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CarVision Mitsubishi

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Trooper
Address 2626 W Main St
Phone 1 610-901-4507

CarVision Mitsubishi Reviews

  • Feb 22, 2021

On January 21, 2021 I paid Mitshubishi of Norristown dba CarVision $35,504.94 for the purchase of a 2017 Audi SQ5.

When I did the walkaround of the vehicle I noticed the tailgate didnt respond when I used the button on the key fob to open it. I told the representative and she tried it and after a few tries it responded. She told me it had to be done a certain way and I would get used to doing it and would have no problems with it. I shouldn't have accepted that answer but I was excitied to be getting my new car and just accepted that.

I also saw when I picked the car up there was no second key and no Owners Manual. When I told them they said "no problem" we'll get it to you.

When I got home that night I attempted to lock the car but again the key fob button was not working and I had to leave the car unprotected overnight.

The next morning when I attempted to start the car I received a warning message the "no key was present" and it was dead. At that point I realized that the dealer had turned over a $35k car to me without even checking to be sure the key fob had a live battery in it. I had to borrow another car and drive to an Audi dealer and they were able to install a fresh battery and that solved the key fob problem.

The next problem that occurred on day one was a warning to shut down the engine immediately and fill the fluid compartment. Imagine, a $35k car and they never checked the fluids before taking my money.

After many calls to the dealer they said they would be sending me the Owners Manual and the second key. They also said they were sending me a check for $300 to make up for the trouble I went through.

I received the check about a week later and on it it was indicated it was for "key reimbursement" not my trouble they put me through.

I checked with an Audi dealer (2) and found out the a replacement key cost $734.68!

So still no key, no Owners manual and no satisfaction.

Beware Mitsubishi of Norristown and CarVision!

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