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Carmen Costa

Country Canada
City Hamilton, Ontario
Address 247 Centennial Pkwy North,Unit 15
Phone (905) 515-2457

Carmen Costa Reviews

  • Nov 24, 2020

Dragan Berger and Nate Armstrong operate under the pretense that that provide sound real estate deals that provide returns that beat national averages. What they don’t disclose is they double close properties by using entities they set up personally, find investors to put up the purchase price among and inflated rehab costs and tack on massive and utilize contract reassignments or use their title company that will double close without HomeInvest really putting up any capital. They are making massive rips inflating the contract reassignment, therefore making all their money at closing and have no skin in the game to actually perform with any urgency.

HomeInvest also inflates construction prices which they do not disclose to investors therefore fleecing their own pockets again. HomeInvest uses cash closings and leverages Zillow to act as the owner to then inflate the sales prices to achieve "instant equity” and then attempt to "help” investors to cash out refinance utilizing these inflations. The depths of their fraud and blatant shell games can be uncovered by just looking up the amount of shell LLC they have setup. They have touted they have a proprietary platform that allows them to "find” these deals but in reality, they have copied or stolen and now find themselves being sued again.

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