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Country United States
State Nevada
City Henderson
Address 375 N Stephanie St #211
Phone 702-968-5100

CCBootCamp Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2016

I was an instructor (contract) for CCBOOTCAMP for only a few short courses until I realized they were using me and the small business I work with to take money from students with no intention of paying us. CCBOOTCAMP has fraudulently used our services without even attempting to pay their debt. When we asked about getting paid, they told us they needed to sell more student seats to pay us, which is essentially a Ponzi Scheme. When we asked about getting paid our emaials mysteriously started being blocked. When we used other emails to ask about their missed payments, Brad Ellis the CEO said we were being difficult to work with and to sue them if it made us feel better but they had no money to pay us, although we delivered great courses and had great student feedback. Weeks later when we asked for a payment update and offered to settle for much less than owed as they said they are not able to pay, then Brad said we never agreed to pay you what you invoiced. Only months after the work was delivered and debt was very past due did he question the debt, and we reminded them "they wrote the contracts and gave them to us". Brad Ellis from CCB then said we owe lots of people money and can't afford to settle right now. Then he proceeded to blacklist a second set of emails we were reaching them with. We had also offered massive early pay discounts which they ignored all together. We are about to file suite, and wanted to make others aware of their business practices and that students will be hard pressed to see any quality instructors at least more than once since they don't take care of their employees and contractors. Prospective students and instructors take note, with Ponzi scheme business practices more people will be burned. Be careful when working with them.

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