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CCB Leasing Company

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 120 Broadway #230
Phone 347-218-9297

CCB Leasing Company Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2018

I have read over the last two complaints that were put out on this company and can defintely say all their claims are true. Back in April 2, 2017 I was sent an email by a woman name Tina Dawson from CCB Leasing, with a job offer for a project manager position with there company. The offer stated that you could make up to 90K with their company as a project manager but first you would have to go through the screening process. After a few days of gojng back in fourth that sent me over a very unqiue designed employment agreement that was very detailed and had their companies licensing stamp all over it. It stated that we would get paid in June after finishing that process regardless if we were chosen for the job. At first I though it was a scam so I had them call me multiple times to ensure that they were a real company in which they did. So in need of money and a job I decided to go for it.. That was a big mistake.

Each week they sent me knew projects to do in which a project manager would usually have to know how to do in order to get a job done. If you failed any part you would be eliminated from the process. Well I of course passed all of the parts, which I should've known that there was no way I could have passed everything with flying colors. But it was the last project they sent me over that is when I truly got scammed. The project consisted of buying Apple Product labtops/computers for their company with their own money, which would be use for the workers at their New York office. Every labtop was listed that they needed as well as the price they were willing to pay and you were suppose to go out and find them at the cheapest prices. When I asked Noah KIm how this would work he sent me over a Chase Checking Account with over 17-18K with all routing numbers telling me to use that. He stated that I would use this money to pay my credit card balances and then buy gift cards with the money to then send to them so they could fully purchase the computer. Because of course they didn't want me to hold on to the labtops at my house. I was in complete shock and didn't believe it at all at first and then Noah and his company called me to reassure me. Plus, I called Chase themselves and asked if this account was real and those they couldn't dislsoe actually how much was in the account they stated it was a real account.

I didn't know what to do but if I would have known now that I was about to get scammed I wouldn't have went and did it. I used my Barclay, Capital One and Chase card to make the purchases. Every time I used the account information it would go through and my credit card balances would be zeroed out. At first it seemed like a miracle that it would even work, so I went ahead and performed a couple of the actions for them. Everything was going smooth at first i would buy the gift cards for $1000-2000 and then pay the balance off my card again. Then I sent over the gift card information to them and thats where I got scammed. They didn't even give me a chance to get all the gift cards they needed before they ended up disappearing and no longer having the phone number in service. I called my banks immediately and they told me numerous of times that all payment and balances were good. They didn't see any fradualent activity at the time but I still believed something was wrong. I emaile Noah Kim multiple times asking to answer and where was my money for the job that I did or was my job offer that I was Promised? No response.

A week later all my cards were hit with huge remaining balances and I had card companies calling me none stop asking for money. They said the checking accounts I used bounced and that I owed in total over 8K.. I pleaded with them that this was not my fault that I got scammed and they did not believe me or want to help. They ended up shutting down all my cards and still to this date ask me to pay off those extreme credit balances. I have sent in so many fraud reports but nothing is working and nobody will help. I can't afford to pay those off andmy credit has fail so badly over this. I got scammed by CCB Leasing and the creditors won't go after them after I sent them all information as well as emails that I had with the company. Please stay clear of them because they have changed their name once again to another Leasing firm and are trying to get other ppl. If anyone knows how to attack this situation please HELP.

  • Jun 19, 2017

In theory, CCB leasing appears to be a reputable company because of the affiliation of CCB leasing international. Be warned it's not the same. I proceeded with the interview process and signed an employment agreement. They had me do case studies which they all were due within 24-48 hours. I was supposed to paid $2,500 at the end of the training. The fishy part started when they wanted me to excute the budget I created for new equipment that will open in my area. Since they want to provide corporat debit cards to trainees, they provided us with corporate banking account numbers and routing numbers. They did this to buy gift cards (apple and Best Buy) and purchase 15,000 dollars worth of equipment. This is the problem: the money gets returned to your card after a week or so. In addition to this, if you give them the pin to the gift card, they will take that money and you can't pay down your own credit card. Now let me remind you, I still played devils advocate because of my optimism. I told Noah kim (the hiring manager I was in constant contact with) that the money was returned back to my card. He gave me another banking account and routing number to use to clear it. With capital one, my credit card, they called up Morgan chase and not only we aren't authorized users on these accounts but they stole this information from a person. I never told Noah kim because I wanted to see if they'll still give me my $2500 at the end of the training. Guess what: not only did I not get my training stipend, but additionally he stop responding to my emails and the number listed is no longer in use. It's busy. So please I beg you guys to please report these people because they are ruining your credit cards. My capital one credit card is restricted and I have no use of it because of this fraudulent behavior. I'm sad because that's my favorite credit card and I can't do anything to clear this fraud and they go after YOU not the company. I'll share some of the correspondence between me and Mr. Noah kim but please use rationale here because I didn't of how they made themselves to look corporate and professional and they are so messed up in scamming people. Don't be like me and think this is legitimate because it's not. They are fraudulent and nothing they are saying is accurate.

  • May 30, 2017

I answered an ad from one of the prominent job posting sites for a project manager position. I was contacted by 2 different women that identified themselves as HR managers for CCB Leasing Company (CCB is China Construction Bank) in New York. They were planning to open a branch office in my area. They asked a few job related questions and passed me on to Noah Kim, the person responsible for doing a 4 week screening program. Each "assignment" sent to was asking for your imput on the scenario. Each lesson I was told how great I was doing and had received a 5 out 5 score (imagine that). I would be compensated $2500 for the screening process.

One of the last assignments sent to me asked that I get prices for Mac Book Pro laptops. I was then asked to set them up as an account on my personal credit card and they would reimburse the credit card for purchases. I was then instructed to buy gift card from either my local Apple store or Best Buy and send the pin numbers to them. I would receive a 10% commission for buying the cards. I did a search on the routing numbers sent to me on 2 different emails and they both went to Chase accounts in Tampa. Both of the accounts had been flagged as suspicious. These were nothing more than transfer accounts with the actual activity going to California.

I was amazed that someone would go to the effort of creating lesson plans with a company logo on the lessons to make this all look real. I am sure that the $98000 a year promise will have people crawling over each other to give these guys money. I have also seen the very same scam being called UBI Leasing with the company located in Italy.

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