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Chase City Health & Rehab Center

Country United States
State Virginia
City Chase City
Address 5539 VA-47
Phone 1 434-372-8885

Chase City Health & Rehab Center Reviews

  • May 4, 2019

First off patients are charged a fortune at this so-called-rehab center. That being said, they are so happy to over-test patients vital signs many-many times per day (this helps them to boost the bill).

But, if the patient has hit the light just to get something as simple as a glass of water (which they can't make money on) the patient can WAIT FOR HOURS before anyone even bothers to help them. They they always claim "we are short staffed" LOL. And remember, patients can be bed-ridden and connot help themselves.

Rooms are cramped and crappy, like a 1 start motel dump. Security-forget about it. ANYONE can waltz in or out. Realize that the place in unprotected. It could be tomorrow's headline news for a terrible event.

Bottom line: There are better rehab centers. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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