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Chase Bank

Country United States
State Delaware
City Wilmington
Address 201 North Walnut Street
Phone 1-800-935-9935

Chase Bank Reviews

  • Feb 1, 2017

I have leased Subarus through Chase Auto Finance for 9 years straight. The first two 3-year leases I turned in my car and was not charged any excessive wear and tear. The last 3-year lease, I turned in my car which looked better than some of the prior lease turn ins, but was charged the known $300 disposition fee + another $400+ in "excessive wear and tear" despite a $1000 allowance. This included what was described as a cut in the tire, even though I had a tired warranty.

When I tried to get descriptions of the so-called excessive wear and tear, I was sent photos that were very difficult to distinguish. After 3 years of driving the vehicle, many would consider these findings normal wear and tear...not EXCESSIVE wear and tear.

The end of lease department was very difficult to work with. They said a supervisor would call me, but no one ever called. They said they would initially send the photos, but then when nothing was received, I called back. One time, I spoke with the same person that said she was going to send the photos, but she could not explain what happened. Another time, I called to follow-up on 4 specific items I was contesting from the photos sent, but they again gave the same generic answer that the research department had reviewed all of the charges. When I asked if those 4 specific items were reviewed on appeal as requested, they said the same line that the research department had reviewed all of the charges. I was not convinced that anything happened as a result of the appeal.

I canceled my Chase credit card and do no plan on obtaining lease financing through Chase in the future. I saw a very similar Rip Off report from another Chase auto finance customer. I switched from a Subaru to a GM vehicle. It seems like a pattern that customers that have to pay the disposition fee when not leasing another vehicle through Chase Auto Finance also get hit with excessive excessive wear and tear charges. Please report if this happened to you too.

  • Jan 16, 2017

Chase Bank has a new scam to rip off unsuspecting innocent customers. If you deposit money into their bank, and you pay them to guard your money, they can just mysteriously allow it to vanish, and blame you, the account holder for the missing funds. This is a great scam, they can literally take every penny out of a customers account while denying any responsiblity for it's missing money. Uh, that is not what I agreed to pay Chase for. I agreed to pay them to protect my money. They failed, blamed me for it's loss while claiming total immunity, and now that say there is a negative balance in my account. Imagine them stealing all the money they wanted and then just saying, the money is not their responsibility to manage, even though they were paid to do so.

This stinks of breach of contract, they took my money, had a legal duty and obligation to protect my money, and either stole it themselves or allowed someone to steal it all and then had the AUDACITY to try and pin this on me, a disabled senior citizen who just get a federal check that Chase says is simply gone, and they don't care, and are not responsible for. Oh, and they claimed their chip cards are "perfect, and flawless, and unique, and cannot be reproduced." Nonsense, which the Police Department told me that it is a bunch of lies by Chase.

Do not allow any bank to rip you off, I won't. They did this and everybody knows they are lying, including the police. Now, when this is reported to the federal government, we will see how they explain the loss of the money they were being paid to protect. The lawsuit I am filing ought to be interesting as well. If the money disappeared and they are the only ones with access to it, then they are responsible not me, or anyone else. The bunch of lies they use to excuse their behavior is really interesting. They claim they gave me a flawless and perfect chip card that cannot be reproduced is the perfect excuse for telling people they have just stolen all their money from. It is a lousy, excuse to bolster their denial of wrongdoing, responsibility, and the result of me not having any money or access to the money the federal government deposited into my account. I am so sick of the lies, the fraud, the stealing, the corruption, I cannot stand a liar, or a thief, but when Chase put the responsibility of my money on me, that begs the question, why did I pay you, Chase, why did you take my money and promise to protect it. I paid you, Chase, you took my money, Chase, you are responsible for it's disappearnce, not me, the innocent customer you just stole from. Or, OK, Chase, if you claim you are not responsible for taking care of my money, that pay me back all the money I paid you over ten years to take care of my account.

  • Jun 6, 2020

Legal - called negative interest

It comes as a surprised to many people that on 06-01-2020 interest went to 0%.

Although embarrassing to all banks, Chase / J.P. Morgan - James aka Jamie Dimon has no problem with morality or ethics or for that matter breaking and above all laws just like congress.

That all changes on 01/01/2021 when there will be no banks, not credit cards, all loans and credit card debt for those making under 80,000 per year gross will be forgiven.

Banking will be privatized, balanced each day with an AI Actuary which will at 12:00 pm to 12:01 am each day will charge back any account that is of by one cent.

Banking serves no useful purpose. It was a robbery tool to make millions and millions of people, employees, wealthy. Kiosk’s will replaced all banks. It will be a secure, ventilated safe drive in safe place. The largest band in the US carries no more that 10,000 in cash. If you need money in your account that you have saved, I really don’t know anyone who has that luxury, depending on the amount, say 10,000, 5 business days. To cash a check for 50,000, two weeks or more of business days. You then must sign band papers for the amount, fiduciary papers for the amount, federal treasury papers for the amount and IRS papers for withdrawing your own money, decades ago.

To the original statement, since all interest has gone negative. It is totally up to an individual bank how much they are going to charge monthly to keep your money safe for you. Gradually, it will drawn down on the principal and nothing with be left.

  • Jan 2, 2017

I (had an Chase Amazon Credit Card for about a year. Everything was apparently working smoothly between my

Amazon Prime Member Chase account and Chase for my purchasing. My Humana Insurance tried ( to extort money

from cancelling my dental insurance without my permission). According to Humana I would have to pay a fee

of 49.18 to be reinstated back for my dental insurance). I already have a dispute with my Bank Of America

credit card which Humana charged upfront fees for a dental program in which I never was registered with and

never used their phony dental card!.. I figured Chase would understand that I needed to place that extorted amount

back to recieve my cancelled dental plan reinstated. I had the (false impression) Chase customer service would

understand my dispute with Humana and my open dispute with Bank of America.

My dispute with Humana was opened on Nov 4th 2017. I never recieved any confirmation or any

correspondence from Chase. About two weeks later Chase contacted with with an extremely rude,

sarastic and terrible Chase representative. I was so upset I told her to close my dispute, just to

end my awful phone call from Chase customer service. About a minute or two later I contacted

Chase again and was told everything was alright and the dispute was cancelled in my favor!

No way!. I had to paid the sum of 49.18 to close my dispute!. I am now fighting Chase

about purchases on my Amazon Chase credit card which needed to be cancelled. Amazon

refuses to cancell the charges applied to the balance my credit card, despite the items may not

arrrive unil February!. Chase and Amazon both SUCK!. According to Chase I owe money for

purchases already paid for. I keep all confirmations of payments to my credit card with their

confirmations indicating I have allowed Chase to withdraw for payments from my

checking account. I am considering contacting the Attorney General. The Attorney General

has a department for consumer compliants and might investigate complaints and send

letters to the party cheating the consumer!. I have contacted the Attorney General

several times for situations as this. If nothing else at least the company will have a

case number on file with the Attorney General Office!. That is fine with me!

I cancelled my Chase Amazon Credit card and I will check my balance after

New Year's Eve. I do not want to start 2017 with aggravation and anger

if I notice my balance from my Chase credit card!.

I will check my Chase balance in about a week or so. If they have not updated my balance to zero

and give any crap about owing them money I am contacting the BBB and the Attorney General!.

Chase outsources their employees to the point where they have no understanding of your

problems. The recent conversation with a Chase represenative could not even understand

english and admitted this the contact told me she was in India.

Chase is an example that Bigger Is Not Better. Chase " cheaps out" their customers by enhancing

their huge profits by outsourcing to individuals probably not paid minium wage in the United

States!. Awful Company that should be invesitaged. If you choose to open a credit I

would advise not to choose Chase for absolutely anything for any money matters!

  • Dec 27, 2016

Recieved email that my online account email changed, called within 20 minutes. Chase phone reps vehemently stated that "I" called and could not access account and they helped "me" into my account. 1060.00 was stolen, rep put me in loop and was disconnected. Two more calls to fraud and hours later no help, no one entered anything into system. They keep transferring me and back into loop to start over with another person with labored english and their digital foreign connections garbled. Finally at about the NEW bank day it took two more calls to place a fraud flag on my account and finally notes on my account. Went to chase two days later, closed old account, opened new. Chase rep hid email used in theft after telling me verbally. When I asked him to write it down he said he deleted it and told me something completly different. The name in the first email he hid told me who it was as they were working with HSBC and involved in millions in thefts and violence, injury to members of my family. Including 36 other thefts thru HSBC, the manager got 19 counts of fraud and in the end of the investigation HSBC lost their dollar rights in Mexico, many other crimes they committed.

The NEW account was cleaned out within one business day 195.00. its been ten days and I no longer can use online access or bank debit card as Chase will no longer insure my money. I have gottem back abou 128 dollars so far.

Police refuse for years stolen identity report in Pleasant Prairie as I have DHS and state police verify my identity theft along with my dead father who died in 1975, whom these people have been witnessed taking out insurance policy on my dead father. The same people responsible for multiple injuries, kidnappings od family members. Disciplinary complaint with indiana supreme court disciplinary commission with over 45 felonies, contempt and admitted mortgage fraud in an estate and trust. ISCDCommission said in recording they do not recognize complaints from citizens and need attorney to sue the commisdion to perform. Othe agencies Michigan City police Department were caught destroying police reports to protect Barry F. McDonnell the prosecutor in the supreme court complaint. They murdered my first witness Roger Pecen within two weeks of planning to aid me as witness of these thefts they were planning, I witnessed these people commit crimes against Donal Hamrin a lasalle street attorney, he was murdered.

Chase Bank fraud stated someone has my digital fingerpr ok t, following me in realtime. These people are connected to Mexicos largest meth lab in mexico and mass kidnapping for masonic stem cell research which I discovered is back in operation. In 2007 this facility in Colotepec mountains is responsible for over 3000 deaths in 2007. Arrests have been made but with cooporation od U.S. State Dept, mexic a.g. SEIDO and DHS. FBI refuses to cooporate. I am perpetually robbed, these people said thay would make sure of it, all freemasons in scottish rite.

  • Nov 22, 2016

I wish I would have seen all the negative reviews before I started a refinance with Chase. I have my main loan with them and had started working through a refinance with a different company. After they found out they sent a letter stating they would like a chance to match or beat the offer. I contacted them and informed them of what the other company was offering.

At first they seemed to be working hard to match the offer and came back saying they would match the lower rate and I was save on fees since I already had the escrow account with them. Also some of the other listed fees were lower. I was super excited and thinking I could trusts them let the other company know I no longer wanted to move forward with my loan application. After this it all went to Hell.

I was informed that the rate did not lock even though I was told it was locked. The day after it was supposed to have locked the rates shot up. So now if I want to get the same rate I will have to pay an additional $11,000. So now I have no options of getting the rate I was promised. The seem nice and talk as though they are trying to help you out. From my experience it seemed like a calculated game to try and get me to stop my other loan and keep me with Chase with the same loan. They did say they will refund the $500 dollars I paid but that is still a kick in the a*s since the reduced interest rate would have saved me a bunch of money.

If you get a loan somewhere else and they sell it to Chase then you are probably going to be ok because they have to honor the loan contract you signed. If you start with them they are going to screw you over.

  • Nov 5, 2016

In August, I traded my 2015 Acadia in for a 2016 Silverado. The dealership contacted Chase for a payoff on the Acadia. Chase gave them a payoff which included a payment I was not obliged to pay since I had traded the vehicle two months earlier. Since the payment was automatically to be taken out of my bank account, it made my account short. I called Chase and told them they had taken out the money from my account in error since I had traded the auto two months earlier. The dealer paid Chase what they told them the payoff was. Chase, according to their representative, took the payment out of my account anyway which made my account go intothe negative. They said they gave the dealer a payoff which included a payment that I was not required to pay which made the payoff amount they gave the dealer be in error. They would not refund my money and told me that it was my fault because I did not stop the automatic draft. I had put a stop payment on the account for September, but they took it out in October, though the account should have been closed as the dealer had paid them off. They (Chase) says that the payoff amount they gave the dealer assumed the September payment (really the October payment) would be paid. I do not understand how I am responsible for paying them an auto payment since I traded the car in August. I intend to pursue legal means to get my payment back.

  • Oct 25, 2016

Chase put a hold on my account (and sent me a letter saying they are ending their relationship with me).

This is after they told me they could do better rates and deals if I move everything over...

So I have $400,000 in SEP, IRA's..

I have two car loans...

I have a biz account... a personal account...

AND two Chase credit cards...




After 12 years, they sent me this letter - froze my account - and said I'm out of money for ten days. We will mail you a check within ten days!

  • Oct 15, 2016

I have a room that recieved storm damage, recieved authorization and funds from insurance company to complete repairs. The check was made to me and Chase bank, chase has been holding the money and nt releasing funds, even when the city and insurance company has approved work performed. this has caused delays in completion of work and contractor is claiming lose because I have not had the fund so he can make appropriate draws. i have sent chase the forms required three different times and forms keep getting rejected for silly reasons. I also call chase for explanation and three times I have had representatives staing the forms are fine, and others state the forms are incomplete. I noticed the original for W9 that was rejected, i called to find out why, they stated the SS number or Employee ID Number should be listed not both as we had both listed, then they send me a new W9 to fill out, I called and my contractor called them from a Chase bank gARFIELD AND 19 MILE IN cLINTON TWP WITNESSED BY CHASE BANKER, to make sure we understand information is vorrect and the I recieve no letter that funds are released as they stated it would be released. I called after a week because i recieved no funds and they said the form is filled out incorrectly. this happened even after last week when chase building inspector stated the contruction project is 1--% complete, in addition the city building inspector has approved all work except for a minor violation. this has caused funds to be delayed and contractor refuses to perform any further work untill he gets an additional draw

Dominic J

Clinton twp MI 48038

  • Oct 13, 2016

I go into the Burien, WA. branch of Chase once a month to make a payment on my Chase/Amazon credit card. The last time, my transaction was with a teller named Vicki. My payment I owed was $25, so I gave her two $20's and waited for my receipt and change due back. She gave me my receipt and stepped back, as if we were done. I told her she owed me $15 back. She faltered, then tells me no, that I had given her two $10's, not two $20's. We argued a bit, her boss comes over to her and they decide they will count her money in her til to see if it "balances". Amazingly, it balanced, according to the two of them. I knew at this point there was no reason to expect the correct outcome from them. Now get this, my receipt says I paid $25. Why wouldn't it? There was no explanation from them.

I don't know what Vicki is up too, but I had almost the same outcome the month before with her, except she did the correct thing and finally gave me my change back. She had stepped back, as though we were done, and I said she owed me $15 back. This happened the first part of August, 2016, the final transaction was Sept. 2016. I have called, I have emailed, filed with BBB, I did however get a charge out of a letter I got from the "executive office" telling me I gave Vicki a $5 bill, also. What BS! I cannot believe these people!!

I am just a senior, disabled, poor. They don't need me, I can't help them. Banks are not to be trusted. Wells Fargo, now Chase, who is next? They are ripping off customers in a whole new way.

I want the money they owe me, if they want to keep theif tellers, that is their problem, they should not keep people like that employed. Vicki is pocketing money from unaware customers.

  • Oct 7, 2016

The last 3 payments i made on my truck payment chase keep as interest and none went to the loan and they keep charging me late fees.

  • Sep 17, 2016

Number has been calling me for the past 3 months about 2-3 times a day. I've never had a card with the specific company nor have I ever inquired about information.

  • Sep 16, 2016

Chase bank jamie diamon my name is stephanie resa. I had an open account with chase bank at first everything was ok and on point then things began to get awkward first i didn't notice the coruppted little scemes. Now i still have my electronic statements on how all of a sudden my money started to slowly dissapear through chase bank. I reported for a month and a half straight a current situation with chase on how these unexpected charges kept popping up on my debit card account i reported it once it was found the first time the lady stated she was going to close the card after i described to her i do not purchase things on the internet and that i belived someone got a hold of my card number and wrote it down while leaving the card in place.

I explained to her that i do not do internet purchases. She claimed she shut the card down so i thought ok problem solved. Only to find two days later my account again is over drawn mind you i haven't been using my card since the first report. I called again to find my card was still activated i was furious at this point. They claimed to pit the credit back on my account and finally sent a new card. Again i thought i had settled this my account is still being over drawn and i do not use the card. I reported this incident more than once for a month and a half to more than one employee even brittany who works in the chase bank executive office i have spoken to more than one even the higher ones and no one has gotten down to the bottom of this situation. I am angry at the fact that this goes ignored! They even took money from my checks from the overdrawn fees they claim i have to pay them if i did these purchases i would not be reporting this incident to the executives also! Is this what you do to your customers all the time chase bank? I need help looking into this asap please thank you.

  • Aug 11, 2016

I am a consumer with a very high credit score who has no problem getting crdit cards. My friend recommended I apply for the Chase Sapphire Card because it has good rewards. In retrospect, I am very glad that I did not get one and be part of the Chase Banking system. I applied for the card and shockingly was turned down. The reason, I was told, was that I had too many credit cards for too short of a time. That is, I would obtain cards, spend the associated amounts to obtain the rewards offered, and sometimes cancel the card soon afterwards as I am entitled to do.

Apparently, Chase doesn't like when you do this (yet there is no disclaimer sttaing that if you do it) - as you are entitled to do - this could affect your ability to obtain another credit card from them. I told the manager who called me on this (as I requested) that this is an idiotic policy, that I am the type of credit worthy customer everyone wants. Further, that I am fully entitled to keep or not keep a credit card after I receive the reward, and that the company itslef should entice me to do so, or why should I stay? Imagine a grocery store telling you that you bought too many items on sale in the past two years, and that you can no longer shop there unless you pay the full price. That company would not be in business very long and would be laughed at. That's what Chase is doing. That's why they are a joke.

The manager did not disagree with anything I said. I went on to say that because of this ridiculous Chase policy, I now want nothing to do with Chase at all. I asked to be taken off all Chase contact lists - especially those for a credit card that they keep soliciting me for online (I now block anything from Chase and report them). I will not bank at Chase or get my mortgage from Chase. I asked that the letter they are required to send about the credit card decision be sent to an alternate address. They declined to do that, stating it was already sent out (30 minutes after I applied, really?) As I told the manager, "I do not like the way your company does business." I gave Chase a chance to make things right, but they do only what's best for them on a short-sighted, myopic basis. I'm glad I learned about their nefarious way of doing business before I do any business with them.

As a highly regarded and influential person among my peer group, I am now telling everyone, especially Chase users, not to use Chase, and I have them on my "Avoid" List. I am very unimpressed by the brief interactions I had with the company. And oh yeah, I had this same credit card before years ago (note that I was approved then with no problem, same finnacial situation), and had problems with the customer service then (same selfish issues - once they have your money they do not provide what was stated; had to go way over their heads).

Chase is all about how can we make money for us now, even if it means screwing our own customers or potentially good customers. If they are struggling financially, which I believe they are, then all they have to do is look at situations like this and understand that they are denying a very strong customer access to their business for a dumb reason. If I'm too smart for them, that is, taking advantage of their offer and then not deciding to stay, that is my decision and Chase needs to abide by that. I fulfilled my obligation - now give me a reason to stay with you when I can get other deals elsewhere. Oh, you can't? Then adios! Who needs you?

They call it 'Chase' for a reason. I recommend you go anywhere else to find a better company, better deal, and intelligent people who understand that if you take care of the customer, the customer will take care of you. They just don't get that, and that's their problem among others.

  • Aug 3, 2016

A few days ago, my account went to a negative balance. I checked my history and it was something I purchased so I went to the atm (since the branch was closed at that time) to deposit the fee and avoid a over draft charge. The atm machines kept spitting my money back out and wouldn't take it, so I decided to go into the branch the next day to deposit the money inside. I woke up the next day to see that now I have 3 over draft fees all over one night and all because there atms didn't work. I contacted customer service and they said they couldn't help me and that I need to pay the three fees.

  • May 6, 2016

Internal Revenue Service is billing me for more money in connection to this Cancellation of Debt .

This is for the tax year of 2014.

I do not have any papers from Chase on this debt cancelation

and IRS is asking for more money$1320.00.

I believe this is fraud but not sure how to continue.

Advice would be nice.

  • Apr 18, 2016

I booked a package to mexico with vacation express for me and three friends.

Our trip was booked incorrectly from the beginning. The first invoice was $2000 more than we were quoted. I called and they sent the second invoice.

The second invoice changed the number of nights on our trip which left us without a room on the last night and our flight Which was included in the trip) didn't leave til the next night. I called immediately and pointed it out and asked them to correct it. They never corrected it and never returned my many, many calls over the next few months. At one point i was on hold for 45 min. Twice and was told that a supervisor would call immediately and no one ever did.

I filed a dispute with chase and so did two of my other friends who paid by chase. The bank filed against me and did not refund me while i just found out a week ago that the bank refunded my other two friends.

Calling them, i was assured that they had no intention of refunding me and that i should contact vacation express. I want to know why they refunded them and not me. I was told, there was no more money and they had other infco i didn't. I faxed the documents several times to them and even faxed my friends claim to them so they could investigate.

Vacation express says they have suffered a huge loss and they will not refund me. I want to know why three of us was refunded and not me. I am a senior citizen with a limited income as well.

Not only was i refused the refund, but the manager of the claims department was rude and disrespectful.

  • Apr 11, 2016

I had Chase Manhattan bank for 11 years til feb of 2016.In 2008 i gotten divorced after 20 years of marriage and joint owners of a house.My ex took me to court in 2012 trying to get our family home in his name and the judge denied him. So this February he refinanced the mortgage from Chase to another bank i assume because Chase bank refuses to fgive me any information on this process.Even thou my name has been a joint on the acct for the last 11 years?When i contacted chase soon as i found out from one of my children i asked how could this happen with out my knowledge or signatures?Something?They refused to give me anything i evem told them i just noticed my credit was affected because they posted it as a closed account on my credit report!How when they used my ssi number for 11 years could they do this?How many other people do they use there identity and they not know or ever know?Chase is a predatory lender that breaches privacy acts and have worst customer service ever!!They need to be investagated by federal goverment to see all the illegal acts being done by this banking and lending facility!!!Don't trust Chase Manhattan and dont let your family or children get involved with these crooks.Beware!!!

  • Apr 2, 2016

I was trying to sell some things on Craigslist to get some money for my brother back east. I am in phoenix Arizona and he is in lakeland Florida. Upon getting a check from an individual I deposited it into my chase account.

From that I waited until the funds cleared then I submitted funds forward. 3 days after the posting the check was committed as a stollen check and that amount was taken back out of my account. I went to chase twice to review and fix this mess but to no avail chase will not refund or remburse myself on this.

I do feel that we put our trust in a bank to show when issues such as finances are posted and when things clear. From there we entrust to go forward. The amount was well over $1000.00

  • Apr 2, 2016

On 03/27, I requested online on my Chase Bank account to wire monies from my savings account to my nieces account at Navy Federal in Virginia. I was informed by Chase that it must come out of my checking account. I then withdrew 7,500.00 from my savings account. I again tried to wire from my checking to my nieces account at Navy Federal (Toni Jones). I was receiving emails saying it was denied, then in process , then not processed, then accepted. I received a telephone call from Chase and because of a wire transfer had to answer questions that I would only know. She the said fine and the telephone call ended. I then recevived another email stating to call the listed telephone number.

I was connected to the RISK OPTION DEPARTMENT and told I call the number in England. I explained what transpired and she said she would check on the matter and call me right back. This was after midnight. I received no telephone call. The following day I went to my branch located on Lake Plasant Rd, Peoria, Arizona. Again, I explained the issue. I was informed by the Chase Representative that she was not allowed to give me the reasons. She was informed by the Chase Representative, that was speaking to her that the best was to go to a teller and get my monies and get a Cashiers Check for 7,500.00. I did so. It was sent by me through the post office to my niece, Toni Jones at her home in Virginia. This Cashiers check was for furniture I sent to my brothers home in Conway, South Carolina.

Which is due for transit for Mayflower Transit, 04/05/16. After all this back and forth with Chase Bank, I received a letter stating that I must call the in closed telephone number. I did, Chase informed me that All my accounts with them have been terminated except for my credit card. That includes, checking, savings, debit card and my problem with my automatic deduction for my Chase Morgage. Also my problem with all my bill pays from my checking. I am 71 years old, disabled, and for 27 years delted with Valley Bank that then was Bank One and now Chase Bank. I was also informed that I can not do business with Chase and balances in my accounts will be sent to my present address in Sun City, Arizona. Please help and assist me in this stressful, scary matter. Thank you, Elizabeth Hopkins

  • Jan 23, 2016

On January 14, 2016, I was lured into opening a Chase Total Checking account with a bonus of $150.00. I deposited $25.00 into the account and presented the bonus coupon to the bank representative. A direct deposit transfer for my social security benefits was arranaged that day by the bank via a Government Direct Deposit Set Up and a reqest by me made to SS directly. I presented by drivers license and my social security number.. Fortunately, I did not close out my other bank account in anticipation of the $150.00 perk and having a successful bank relationship with Chase Manhattan.

Six days later I was notified by the bank rep that my account was closed. I contacted Chase Manhattan customer services and was told that the account was closed without providing any explanation. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and was connected to a Chase corporate rep. The rep informed me that my account was indeed closed and stated that she did not have to provide me with an explanation.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that Chase Manhattan executes a hard credit check on all potential applicates without disclosing that to them. Furthermore, Chase bank reps do not disclose to potential applicates that the bank has the right to review your account and for whatever reason, has the right to close your account without consent.

I allege that Chase Manhattan culled my personal information, social security number, drivers license and other personal and identifying information with no intent of establishing a banking relationship. Fortunately I was able to retrieve my initial deposit.

I demand that Chase Manhattan provide the reason for the account closure. If I had known that Chase was going to execute a credit check, I would never have agreed to opening an account with them. If I had known that Chase had the right to do a review on my account and then could close it out, I would never had opened an account with them and jepordized my social security benefits.

  • Dec 9, 2015

For the past 10 years I have had a business account with Chase Bank. On October 21st, 2015 I reported my ATM card lost. After 2 weeks I went into my branch to try to get a replacement card. I was told I could not do so because they had no record of me being a business(despite 10 years of deposits and withdrawals with business name, Chase issued checks with my business name ) . So I drove 2 hours away to get a copy of DBA brought it to the branch and was told this was being researched and I could not have an ATM until the research was done. On November 30th I spoke with Valerie from the Executive Office for nearly 2 hrs and she assured me she would call me by the end of the day Now on Dec 8th she still has not called back and I was told Mauel from the Executive Office would call today. Not hopeful. I work a fully imd job and have no access to my own money ! Chase is incredibly incompetent and devious. I am concerned that they lost a DBA Certificate and I could be subject to identity theft. How could they lose a company's DBA certificate? Where did it go? Who has it now??

I have spent over 18 hours on the phone, in the branch and in the county clerk's office getting replacement paperwork and trying to ersolve this problem. The solution I was given today was that they would write me a bank chck and I could either open a new account at CHase or go elsewhere. This is idiotic and more than inconvenient. I am sitting here watingt for a return call on yet another day off from my primary job. Chase has done nothing to resolve this over the apst 2 months!!

  • Oct 24, 2015

Chase issued a dispute on my behalf but didn't use all the documents that they requested. One of these documents was the most important part of my case and sure enough I lost the dispute because it was not used. Everytime I called I got a different story and then found out that it was neglegence on their part that lost the case.

  • Oct 17, 2015

Chase backposted a check by 23 hours I could not get an explanation no matter how hard I pushed. How can they just backdate transactions? That's plain fraud.

I checked the account several times a day, there was no check. I wake up this morning with an overdraft notification for a check that was posted yesterday.

  • Oct 15, 2015

He was not helpful in anyway. I have had a great experience with Chase until now and had 4 credit cards with them for which I was forced to close all of them yesterday because they would not resolve removing a 30 day late off my credit reports. I opened a Slate credit card, made one purchase and never received any physical statements. They agreed at the time with the mistake and credited the account late fee. They then put a 30 day late on my credit reports. I have tried to get them to remove this and they refuse. This was not my fault because I never received any notification by them. I finally setup electronic statements and then received them. I have done everything I can to resolve this with them with no luck. I just want the 30 day late removed from my credit reports. If I was responsible and it was my fault I would take responsibility but this was their fault. Now because of this mark on my credit this could be considered defamation of character since I was not the responsible party that caused this. As I stated before by past record never showed any late payments on any of my accounts and because of their behavior I closed all my accounts. They are very difficult but this is just wrong. Individuals should not be blamed for mistakes that they make. Have them check all my accounts through them and not one ever had a late payment, why would I have one now and why would they credit the late fee if they were wrong? Thank you

I have been trying to resolve this with the Chase customer service team with no luck and very poor/rude customer service from one particular representative Michael Kohles. He was not helpful in anyway. I have had a great experience with Chase until now and had 4 credit cards with them for which I was forced to close all of them yesterday because they would not resolve removing a 30 day late off my credit reports. I opened a Slate credit card, made one purchase and never received any physical statements. They agreed at the time with the mistake and credited the account late fee. They then put a 30 day late on my credit reports. I have tried to get them to remove this and they refuse. This was not my fault because I never received any notification by them. I finally setup electronic statements and then received them. I have done everything I can to resolve this with them with no luck. I just want the 30 day late removed from my credit reports. If I was responsible and it was my fault I would take responsibility but this was their fault. Now because of this mark on my credit this could be considered defamation of character since I was not the responsible party that caused this. As I stated before by past record never showed any late payments on any of my accounts and because of their behavior I closed all my accounts. They are very difficult but this is just wrong. Individuals should not be blamed for mistakes that they make. Have them check all my accounts through them and not one ever had a late payment, why would I have one now and why would they credit the late fee if they were wrong? Thank you

  • Sep 30, 2015

Friday Sept. 11, 2015 - I went to pay $300 towards my car loan. I placed 15 twenty dollar bills (a total of $300) in the tube with my picture id, sent it through the vacuum at the drive-up teller window. I waited for about 10 minutes then the teller asked what I wanted to do with the $20. I corrected the teller a said there was $300 in the tube. She laughed at me and said if I have a problem to come inside. I said I have a huge problem you just like lost my money. I went inside and reported the incident. The Vice President rolled her eyes at me and didn't even offer to take me back to her office. I offered to stay until the mess was resolved. I was told cameras were off site and requests for views had to be approved through corporate. I was told to leave and wait for a phone call. The footage was reviewed and the bank can't find my missing $280. I have left messages and sent numerous emails. I still haven't had a resolution to this matter.

  • Sep 11, 2015

Chase Online Credit card customer accounts, by Chase are posting current online amount incorrectly. When you pay your current amount in full, they will add more interest to your account at a later date. They will not remove this payment. If not paid by your due date, they tact on $37 late charge.

  • Aug 17, 2015

I worked for a company called Telga.Net they sell Reliant Energy. I ended up quitting my job on a payday and they refused to hand me my checks and instead waited 30 days and then had them sent to my PO BOX in Richardson, TX where they were stolen. I called the company and they sent the paperwork to the Fraud Department at Chase bank and this was back on March 2, 2015. Every time that I call Telga they state that Chase has not reissued the checks. Well it is almost a year since I worked for that company and Chase Fraud Department has still not reissued my paychecks. They will not even tell me where the checks were cashed. I am very frustrted and this has gotten tiring. Chase Fraud Department is the worst for getting people back there money.


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