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CCI Merchant Services

Country United States
State Illinois
City Oak Brook
Address 2605 W 22nd St, Suite 25
Phone (224) 353-6863

CCI Merchant Services Reviews

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  • Mar 26, 2016

All I can say is working for this company is a joke! Do not do it unless you have a drug addiction because most of the people working there do! The company itself has no affiliation with the actual great company Card Connect so they continue to lose money and will do everything to scam a business out of money with high leases and lie and cheat any way they can into a deal. Polly Moles, who is supposedly just the vice president is actually the president since Peter Moles who likes to flaunt he is CEO but he can't be because of be under so many reviews and legal problems he cannot! So please everyone! Stay away! This is just a place of dishonest people, lies, and scams that will make your head spin. If anyone could do anything to close this place down they should because it would be good for all small and medium-sized business owners!

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  • Jul 20, 2017

I get calls from this company multiple times during the day and even with their "big words" trying to scare us that our current credit card company isn't providing us with a secure service (which I know is not true, we've been certified with our company).

The last person who called me today got an earful (that wasn't nice) and then ANOTHER person called a couple of hours later....

I will start calling them repeatedly soliciting our services...OVER AND OVER if this doesn't stop.

~Fed up with phone salespeople!

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  • Jun 22, 2016

Dont work for this company

Do not I repeat do not work for CCI... You get paid hourly but if you dont set appointments thats your ass... We are cold calling places that the company has already called selling appointments the business owners hang up curse u out and say things like you all been calling for a year how many times do i have to tell u im not interested if u dont get appointments they fire u and say it was your fault and they dont even provide the proper training...they just hand you a script and say here do the work you have no idea what the products are u just basically going in blind

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  • Sep 6, 2016

Grow up

Complainers and quitters only post on social media when there life is a complete mess and want to point fingers at someone else when really it just wasn't the job for you so quit blaming CCI. Grow up and be the adult that you are and quit resorting to the web because your mad at your life and want someone to blame because your unwilling or just not able to complete a job. Find a job for you that is right and most importantly stop crying like a 15 year old kid. Have a great day!!!

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