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CHG Healthcare Services

Country United States
State Utah
City Salt Lake City
Address 6440 South Millrock Drive, Suite 175
Phone 800.453.3030

CHG Healthcare Services Reviews

  • May 22, 2017

I worked for this company however dealt with some of the worse people on earth. If you are willing to drink the koolaid you might have a chance. My surgeons felt embarrassed to work for this company as small routine items for ivy league graduates had ro be begged for. Such as special order surgical gloves, refrigerators for there room, special accommodations etc. It was embarrassing for

While there are a few nice people it is tainted with extremely unprofessional and immature leadership. It was started by a nice and honest man but has gone the way every other utah company. Priding themselves in being different in a stagnit business sector. With innovation and technological advances holding them back to solving an true American healthcare disaster.

My final note is I was hit by a car within weeks of being let go from the company. Being escorted off the property without any of my belongings. I never heard from any of my neighbors even one 2 doors down after I was hit by a vehicle within a 1 mile radius of the new building. The story goes needless to say and should be published through media as this is a piss poor example of putting people first. I was approached by several employees telling me I had to come see the new building after my accident. Nothing new when I went to visit and was not able to even discuss my situtaion with any one as they were too busy. Lame company in my honest opinion and find a progressive company out of state of you really want a future.

Very small minded country folk.

  • Sep 12, 2015

Working for CHG and CompHealth has been the most stressful in my entire career.Company hires people on their core values which does not follow witha ny of the guidelines they preach. Got hired to work in HP which is the external credentialing department. Even though staff are nice and friendly the department is super busy with the biggest turn over. Under staffed and under pressure once asking for help and further training and asking to be transferred to other department you'll be sonehow acknowledged but shortly dismissed without any further explanation.

One wonders how they manipulate the rating to remain in fortune top 10 companies. Deceitfull and untrustworthy is more their core values.

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