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CD Widders

Country United States
State California
City Murrieta
Address 36705 Briggs Rd
Phone (951) 387-3393

CD Widders Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2017

BUYER BEWARE. Moon Valley Nurseries is up to their old tricks again. You might want to read my first review (below), as it gives a detailed account of my first experience with them. A synopsis is....I made a big mistake, as you might do, paying so much for tress from this bogus outfit, THINKING that the price must justify their knowledge and expertise. WHAT A JOKE. They MIGHT be able to grow trees in a box, but they have NO CLUE how to treat customers or how to plant trees in different environments. I paid a LOT of money for 3 trees. When 2 out of 3 trees started to die, I investigated, and eventually discovered they knowingly planted the trees WITH air pockets and a planting hole that was WAY too small (JUST enough to squeeze the rootball in)!! I had to be insulted by my MVN salesperson Tom, the MVN manager Dave, and then I had to rant, rave and stress out to get them to come out for replacement, which once again died due to their improper (cheap) planting techniques and bad information concerning proper watering schedules.

They lied about coming out to replace this latest dead one (they didn't turn up). Again I'm having stress out about having them honor their warranty. They claim it's too far for them to reschedule me, that they only come out when they have other orders near me (potentially never). Maybe they should've thought of that when they sold me the trees. If you don't want dead trees after a couple of months, and or a year of stressing out trying to deal with these con artists, DO NOT waste your money at MVN. You can buy 10 trees from another nursery for the price of 1 from MVN, or 1 tree from another nursery AND hire an arborist and laborer for planting and care instructions for the same price as one tree from MVN, and live stress-free. Don't use'll be sorry you did. First Report (July, 2017) BUYER BEWARE - Moon Valley Nurseries is a scam. All flash but nothing beneath it. False advertising. Looks good when you are there. Nice sales people. NOT "Professionally Planted" as advertised. Follow-up customer service is a lie - non-existant.

I am very disappointed in the unprofessional installation, lack of information on watering schedules and broken promises of Moon Valley Nursery. Here's what happened to me.... I ordered $1600 worth of trees. They came out, dug 3 holes for my trees, threw the trees in, told me to water 5 gallons per day, and left. 2 days later one tree in particular looked bad, and it wasnt draining when I watered it. I called my sales rep...then the office. I checked on watering requirements and was told I need to water 20 GALLONS per day for the first week. A bit more than the original 5 gallons per day the "planters" told me. Later, I checked around the tree that looked stressed and wasn't draining properly. Found out MVN "professional planters" had NOT filled the hole in with soil around the tree. I contacted my sales rep who told me someone would come out the very next day. No-one showed, and when I called the office, they said someone would come in the next 4-5 days. I told them my trees might die by then, just sitting in an unfilled hole. Of course, I was angry. MVN person on the phone was rude and yelling at ME! I feel MVN thinks they can get away with ripping people off - especially seniors and women (of which I am both). Or maybe they plant your trees to die, if you don't buy the extended warranty that costs $100!! for EACH tree!!!! Don't spend your hard-earned money at Moon Valley Nurseries. It's a scam.

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