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Catalyst Brand Strategy

Country Australia
State Australian Capital Territory
City Melbourne
Phone 0418 625 812

Catalyst Brand Strategy Reviews

  • May 23, 2023

I worked for Katherine Tuominen as the Public Relations Manager for over a year. She started delaying my salary and it eventually grew into a huge debt.

I resigned as a result and it is almost a year since she refuses to pay my outstanding balance of $4400. That is the principal amount with no interest. She goes on vacations at the expense of the employees she fails to pay including myself. She refuses to respond to the demand email claiming I can charge interest yet she is unable to pay for the principal amount.

Months through she has been making fake promises to pay the next month. She will then go MIA and emerge with stories like clients haven't renewed or she has not onboarded a new client when that is indeed a lie. She takes advantage of the fact that we are not located within the same country hence taking legal action will be hectic.

I have the contract, pending invoices and communication correspondences which include the false promises. This is somebody whose other job under Culture Cure is to advise employers how to care for their employees and their wellness when she does the complete opposite of that.

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