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Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Wilmington
Address 251 Ballardvale St
Phone 781-222-6000

Charles River Laboratories, Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2017

I was referred to this company from a third party. I was seeking a home based business and the job seemed to be right up my alley. After I applied for the position I was greeted via my contact, Kimberley Cameron. The interview was through hangouts afterwich I was asked to provide identity for the purpose of identification.

After the interview I was asked to set up a home office location with them, where my supplies would be shipped to. Shortlyafter I was sent a large check to deposit into my account, because I was out of state I used a sister bank. It was cashed, then I was able to do what was asked of me, sending funds to the vendor for my supplies and getting the itune cards needed for the computer.

After returning back to texas, I was informend the the check was fraudulent and that I was resposible for the full amount. I got in touch with my contact, she informed me, they were 1000.00 short on Itunes cards for the computer, if I can get that they would add it to my salary. In addition she asked if I had a credit card, I informend her no and that no funds were supposed to come from my pocket.

I informed her, I was under the impression she woud pay for the software and activation....this is beginning to sound like a scam. Can you send me the funds I need to get the additional cards needed? She said they were on that. A few days later Ms. Cameron informend me they would send me another chec so I can clear the funds of the software.

The following week I returned to el paso to find the check that was cashed by the sister bank was fraudulent and I was responsible, so a hold was put on the account. Once I informend Ms. Cameron she said HR wasn't sending out a check until next payday, that's why I should try to get a gift card to activate to pay the difference, In addition, once my salary was paid, it would be paid with the error on my account. I informed her I didn't have the funds and couldn't borrow.

She then said she could help with 800 if I could get 200, I told her no, the she said there was nothing she could do, if I wasn't complying. I then asked her about the check theat she was glossing over that she was doing nothing about. She said if I could get the gift card and they were able to activate the software It would come to me in my salary. She then went down to me getting a 100.00 gift card and she would finace the rest. I had no intention of investing any monies, I was looking for a job to get money, not to givve away.

The last time I got any response was August, she asked If I was able to get the card, I saidI was unable to locate work and we let it at that.

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