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Caza Sikes

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
Address 3078 Madison Rd.
Phone 513-818-9527

Caza Sikes Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2021

Recently, my lifelong baseball card collection was reviewed by Graydon Sikes and two associates from Casa Sikes. My collection consisted of over 7000 cards, which I had seriously collected for over 60 years. They were all is glass casing, and were in excellent condition. After their review, they seperated over 100 cards to be sent for grading by PSA, that Casa Sikes said that they would completely pay for. After double confirming that they would not sell these graded cards without my consent, I added a few more cards from my lockbox that I definately did NOT want to sell. However, I did want them to be graded

When Graydon picked up my cards, my wife and I reconfirmed with him that the graded cards were not to be sold! He again agreed, and stated that he understood. I also ask him to send me a list of the cards to be graded (I had already made the list), because I wanted it in writing from him. He said that he would send the list. For the next couple of weeks, I left him several messages to call me, to inquire about the graded cards and the ungraded ones that were going to auction. He would not return my call.

I found out by calling their store that the April auction had been moved to June. Again, I left him several messages, but no response. I finally called his Father, who said that Graydon had problems with customer cummunications, and he sent me the auction link the day before the auction took place. He also stated that PSA was taking a long time for grading, and I told him that there was no hurry for the graded cards. I also had childhood trucks and trains in their boxes, that were to be autioned as well.

After the auction, I called Graydon again to inquire about the graded cards, and he said that PSA was backed up, and it would take a while. He also said that they would send me the sale proceeds in about three weeks. When I went to pick up the proceeds, I again inquired about the graded cards with his brother Will, who remembered the container of cards set aside for grading only. He had no idea where they were, or what their status was. He told me that he would look into it and get back to me. The next day he informed me that the cards to be graded were mistakingly sold in their auction by Graydon. As you can imagine, I was very upset. Not only did they, not know what was to be graded only, but sold these cards as well.

These cards cannot be replaced, because of the quality of my cards to be graded. I had Mantles, Mays, Aarons, Ryans, and over 100 other significantly noted cards. Even their own lists commented on the quality of my cards, referening to them as nuggets of gold!

Now, for damage control, they want to replace the cards that were to be graded. Impossible!!! They do not even have a list of these cards, not to mention the quality cannot be matched inexpensively. I have done my homework on the value of these cards (again, I have the list myself), and it would cost them a lot to replace what I had. They are not interested in hearing the minimum value that I would accept.

My commission check from them was very low. They also refuse to take full responsibility for their, or Graydon's, brain meltdown. This cost me thousands of dollars, with no way to recapture the kind of cards that I trusted Graydon with!! I have a suspicion that this was intentionally done! I will find out when we head to Court. Yes, head to Court! They (Graydon) were negligent, non cummunicative, and did not honor their word!

As I said, I have all of the documentation that I need to show this in Court. My attorney is anxious to get this process started, because he has long been aware of my card collection, both in quality and quantity. They were in our "Trust".

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