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Carol A. Waters, LPC

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address 3031 W Interstate 10
Phone (210) 731-1320

Carol A. Waters, LPC Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2016

My first meeting with Carole Anne Waters, her office was in complete disarray. While we were talking another client came in within earshot, the client was uncomfortable and asked if they should wait or comeback.

What really is sad and alarming is that I pleaded with Carole Anne Waters to make the best decision for my child. The "study" she did mostly repeated (and she helped my ex) my ex's lies without any substantiation. And they were whoppers. Most of the lies I refuted with text messages, pictures, video and recordings which I emailed to Carole, but Carole Ann Waters suggested that the evidence was "lost in the computer ozone..". She included a lot of the made up stuff my ex said in her "study". She checked no references that were provided. My ex could not even provide 5 people that would vouch for her and the one's that did barely knew her. My ex could not reference 1 person from her family in the study (I am not a professional, but shouldn't that tell you something about the individual?).

And here is the absolute ridiculousness. At a pretrial hearing, Carole Anne Waters apparently told my ex's attorney that my ex and I were reconciling. He testified to this in court. That really upset me that Carole Anne Waters thinks she has that much influence as to orchestrate a reconciliation with only 1 willing participant.

Carole Anne Waters was dishonest about things that I said to her. Carole Anne Waters talked to me about her other cases.

Based on my experience, in my opinion everyone of Carole Anne Waters' studies should be thoroughly scrutinized and not accepted by any court.

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