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Cartex Motors

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 6539 Bissonnet St
Phone 713-777-4774

Cartex Motors Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2016

Cartex motors came for my car in the middle of the night because I was 12 days lates. I just had a new born. I was in n out the hospital. I been paying this car for 2 years. Now they want me to pay $460 to get it back for towing. But it's funny because someone from the dealership came for it in the middle of the night with the spair key n drove off with it. Its not fair for them to do too me after I been paying for over 2 years n my payments were $580 a month plus insurance. Plus my Cadillac been having problems from the start first was the battery n than the leak from my sunroof a.c. making noise every time I turn it on. I work too hard for my money for this people just n take it from me. I feel I got Jack in my face. Never in my life have I been Rob someone help me......

  • Dec 18, 2015

On Tuesday, 12/15/2015, I left out of my work place and my Chevy Equinox was gone. I immediately phoned the police to make an auto theft report. I was told shortly after, that it was a repo. I was utterly confused, because I had never had a problem with Car Tex Motors. No one from the company called me, I was completely taken back. The following morning when the company opened, I called. I was told that it was a repo for $597.77 and I was 18 days late. I asked could I bring in the payment? I was told that I had to talk to the manager. He wasn't in yet, call back later. I had to take off of work to go into Car Tex and retrieve my belongings. Once I was there, I was assisted by a rude young woman behind the desk. She told me that the SUV wasn't there, it was in storage. I was told by another employee that I had to talk to the manager, who was at lunch. I asked if I could wait, and he then went on to say that the manager wasn't coming back. After going around with them, I was told that I could get my things and my truck was in the back. Today is another issue. I was told by Lucy, that the owner's name is Von. I asked for his last name, and she said she doesn't know it. I asked for a copy of my contract and she said it wasn't there, but in storage. I asked for a copy of my account, and she agreed to give it to me. I have to go and pick that up. I will call again for Von. However, I don't believe I will reach him, but I will not give up. Wish me luck! So far, all I got was lies.

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