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CBD Healing Company, Inc.

Country United States
State Kansas
City Topeka
Address 5938 S.W. 17th Street
Phone (785) 428-4410

CBD Healing Company, Inc. Reviews

  • May 7, 2019

This is the complaint we filed with the BBB, that was closed with no response form this company. We were a franchise with the CBD Healing Company, we were initially going to open a store in a separate town. We were approached by the company to purchase the store in Topeka KS that was opened by them and already running for around the same price that it would cost to open one in the other town.

Since it made since to buy a turn key business that is what we did, in August 2018. After this point the company had opened another store 4 blocks away, under our protest. we worked under this agreement for 5 months, in December 2018 we placed an order for stock for around $23,000, we received around $5,000 worth of inventory.

We asked them to provide us with the order and we were asked to place another order. This would be fine if we were already not on the 29th of January 2019, 5 weeks later. The order forms were have said it could take up to 21 days to get the order. After we had asked we were given a notice of termination of our agreement, where they demanded we turn our store over to them.

We have since closed that location and opened another store to avoid any issues, it took us about 6 weeks to get moved. They have refused to refund us the money for the order, or provide us the products that we paid for. They have been claiming that they are the only manufacturer in KS which is not true but this is how they advertise.

I also have every communication we have ever had as well as all orders that were requested and paid. They also have told numerous people both in person and online that our store was closed lied to their customers on the phone and taken all of the online reviews that we have generated and moved them to their new location, they still have my name on them...

In addition to my initial complaint they continue to misrepresent themselves as the only manufacturer in Kansas, which is not true. They continue to try to sabotage my business by telling customers lies about our products and various other things. Furthermore they answer the phone and say yes when people ask if I am there, all in attempts to disrupt my business.

They advertise ethical business practices yet I believe they have been looking to take advantage of my family and I since the initial contract. They have violated their fiduciary duties by terminating our agreement for no reason while we were awaiting the product from our last order. They admittedly had our store under close surveillance for what reason. Lastly they accused us of carrying additional brands in violation of our agreement which was not even remotely true.

So this is a letter of complete non sense that was sent to our attorneys in February 2019. We do not want to waste time answering all of the unfounded points listed in this rambling 17 pages of crazy. Instead I will focus on the point that we had ordered product that we never received, with an invoice from them that stated it would take up to 21 days. The claim that we only ordered the minimum and owe them money can be easily cleared up with the attachments I will be adding showing much larger than 200mg orders so their claim that we owe them estimated $64,000 is completely invalid.

In addition I will include text message conversations that will show where I had requested additional orders and was instructed to wait. As far as the continued ignorant claim that they are doing extraction in KS, that is still not approved in this state so it can carry a different penalty, not to mention I was told numerous time that they have been sourcing their CBD (maybe even whole products) from Kasmira in Colorado, which I have the communications to show if need be.

They also sent a message to us saying that we have been properly vetted and that they are happy to business with us. As far as the store they opened, Mr. Dines assured me in person that he would not be doing business at that location in order to close our deal, I have a witness that was there in person for this. In addition I have a witness that was there in person when I told him that I was a paralegal in the Army and that my wife is a nurse (a simple Facebook check will show both of these claims to be true).

After we found out that they were opening the store 4 blocks a away we were assured that they would only be carrying things that we are not which again was a lie. They would have the same product line that we had and even continue to have products that we were waiting on and had paid for. Their business is horribly unethical and there product has made numerous people sick.

I do not understand how them being on the news is even relevant, nor do I understand why they continue to lie about being the only manufacturer in KS. They were never refused payment on any order, they terminated our contract at 1230 am the morning before we were set to meet them, with in 72 hours of the last invoice. I had never had anyone watch them or video them or any of those claims, that is just crazy.

I understand when dealing with a narcissist that they cannot accept fault and this is perhaps the actual problem. As far as insurance the only requirement was to turn it in to the land lord here which I had done in September. A consumables license is only required for tobacco or e-cigs / vapes none of which we sale. The sales tax claim is complete non sense in that we paid it monthly as required by the state. They never offered us any training of any sort, that was all done on our own. I never "bad mouthed" their company or products, I had great growth and continue to do so today.

Their failure as a manufacturer is on them, there is no industry standard of 4-6 weeks. For example I now get products in 2-4 days. The claim that we set out to "steal" a location is ridiculous in that we set out to open another store in a another town, perhaps they forgot this. To this day I will not "bad mouth" them because I am a professional something that is lost on them, yet I have numerous customers tell me what they say about us, or the fact that I see Mr. Dines drive by flipping me off really shows his character.

I never agreed to any form of monitoring, I bought the POS system to move things along. There are very few Corporations that act in the manner that the CBD Healing Co. has to their franchises. I did not agree with the price change on retail that I had already paid a higher amount for, but I was willing to if the price was lowered on wholesale.

I was never allowed to make changes to orders based on what I was doing in the store, it was always dictated and usually met with maximum resistance so that the CBD Healing Co. could increase their profits. We were sold a bill of goods in the beginning based on lies, they like to compare themselves to McDonald's yet they fail to understand that they are not a multi billion dollar company.

When they opened the store 4 blocks away it absolutely impacted our store, especially when we were carrying the same products, and somehow they would have products while I would have to wait. I did send customers to them for vape products, which I am sure they will never admit. I am going to attach both text (which will show me asking for new product as well as an additional order) and invoices that were paid which will show that we had ordered more than the 200 gram minimum.

Furthermore I have kept every piece of correspondence I have ever had with this company that will show the manner in how we were treated and my responses if needed. Lastly I fail to see how a business can announce that a store that they do not own is closed or how someone could "steal" something that they paid for.

This is the letter from my attorney to CBD Healing Co. In addition to the previous statements there is also an issue of 5% of the company that was promised to us when we purchased the franchise. This was never followed through on their end.

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