make changes in the text but has to, whether he likes it or not send back all the corrections by using an outdated system since computers and the internet were invented, over 35 years ago. In those days, we were forced to use what they call now an edit-note system! This means you will have an answer to them for every correction you do not agree with, every punctuation and in my case, hundreds of words spelt in US English! Of course, every author will do his best to explain the changes he wishes to make and why, but on a book of the length mentioned, besides it would take months to complete this process, there will be more months in an endless exchange of emails between authors and the editors.

I found hundreds of words in US English and to make things worse they were using the Chicago publishing manual, which does not match the language, or the rules of a book that strictly requires it to be in English. Instead, for this editing process, an Oxford guide to publishing should have been used.

They NEVER mention they use the editing-note system, knowing professional authors would NEVER accept to work using this system. From the first few pages, I calculated it would have taken me at least another three months to write another book simply to point out all the corruption and corrections. If the notes might not have been clear to the recipients, we would have been forced to enter into an endless exchange of email correspondence, wasting more weeks. If these people call themselves professional, then I am the King of England! When an author sends you a WD MS, professional editors never send back a PDF file. A conversion from WD to PDF is done when all editing is done and dusted. One also has to keep in mind that during the conversion of a WD into PDF, many corruptions occur. This is supposed to be fixed by the editors, not the authors. Hence why the conversion happens only after all corrections are cleared.

I sent them numerous letters complaining about the above and trying to convince them to allow me to make the corrections on a WD MS so as not to waste more months trying to find the head or tail of the mess they made of my book. In the end, emails sent by the “editorial department” made it clear they were not willing to come to acceptable terms so they left me no choice but to end this by discontinuing to work with them. I also told them I expected to be refunded at least part of the payment. Maybe, I should be sending the bill to them for the waste of time and the shoddy work they did.

I had already paid $1,995.00 for services that I never received. If any money is to be paid it will be from their end not mine. However, despite I made myself clear I had already found a publisher in the UK, yesterday they sent me an invoice for February 2024. This indicates they wanted to rip off some more money and ignored everything I said.

They were the ones who breached the contract by presenting me with shoddy work, dates are written in US English such as words like behavior, demonized, agonizing, canceled, channeled, realized and far too many more to mention. They were also using the wrong publishing guide, which does not support UK English and left far too many mistakes. Their use of punctuation was an unbelievable spectacle, I never encountered not even in essays written by college students. (Please note the above words were misspelt to show you the quality of their editing keeping in mind these words are all in US English).

I’m done working with them. They wasted my time and charged me almost $2000 and seemed determined to continue taking money from me when I told them I was done with them, period.

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