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Care For The Children

Country United States
State Alabama

Care For The Children Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2019

They are passing out flyers to warn residents that they will be painting curbs and wanting a donation of $15, but when I look up the permit number they are using, it is for a building. I was wondering if the that number is legit.

Los Angeles County Permit Number: PWRP2019004817 is being used for a curb painting charitable donation, but when I look it up, it is for a building. Please let us know if this is false or legit.

  • May 9, 2018

This "charity” paints address numbers on residential curbs WITHOUT permission of the homeowners and then solicits donations for the "service.” I may have just ignored them, but the job was completed haphazardly; the numbers are noticeably crooked. Had they requested permission BEFORE they painted, I would have required credentials like a Painters (Contractors) License.

If this company can get licensed painters to donate their time, I would have allowed the service and gladly contributed to the cause but, from the looks of the results, this company is just walking around with some spray paint and stencils and defacing the sidewalks. I refuse to pay someone for ruining the curb in front of my house and all over my street. In fact, I want them to compensate me so I can hire a professional to fix their shoddy work.

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