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Carnival Cruise Line

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 3655 N.W. 87 Avenue
Phone 305-599-2600

Carnival Cruise Line Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2022

So I've been cruising on Carnival (CCL) for 15 years. 23+ cruises. Booked a cruise for Jan '23 in April. Went on 3 cruises this year. So I go on their site to look for another cruise, in addition to the Jan cruise and find the Jan cruise missing. Call my CCL travel advisor who tells me you missed your final payment so they cancelled your cruise. Now I had monies going into CCL, all year long, for the 3 cruises, so I didn't pay a whole lot of attention. I call CCL. They tell me they sent me a notice. Now, I've received 40 or 50 e-mails from CCL over the last couple of months. NOT ONE has mentioned a final payment due. On top of that, destiny tries to tell me they sent it to some bogus e-mail address. One I've never heard of before. She says they can rebook my cruise at DOUBLE the price. I know they're hurting for money, I just didn't know it was that bad. I guess my wife and I will just have to find a new cruise line.

  • May 4, 2020

On 05/04/2020, I received an email stating Carnival canceled my cruise on 07/11/2020 - 07/182020. They provided 2 options to select from so I selected Option 2 for 100% Refund. 05/05/2020, I called to find out the amount of the refund and the representative did not know what they were doing. The representatives are telling customers anything for their AHT on a phone call. I spoke to Jonathan and talked over me and ignoring my questions that happens when they do not know what to do.

Before I could say anything else Jonathan transferred me to the casino representative. I had to start all over again with this representative. The representatives do not wait for the customer to start telling them what they want instead they start processing items. Later I received an email on 05/05/2020 stating reservation was canceled and the cancellation occurred during penalty period and was charged $250.00 penalty. Carnival is a corrupt company and anyway for them to keep the customer's money they'll doing. They'll be hoping the customer isn't paying attention but I do. I want 100% Refund IMMEDIATELY WITH ANY DELAY!!!!!

  • Oct 24, 2018

Never get sick on a Carnival Cruise!! This past week my husband and I boarded our HONEYMOON trip we had been dreaming about for months and months! Prepaid for the cheer package after he worked several side jobs to make our trip extra special!

Tuesday, I got deathly ill with the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced in my life, went to the medical clinic on the boat after I called and asked what if we didn’t have enough money to pay for the bill and was told we could sign a promissory note! That would have been great but to be honest I was so sick It didn’t matter. Was diagnosed (misdiagnosed) with kidney stones and was billed almost 400.00.

The next day our sign and sale account was frozen due to the medical bill and guess what NO promissory note option given!! Everything we prepaid for was frozen! No cheers program it was froze, need anything that involved money and that card, NOT happening! Meanwhile, I’m not getting better I’m in the worst pain ever can barely walk or sit or stand.

My husband and I completely stressed out having to have a family member forward money to our checking account to get our accounts unfrozen. As all of this was happening we had the coldest and least emotional responses given to us about the "inconvenience ". They offered us the three days of the cheers package back to us, BUT WHAT ABOUT OUT RUINED HONEYMOON, OUR MEMORIES, the EXCITEMENT THAT WAS STRIPPED AWAY FROM US, THE STRESS CARNIVAL ADDED TO A HORRIBLE SITUATION??

The stress the trauma, uhhh the fact that we were held hostage at sea with no money and me sick and people who did NOT care because that’s their policy! I’m not sure when we agreed to that policy when I bought the cruise or the cheers package! Fast forward to Sunday morning we get off the ship and my husband drives me straight to the emergency room in our hometown, I tell them I had kidney stones and they do a a cat scan to find I have a 8 x 9 cm pelvic mass and you guessed it, it’s NOT good news and I was being treated for something I didn’t even have!!!!

Anyhow, today is Tuesday and no refund yet as we were promised! Just a ton of holds still lurking on our checking account from a nightmare honeymoon that honestly will traumatize me from traveling on a cruise ever again!! Yes we call their customer care line and was told so sorry for our situation and that was it! They can’t do anything! Anyhow that’s our review for Carnival Cruise Lines!

Updated Thursday Oct 25 we still have no refund which now they claim they have no record of us receiving because they have us a steak dinner!! We would have NEVER AGREED AND WE STILL HAVE HOLDS ON OUR ACCOUNT AND I have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and they DO NOT CARE!! Thank you Cruise ship was the pride from October 14-20, 2018

  • Apr 24, 2018

Booked a Carnival Cruise to Cuba on 4/8/18 with an 8/9/18 sailing date. Was subsequently told that in order to actually get off of the boat and see Cuba that we would have to be part of an "excursion". Excursions listed were expensive and smelled like a tourist trap.

But worse, the only excursion that coincided with the ship's sailing time was completely booked. When I called Customer Service to complain i was told to simply "get on the boat and maybe something will change". I told them this was nonsense, that Cuba was the only stop on the four day cruise, and why would I go if i could not see the country.

Carnival's answer was that they guarantee the arrival in a Cuban port, they don't guarantee that you will be able to actually get off of the ship. Now, when I told them I wanted to cancel, they said that's fine but I will lose my $300 deposit. This is truly nothing other than blatantly criminal behavior.

  • Nov 11, 2017

I was a part of a group of 25 people sailing on Carnival Vista on 09/09/2017 from Miami, Florida. Most were traveling from Philadelphia, two from Atlanta and myself, from Charlotte NC. We were extending our vacation by reserving hotel rooms for 09/07/2017 in Miami. We all booked flights with American Airlines. our cruise was for 8 days and visiting 4 islands, St. Kitts, St. Marteen, Turks and Caicos and Puerto Rico. All 4 islands got hit by the storm.

We waited for word from Carnival as to the status of our cruise. On 09/06/2017, Carnival's website reported cruise cancellations and rerouted for ships on the sea. Those that were cancelled would receive full refunds. No plans were set forth for Vista. On 09/07/2017 the site set the new route for the ship to leave the port, which was closed, on 09/12/2017 To 2 islands, Cozumel and another island. The airport was cancelling flights and our rooms were cancelled. On the 9th we changed our flights to the 12th which would get us to the port in enough time to board the ship. I was able to get a first class seat for $299.00 because American put a cap on flights from Charlotte. On the 8th they changed it to the 13th making it a 4 day trip to Cozumel only. We could not get flights or hotels to stay overnight. The web news stated that the passengers on the Vista would get prorated and a future cruise. Those that didn't sail would get a future cruise, no refunds. They cited their policy that as long as the ship sailed, passengers could travel. They cancelled a few ships leaving on our departure date.

Of the 25 in our group, only two went because they drove from Atlanta. There were 5000 people, including staff that were unable to travel and 850 passengers were on board. How can they keep that much money from people who don't want a future cruise. I felt secure because I bought trip protection for $189.00 from Allianz Insurance, the cruise lines carrier. I called Carnival on the 9th and spoke to a young woman that informed me I would get my money refunded in 3 weeks. Five weeks pass and still no refund. I call Carnival again and after a 40 minute wait I was connected to a young man that was very rude, and transferred to someone who transferred me to group booking. I was apologized to with sincerity but told I had to file a claim with Allianz. I did on 10/17/2017 and was sent an email asking for at least 5 documents, which included ship's policy on reroute and payment verification. I checked Hurricane Irma as my reason for not being able to travel. I paid over $2500.00 for a single room. On 11/06/2017 I received another email that I needed another document. I called wondering what they could possibly need. The woman I spoke to said I needed proof of payment like my bank statement with all other transactions blacked out. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was connected to James. He gave me the scripted words and apologized trying to reassure me everything would come to him and he would personally send it to review so as to skip the 7-10 day waiting period. I never sent the document but sent another claim that i bought for the shortened cruise. He assured me he would have that combined with my first claim. On 11/09/2017, I received an email from Allianz stating that my claim exceeded the maximum I could have insured and would be receiving $433.00. The insurance cost $189.00 which makes me gat a whopping $200.00 for my claim. After receiving this I felt I needed some legal help because it wasn't just me that were having their money withheld. I would like to sue but I know they will use the policy of having the right to reroute. I want to have that clause revoked. I want my money that I felt was protected but not so.

  • Sep 14, 2017

I was on a Carnival cruise August 12 to August 20,2017. I won $2000 at bingo. At the end of the cruise I had a balance of $1035.25 owing to me. Onboard I was told I would get my refund in 7 days. On August 21st I checked my bank & notice they were billing me for $285.21. I called to remind them that they owe me money, It has since been reversed. I askedwhen I was going to get my refund & was told 7-14 days. I called again on August 29th & was told 3 weeks. On September12, 2017 I called again & could not get a straight answer as to when I would be getting my money. Can you help me get my money from Carnival cruises?

  • May 29, 2017

Wife and I went on a cruise to Mexico with Carnival this month on 13th of May did some shopping at there onboard Fun Shops. I noticed that they had nice watches like Invecta divers watch Serial 9308 at supposedly 75% off, payed $178.00. Also bought a Citizen Eco Drive Watch for $191.00 at supposedly 35% off for $193.00. Come to find out I can get the same Invecta Dive watch for $148.00 and the Citizen Eco Watch for $175.00 anywhere online.

The prices that they sell all there watches is a scam. obviously not 75% or 35% off as they claim.

Do not buy watches or jewely on Carnival Cruise lines they are scamming you on almost everything, at least that has been our experience. Check the prices online before buying anything from them.

  • Jan 12, 2017

I went on a Carnival Cruise and found that I was treated poorly in every way. It took more than several hours to get picked up at the airport by a bus and when we got to the boat we had to wait on line for more than five hours to get our passports looked at etc. They only cared about getting our credit cards and once on board they tried penny pinching us for every thing such as soda, internet use, phone use, drinks, spa, etc so that the cost and taxes doubled what the original charge was. The room was tiny and the boat was rocky and unstable. There was very little time to spend at the islands and it took more than an hour on line to get off boat each morning and more than an hour each way to get back on the boat. They left me in Cayman Islands and I had to pay for a flight back home and missed the balance of my cruise. They left me in a dangerous situation on the island. I feel that the food was bad and that the cruise was crowded with not very classy or nice people. It was very low end. The drinks were a rip off. The shows were bad and there was not much to do in the evenings. The pool was very cold and there was no place to sit as there were so many people trying to sit by the pool and not enough chairs. Make complaints about the cruises and send to consumer affairs and to the better business bureau, and to attorney general.

  • Aug 30, 2016

Carnival Cruise Line is HEARTLESS!!

I want to share a story that just happened to my family a couple weeks ago. We have been cruising since 1997 and have taken 3 cruises with Carnival; 2 of them have been over the past 18 months; which we spent over $6,000 between the excursions, entertainment and the cruises themselves. We just booked another one this April 2016 for August 15th. It was completely paid for ($1,500) and we were “over the moon” excited to spend that week in Mexico/Grand Cayman Island. My two kids (8 & 9), my husband and I have all fallen in love with cruising since trying it again with kids last year. On August 15th, we went to the Port of Tampa using the exact same documents that we have boarded all 5 of the cruises previous cruises (some were not on Carnival) we have been on over the past 19 years.

When we walked up to the counter, the Carnival Rep said, “I sure hope that you don’t have any issues today- that is all I’ve been dealing with”. We were then told that my birth certificate was unacceptable. I explained that I have never had any other birth certificate and that we just used this same one in Dec 2015 to go to the Bahamas on the Carnival Ecstasy out of Miami and the Splendor out of Miami in March 2015. She shook her head and told me that it didn’t matter and she wasn’t going to let me board the ship and some ports are different. She then walked over to a supervisor that told me the exact same thing. The supervisor then explained that I could call the state of California to get a copy of my Vital Records Birth Certificate. The phone number she gave me was out of service. I was crying for about an hour and trying to get through with the info that I got from the state of California.

When I finally got through, they let me know that they DO NOT allow you to get an instant copy in the state of California and that it would take a minimum of 6 days to get one. I was horrified! I then asked what my options were and they said that even if they talked to a person in the Port Authority, they would not allow me to board the vessel today. I went on to ask how to get a refund or credit for another cruise and they told me to call their customer care dept. This was at 2pm. We told them we had 4 bags on the ship and we needed them back. Two and half hours later, they only had 2 of the bags, rendering us without clothes for our children, or any of our personal effects for nearly a week. We were then asked by a security guard to leave the premises immediately. I asked if we could ask a question and he said, “It isn’t going to change anything, you need to leave now.” We simply wanted to know how to pick up our luggage when the ship returned.

I called the customer care immediately and was assured by a gentleman named Manny that Carnival would help us make things right, due to the fact that we used the same documentation we had used in the previous cruises. He told me to send an email explaining everything and they would take a look at the whole picture. While I take full responsibility for not knowing the proper policy for documentation (there have been zero changes in the expectations of proper documentation over the past 2 years); I strongly feel that Carnival certainly had a HUGE responsibility in informing us of improper documentation in March of 2015 when we sailed aboard the Splendor for a 7 day cruise. At absolutely no time was my birth certificate shown to a Port Authority rep on any of our previous cruises. This was Carnival refusing to accept an ID that they have accepted 2 times in the past 18 months.

This is the heartless, pre-printed email we got back 4 days later when I sent them a letter BEGGING them to have mercy on our family and our situation:

Dear Stephanie, Thanks for getting in touch with us. Your email has been forwarded to me for handling and it's my pleasure to respond. We know you were looking forward to your cruise and we can only imagine how disappointed you must have been when you were denied boarding. Given the time and effort that goes into planning a vacation, we're very sorry to learn of the circumstances that prevented your family from sailing. Most importantly, we sincerely regret any misunderstanding regarding acceptable forms of travel documentation as documentation requirements do change and as noted in our Cruise Ticket Contract, proper documentation is required at embarkation and throughout the cruise and is the sole responsibility of all guests. Please understand that we must abide by very strict requirements handed down to us by the Department of Homeland Security. Please keep in mind that in situations like this, pier staff must sort through thousands of pieces of luggage and we apologize that all of your luggage was not located and that you were forced to purchase new items and medication.Once again, we're very sorry you were denied boarding and were not able to enjoy your family cruise. While I wish I had better news, we can't respond favorably to your request for compensation since your cabin sailed empty. We trust that you understand our position in this matter. Sincerely, Deloris C. Long Guest Administration Coordinator Carnival Cruise Lines | 3655 NW 87th Avenue | Miami, FL 33178 | 800-438-6744 ext. 70450 [email protected] **What reputable business turns their backs on their clients when they have given them so much of their hard earned money over the past 18 months? What would cause them to not look at situations differently? I would completely understand if this was our first cruise and I blew it by not bringing the correct documentation. But, this was NOT our first cruise with Carnival! I would also understand if Carnival was willing to work with us for future on-board credit, a future discount on another cruise or anything for that matter to make ammends for what happened. At lease that would have made us feel less like we were raped and more like they acknowledge that BOTH parties involved had made mistakes along the way.

  • Nov 24, 2015

Carnival paradise was the worst cruise we have ever been on. My final concern to carnival was to get reimbursed for the liqour they packaged and sealed for transport bought on ship. I was told since I didn't purchase a 60 dollar per person insurance I couldn't be reimbursed for the discounted alcohol of $34. Plus they told me I should have opened the sealed package and asked someone to wrap it better. I didn't complain about the food that was served everyday...just hotdogs and hamburgers..most of the buffet lines weren't ever open..

.they claimed they didn't have anyone to work it. I didn't complain about the dirty dished, the cold hot tub, the lack of deck events during the whole cruise. Nor did I complain about the fact we arrived back at port 2.5 hours late due to a propella breaking. We were rushed to get to our flight immediately after docking...with all these problems... I think find my clothes soaked in liquor, my iPad soaked, my child's $70 inhaler, which I must put hase again, 2 suits, and a load of other things in my bag. Can I believe their only interest out of all these mistakes and horrible services, they only wanted me to spend more money on their insurance. If u book a cruise stay away from the was a dead a matter of fact just book another cruise sure to check who owns the line...they have several.

  • Oct 6, 2015

We booked a cruise last year. My girlfriend was injured prior to boarding, so they would not let us board. Thank goodness for travel insurance, because we met the ship the day before it arrived in Mexico. Upon entrance, my girlfriend was summoned to the on-ship doctor where she was told they'd be watching her the whole time.

You can imagine how uncomfortable this made her feel? She stayed in the cabin most of the time, while I went out to bring back food. Then they screwed up my birthday surprise,

Not to mention, their on-board "card" accounting was inaccurate at their ATM machines. So hours and hours were spent standing in line trying to figure out where our credits and debits were.

To make a long, but painful story short, they lost our luggage during the last excursion before the airport back to the West Coast. We had a 9 hour layover. So, we bused back to Carnival (paying tips) to get our luggage and BARELY made the flight.

It was a nightmare. A cluster ####.

Their customer service didn't care, nor would a manager call us back. They don't care.

It gets WORSE. I called Expedia in March to book a cruise on a different line. Holiday America. As the days went by, it was transferred to Carnival (we had been checking for balcony rooms).

We cancelled, but they dinged me for $510 bucks which my bank could not recover. That's 1/3 of my paycheck!!!

NEVER, ever do business with Expedia (where they claimed the $510 was refundable) and/or Carnival Cruise Lines.

No wonder they have a C- BBB credit rating. They are CROOKS!

  • Sep 3, 2015

DO NOT be sucked in by Carnival's false advertising. Their website shows activities, features, restaurants that are not on the boat you book. They hide the fact that it is not on the boat that you book. You have to click through screens and screens of marketing hype in order to locate the information. When you get on the boat, you find out that the website is a scam and Carnival's "customer service" doesn't do a thing because they already have your money.

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