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Country United States
State Tennessee
City Knoxville
Address 2512 Chapman Hwy
Phone 1 865-577-2565

CarMart Reviews

  • Nov 10, 2018

The "good basic inspection" failed to note that the water heater for this travel trailer was cracked prior to sale. In addition, according to a text from the owner of CarMartSouth, Scott Fyan, that "during the inspection and delivery there was mildew in the rv-". The mildew was black mold. Neither issue was disclosed to us prior to our purchase. In good faith, we purchased a travel trailer that we pulled off of the lot with a Chevy Suburban that has a maximum pull weight of 5000lbs, because the lot manager assured us that we could. He even recommended the tow hitch to purchase and helped us install it. Shad Bolanger, the Sales Manager of CarMartSouth is"our RV specialist and expert in the field of rvs", according to the owner, Scott Fyan. If so, should he not have been aware that the dry weight of the travel trailer is actually 7800lbs, which is far over the factory pull weight of a Suburban.

Shouldn't a "basic good inspection" for a travel trailer that features a tub, shower, toilet and sinks include a test by the 'expert'" to make sure that the water heater isn't cracked? Otherwise there can be no water. We would never have purchased such an expensive travel trailer if we had known that there would not be access to water. Upon notifying Shad Bolanger, the Sales Manager of CarMartSouth, that our camper was flooded by the water heater on the very first day, he assured us that he would replace it.

That was on July 25th, 2018. The promises to make good on this very bad deal have gone on for months. To date, nothing has been done. No hate. No slander. Just well documented facts. This company sold us a very expensive rv that does not offer even the most basic functions that were supposed to be included. In addition, the public was put at risk by allowing us to drive off of their lot with a vehicle that was not capable of pulling such a load.

Shad Bolanger, and his lot assistant, Wesley, had to come and rescue us off of the side of the road to help us complete our move. They happily delivered a non-functioning travel trailer to our rural destination, that we were supposed to be able to move ourselves. Shad and Wesley talked about the hills, after the delivery of the purchase and said "Oh, the Suburban could never have made this trip! My truck barely did." Ok, so why doesn't an "rv expert" know that we live in East Tennessee and that customers might want to camping in their rv in the mountains?

When we drove off of the lot, he cautioned us about just pulling out onto Pellissippi Parkway. We got stranded in Oak Ridge. There is nothing rural about Oak Ridge. This rv should have never left the lot, as it was an unsafe situation. We trusted the "rv specialist". Shad Bolanger. No return phone calls, lots of documentation and proof. This could have all been resolved, if they had just replaced the water heater as promised and disclosed the mold issue prior to sale.

I wouldn't do business with this company again. Nothing has been resolved almost 4 months after the sale. I have not had access to running water and basic sanitation since the day of "delivery". I have had to be treated at the Emergency Room for black mold poisoning. Therefore, I repeat my original statement. I would strongly recommend that you read all reviews available before considering a purchase with this company.

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