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Carol Hafner for Congress

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Toms River
Address 26 Cove Point Rd
Phone (212) 920-4809

Carol Hafner for Congress Reviews

  • Jul 15, 2019

Carol Hafner for Congress my opinion disgusting.

Carol Hafner in my opinion is a disgusting individual. Based on Carol Hafner's egregious actions, we feel she has endangered an entire family. Carol Hafner has been maliciously terrorizing a family to help her political campaign. Carol Hafner for Congress and Carol Hafner has been posting things about a family that are not only inaccurate but also bringing danger to minors. This crazy person actually defames people on social media and then posts their home address as well. I belive Hafner posted their home address to bring harm to the family. What kind of a deranged lunatic would do that to a family?

Carol Hafner in my opinion is a whack job. This is not someone that should be elected to any office, anywhere in this Country.

Hafner failed at her political run in Alaska so I suppose she is just taking a stab at another state. Not a shock to see another politician use anything to help their careers.

Carol Hafner being elected would in my opinion be a disaster for Wyoming. I had a choice between having Carol Hafner representing any State in our Country or being tortured by having my flesh burned, I would go with the torture. As far as I am concerned, anyone that would post someone's home address is a d****e.

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