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Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Waltham
Address 77 Fourth Avenue, 5th Floor
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  • Nov 15, 2021

The "Customer Service" program was No Help Whatsoever. It is a waste of time, trying to make it work.

It is poorly designed, unmaintained, and not designed for all issues.

The computer technician I contacted, who looked at my computer, found NO COOKIES to interfere with the program. It is ILLEGAL to prevent full access to job seekers, because the program, and its access, are poorly administered and maintained.

  • Nov 13, 2021

The "Customer Service" program was No Help Whatsoever. It is a waste of time, trying to make it work.

It is poorly designed, unmaintained, and not designed for all issues.

The computer technician I contacted, who looked at my computer, found NO COOKIES to interfere with the program. It is ILLEGAL to prevent full access to job seekers, because the program, and its access, are poorly administered and maintained.

  • Nov 11, 2021

The "Customer Service" program was No Help Whatsoever. It is a waste of time, trying to make it work.

It is poorly designed, unmaintained, and not designed for all issues.

The computer technician I contacted, who looked at my computer, found NO COOKIES to interfere with the program. It is ILLEGAL to prevent full access to job seekers, because the program, and its access, are poorly administered and maintained.

  • Feb 3, 2021

I have disputed the automatic renewal from I was never informed they would auto-renew and I had not used the site in more than 18 months. I used it one time and got an idiot housekeeper that ruined my dishwasher by using a scratchy pad on my stainless dishwasher. They send fraudulent records to the credit card company hanging on like a tick on a dog.

I am going to bring up the website and start a thread In linked in scams & Ripoffs and tag the CEO Sheila Lirio Marcelo

  • Apr 8, 2019

I like clothing donations , I might go in person if I choose to help , but harassing phone calls irritate me from people who I just don't know . I never gave them permission to repeated mail or call. I never want disturbing calls from unknown 900 phone numbers.

I have had several calls and unexpected visitors this week. I am also a follower of the federal tax and trade commission. I hate scams. I get to know something first , I like a p.o. box holder too. I have antivirus . I never just give information to strangers. I stand my ground . This number has done it many times.

  • Mar 3, 2018

I AM LIVID. I paid $40 for help coming in contact with a baby sitter for my kids because my job implemented mandatory Saturday evenings. I am desperately searching for help as those shifts are coming up and this site claims they have all the best sitters available so I post the job, 2 Saturday evenings a month, what I would think most people would consider "date night hours” and the next morning I woke up to 6 applicants and messages. Ok great, I’m hopeful, that’s way more people then I’ve been able to find anywhere else but when I open the messages to respond I am prompted to pay $40 for a premium account before I can talk to the sitter. I eat the $40 because I am so desperate for help and in fear of losing my job only to find the sitters that responded to my job 1. Aren’t real and haven’t responded since they applied for the job 2. Are not available for the posted times and hours, people just mindlessly replying to every job available and 3. Absolutely no support from the site. I thought I’d try signing up on the other end as a sitter to see what that process is like and it turns out that the sitters also have to pay to apply for jobs. So why would these "people” that also paid to talk to me not respond? Why would these people pay to apply to jobs that don’t fit their availability? They’re not real that’s why. The ratings, the speeches about experience and the love and care they could provide for your family... all computer generated responses.

  • Aug 31, 2017

To those who are honestly seeking an avenue to promote personal care services that they intend to offer I say be very careful. This is not the place for you if you are (a) honest; (b) unemployed and actively looking for anyway to become employed and (c) broke. It is a money pit of dispair. One cannot apply for jobs without paying something. The first round was $20 - I figured that would grant me access to upload a profile and offer my services to people in my area.

I painstakingly filled out the profile only to discover that once done, if you wanted to include more than one type of service amongst your offerings - well that was another $20.00 FOR EACH OFFERED SERVICE. I declined. A few days later I achieved an email expressing interest and I attempted to contact the person inquired as to my availability only to be informed by the website that I didn't have any "credits" with which to apply for the position. Evidently, I had used up all of the credits by applying to a mere three positions.

This scheme probably works just fine for someone well funded and attempting to build a clientele. If you are UNEMPLOYED AND BROKE - DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS.

I discontinued my membership (within 7 days). I emailed the company and requested a refund as the service was not as advertised (no initial indication was given that this was a pay-as-you-go service). Had I understood the parameters, I never would have paid the money in the first place.

Their response:

"Thank you for contacting us and for your membership with We are so sorry to hear that you are frustrated with your job search and that you have not yet found a good employment match through know this can be disheartening, especially when you have spent time creating your profile and applying to jobs that appear to be a great fit.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a refund on your Premium Provider Membership. The Premium membership is an entirely optional account upgrade which does not in any way guarantee that you will find the right care job that matches your needs and qualifications. A number of factors go into finding the right care situation and I do hope you find a great job very soon."

The Premium membership is not an optional account upgrade if you expect to be able to apply for jobs on the site and THAT is what makes this a scam!

To the desperate to become employed (as I was) I would tell you to STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!

  • Jan 20, 2017

I am in the cleaning business so I use many websites to collect leads and customers in my area. This is by far the worst lead service I have come across. After doing research online i ran into this company. I decided to give them a try. I paid a 3 month membership to join totaling in over $100. It has now been three weeks since the purchase. I have sent out many messages and have not gotten one single reply. iI called the office today to try to get a refund and they do not refund any money under no circumstance! That in enough shows what type of scam you are dealing with. A service that is good will refund you, your money if you are not satisfied. This company is a scam! I repeat this company will steal your money and not send you any business in return like is promised. I wish that I had done a little more research before giving them my money. I hope this helps another person from spending money on services that will never be returned.

  • Dec 9, 2016

"Dan Conovan" found my contact information on I received a text message to email him. I emailed him with a serious interest in giving childcare services part-time. "Dan Conovan" then shared excessive information about himself. i.e. He lost his wife and was moving from Nevada.

"Dan" told me he and his daughter would stay in a hotel in my area while he transitioned for his job. He proceeded to tell me he would mail a check and instructed me to keep some of it and use the rest for toys for his daughter. Although he tried to sound professional, I noticed some of his english was incorrect.

One of the questions he had for me that really tipped me off was "Are you married?". That is entirely irrelevant to childcare. That is a personal question that scared me and made me wonder if he was some kind of offender. Below I have copy and pasted his initial response to my email per his request to contact.

"Thanks for your swift response, I have to get somethings done. Emily is 3 years old, she is a great kid and easy to get along with. She is a sweet, loving girl who loves to swim, play, be outside, go to parks, go on walks and just have fun. She is very bright, engaging, and love to explore her surroundings. she is potty trained, free eater, well cultured, very well behaved and well mannered and she is not allergy to food or anything, I Iost her mother last year that's why am looking for someone who will be caring, kind, and patient with Emily cause she all i have, It is a wonderful Full Time work Monday to Friday Per week. I will be dropping her off in the morning by 9:00am and will pick her up by 2:00pmor in the evening by 5:00pm to 11:00pmbecause I can decide to shift my duty to afternoon; if you can't work the hours you can work during the weekend while I get someone else to do this hours. I just got an appointment with Shell Petroleum Company, I and my daughter will be lodging in an hotel around you pending the time i find a home to live. You can babysit her in the hotel or I drop her if you want me (let me know your preferred option). I will be very happy if you can let me know your charges per hour and I also want you to get back to me with your total estimate for a month, so as to have you booked and secured prior to my arrival, as we are rounding off plans and allotting money to issues that should be settled prior to our arrival. The time frame is within the Nov 28thtill 2017. This offer is for someone of well mannered attitudes, neatness and good sense of relationship, so if you are interested in this offer, please answer all my questions below:

1) Are you married?

2) Do you have any special attitude?

3) Do you have a valid driver’s license?

4) How old are you ?

5) Do you have any crime records?

6) Do you have an open availability?

7) What are your charges per hour?

8) What are your likes and dislikes in kids?

Thank you for your time.



Here is the second email I received from "Dan".

Thanks for your swift response, i have also gone through the information you sent and it works for me. I'm very sure you will enjoy working with Emily, my daughter don't have any habits and i know She'll stay with a new sitter easily. Regarding the fee, I have agreed to offer you $12 50 per hour as you requested so far you assure me that Emily will get the best care from you.

Just like I told you in my previous email, We are moving down to the new area due to the nature of my Job,i have a new 1 year contract that i will be doing in your area,that is why i am moving down and that is why i need your help with my daughter,We are coming down from NEVADA,so we don't have any relatives or family in your area,that means you can come and take care of her in my house,or if you think you are comfortable by taking care of her in your house,that is Ok by me as well,so you are free to decide on where you want to have her.

I also want to inform you that I will send you some money for Emily toys and other baby items plus $300 for you as your upfront payment, so you can forward the money for Emily toys to the store manager. The store manager will send you the toys and the items before our arrival so that you can put everything in place prior to our arrival, The store manager will be sending a car seat and some toys because she has special toys she love and admire so much.

About the store manager part,the store is a local store here in NEVADA and that is where we always get stuff for our kids in my company, they do have all what every kids want,but unfortunately the store has relocated and move out of NEVADA to somewhere in Dallas TX ,so now it is always hard for me to just walk into the store and get what i want,but i do have the store manager email address,so i have emailed him already before now and he said as soon as they receive the payment they are going to get everything done and ship them out,so now, i have all the list of the toys, that is why i want you to handle that part of items before our arrival ,so am going to send a copy of the list to him and also send to you too so that you can check them out as soon as the toys arrival, i hope you understand everything about the store manager,

About the toys, you are going to be receiving a check from my company accountant and as soon as you receive the check you are to take it to your bank and deposit it and as soon as the cash is available in your account,you are to keep $300 for yourself as your up front payment, remember, the $300 is for your upfront payment and also to ignore further contacts from anyone cause you have a secured job and the rest of the funds is for Emily's toys and other baby items that the store manager will be shipping out to you prior our arrival. I believe you understand this ?

I would really love to have a better conversation with you on the phone instead of sending emails every time,but i just had a ear surgery done a week ago and i was told not use phone or get close to anything that can make a noise to my ear, I am very sorry about this. that is why i can't call for now,so we are going to keep communicating for now via email or text, don't worry am always close to my email and phone until when we are going to arrive in your area

Please get back to me with your details...

Full Name :

Address ;

City :

State :

Zip Code :

Cell Number :

This is what am going to need so that i can forward it to the company accountant in other to issue out the payment to you as soon as possible, I believe you understand clearly what to do with the check as soon as you received it? I will be waiting for this information in other for me to get you booked upon our arrival.

  • Dec 5, 2016

I joined almost a month ago, but have had absolutely zero response from any jobs I've applied for NOR has anyone even looked at my profile, which leads me to believe that the "jobs" or "employers" are probably accounts created by so that suckers like me will sign up and then pay the monthly service plus the additional cost for a criminal and motor vehicle check. I feel as if I've simply thrown my money down a black hole - that is apparently just a money pit rather than a service to help people find employment. When I first joined, it was not made clear that you have to upgrade in order to see responses to your applications, which to me is underhanded. It feels like is preying on anyone using the site to find employment or to find employees. In other words, it's a scam. I can't even find any contact information on their website, nor any location information. Fishy. I have since found numerous complaints about, including their own community boards! I have also filed a dispute with my credit card company, and will be contacting my representatives and consumer protection agencies. Shame on you,, for deceiving and taking advantage of people.

  • Oct 21, 2016

I was recently a member of I have used this site off and on for years to gain babysitting gigs. Due to a past addiction, it is very hard to find regular employment. I resorted to odd jobs, such as babysitting or cleaning to get by. My background includes multiple felonies. Despite this, I was able to pass a background check (which the family paid for I was told) by entering a bogus social with my real name. I worked for the family for some time, and someone I know told them of my past. They fired me, of course ( I would have too if I was shocked to find that a felon was watching my baby). After they reported me, did remove my profile, but I was easily able to make a new one using my same name. I truly thought it would be denied, but nope, they accepted my new account. I never hurt a kid, nor would I but that is not the point. If I could get away with this multiple times, so could a pervert or child abuser. It got me to think that perhaps I should warn families of my expierience and advocate that you should be very careful trusting They are truly in it for the money. I am not in the buisness of childcare anymore, thanks to a blessing of a job oppourtunity, so consider this my farewall gift. background checks are a joke, and I can prove it. Try it yourself- make a fake account and watch how quickly your background comes back squeaky clean. is a ripoff. Good luck Moms and Dads. Protect your babies!

  • Sep 5, 2016

This is a disaster waiting to happen. They will get whatever you entrust to them through their providers damaged or neglected! Never entrust your home, children, pets or parents to their providers! This company supplies providers for child care, home and pet sitting and elder care. Their website claims that they have vetted everyone allowed to be listed as a provider using background checks and when I called customer service before booking they assured me that they even called people who had used their services before. We interviewed the person and had them come for a personal meeting. Called again to be sure they had the collected the information on the person. I was again assured he was a trusted provider. He also assured us he passed their background check.

We came home a week later to discover our home in a mess, our pets neglected and our freezer cleaned out and a refusal to return the house key. We had paid this provider per our agreement $350. We paid to have the carpets cleaned for house trained pets, we paid to have the house rekeyed and they charged our credit card for membership fees after it was cancelled. When I called in the complaint followed by an on line submission of the complaint this company followed up by broadcasting an email stating the person had been removed from their provider list but they would not provide details, etc. I followed by using the website to cancel the membership. They claim they could never "see" the cancellation - after continuing to charge me membership dues of $196.

They followed that with an ongoing email trying to convince me I never used the cancellation process on the website. Multiple emails asking what email I used. Could I identify the device I used - gee they were just confused and sure I never cancelled. Then I filed an on line dispute with my credit card company. Same process of multiple emails and then filing a "company policy" paper work with my credit card company saying they were justified because I never really used the cancellation process.

Be warned: not only do they fail to provide the services promised on their website they will do everything they can to continue to charge you membership dues long after you have used their process to cancel it and then follow up with emails explaining why you are too stupid to use their on line system - of course they are the only ones that monitor the system. I never got a confirmation of cancellation not even when I called the customer service number to tell them it did not appear that the cancellation submission button on the website was working. The are con artist asking you to trust them with your home, children, elderly and pets under guise of providing all necessary security procedures to ensure their providers are trustworthy.

  • Aug 13, 2016

I recently got on to be a Nanny/Babysitter and I was contacted by an "Amanda Patrick" who wanted me to be a nanny for her disabled son. She sent me emails and texts for about 2 weeks finalizing our work schedules and things I would be doing for her so called 5 year old son Cole. She proceeded to tell me she was living in Miami, FL and was moving to my area pretty soon and needed a wheel chair for Cole. She was going to send me $350 in advance and an addition $2200 for the wheel chair. I recieved the check and like all scams it bounced and I never heard from her again. I contacted plural times to inform them that I was scammed through their site and lost all my savings due to a phony. They told me there was nothing they could do and that I was on my own basically, so i'm reaching out in hope that people will be careful and someone will take action. My name is Queen Mobley I am 22 years old and I lost everything I have thanks to someone fake on preying on innocent hard working people, I live in Lexington Park Maryland.

  • Jan 27, 2016

I was contacted by a man named Henry Meeks. Claimed he was from Australia and moving to my area in MI. He claimed he got my contact info from, which I thought was odd, but I figured that someone must have used my text app number on there before I got it so I gave this nice gentleman the benefit of the doubt. I have kids of my own, and I am recently unemployed and good with children so I thought why not? I can be a nanny. Well stories kept changing and the biggest red flag was that the day before the check arrived, he told me instead of me going grocery shopping for his family before they arrived, I would be instead "wiring the rest of the funds to his wife's store manager" I received the check which was $2350 and my first week pay was the $350 and I was told to wire $2000. I took check straight to bank to be looked at. Sure enough it was a scam. He told me to deposit via ATM or mobile banking so that a bank teller couldn't see check I am sure. I don't even have a bank account. What a fraud. His stories kept changing. His "husband" became "wife" the "apartment" they were moving turned to "house" which i checked up on and it was still up for sale. Then his "2 year old" became a "5 year old" lol. The check I received was from the law offices of George castrataro which turned out to be a real person and place. Either he is involved or he doesn't know that he is being used for checks being written. Seeing how people are making complaints about this guy, I'm leaning more toward he knows and is involved. If he isn't I apologize. But I hope this report reaches out to people. I hope it saves more people from being ripped off by "henry meeks" so sad. Targeting young struggling people on or any other website. Beware! Don't be a fool and deposit this bad check into your account or send money to these people! I'm glad I was not naive enough to fall for it. I may have been years ago when young. But not now.

  • Dec 5, 2015

My daughter is 18 and looking into getting into early childhood development. She had been babysitting since her early teens for friends and relatives with no bad experiences to report. She decided to sign sign up on to get some real world experience, which turned out to be a nightmare. She babysat for a couple in Reynoldsburgh Ohio for almost 2 months and got paid less than half of what they owed her. In the end they owed her $200 which she had to praitically beg them for and in the end they still jipped her. When she got the envelope with money in it the woman had only given her $100 and a note notifying her that she and her husband decided that was all they owed her and telling her they wouldn't put a bad review on the website about her. This is outrageous because my daughter was at their house early whenever she had to be there and stayed 1 to 3 hrs longer than she was told she would be needed. At one point my daughter went to thier house, which is 40 mins from her, and just when she pulled in the driveway the woman texted her and told her she didnt need her that day. And she says she won't put a bad review about my daughter on the site? My daughter contacted about these people and told them about the money issue and that she thought they were ripping off babysitters by getting someone to babysit, holding them on the line waiting to get their money til they quit then not giving them all they are owed. told her there was nothing they can do about it. How about making it so the babysitters can review the customers so they can't continue to abuse them in this fashion? It's not right and my daughter has no recourse other than to take the money given to her and forgetting about it or these people will put a review that would be all lies on her profile which of course would affect her getting anymore babysitting jobs in the future.

  • Nov 25, 2015

I subscribed for a one-month plan to hire a babysitter on June 19, and the site upgraded my subscription without my consent. I've been charged for August, September, October and November and they say that they will not refund 42.46 dollars charged extra for each of these extra four months.

They seem to use a automatic-renewal policy, even without customer consent.

They will not refund me, even though they know I have not accessed the website since my one-month plan ended in July. This seems like a scam, they disregard the consumer's choice and just upgrade without notice.

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