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Carolina Recycle Partners

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Belmont
Address 101 Plum Street
Phone 828-305-7233

Carolina Recycle Partners Reviews

  • Dec 6, 2018

This company, Ben Cooper, and his partners are facing a FEDERAL lawsuit for shipping ILLEGAL rubber to China and Vietnam. Ben Cooper is one of the partners, an attorney, and apparently the leader of a HATE group. It has become obvious now who he really is...

Ben shipped misrepresented material to customers in China and Vietnam that paid for 8 containers of a material they NEVER received. Ben Cooper and Carolina Recycle shipped illegal material that was blocked by customs and never made it to the final customers. They then left all 8 containers for the shipping company to dispose off and would not take them back. The shipping company now has a $320,000 federal lawsuit against them requesting all the money they spent back from their ILLEGAL material that had to be disposed by the shipping company.

Ben also put together a huge scheme to destroy an entire community in NC and even convinced major News companies and A&E production company to develop a “documentary” to harm a conservative Christian church in NC. Look up series “Devil Nextdoor” and “Word of Faith in Spindale” and you will see all about Ben, his character, his hate, his family, and who he and his group truly are. Fortunately after years of Ben causing so much trouble for many according to evidence all over the internet, it appears that he is in hot waters now...

Anyway, Ben Cooper and his behavior, his lies and deceit are catching up with him. A church is now exposing all about him (look up online... it is astounding!), a Federal lawsuit from a company that has lost a TON of money with him, and the media realizing he is up to no good are all now uncovering his schemes... Just look up online to read a ton on who this individual is... What a waste of life! We hope the authorities get involved before he rips off more and more innocent people.

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