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Cardinal Bengals

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Springfield
Address 28 Palmer Ave,
Phone 413-356-5501

Cardinal Bengals Reviews

  • May 27, 2018

Paid $550 for a bengal kitten after seeing it on website. It is a very professional looking website with testamonials, etc., that of course it is fabricated.

Paid via initially via Moneygram however Moneygram suspended the payment to fake name "Pertson Smith" as another people had filed complaint. Moneygram did not explain the reason.

The seller "Pertson Smith" explained that his agent explained that the travel trasnport coupon can only be used if the money transfer is done via Walmart to Walmart.

We paid him $600 - 550 +50 / $50 will be to deliver at our door.

Next day he sent an email informing that the pet Mandy is at the Aiport however we need to deposit $980 for travel insurance and 98 percent will be returned at the moment of the delivery.

After that, next day he requested $580 for "special cage" as the airline had requested.

We never purchased anything via the internet before.

Since we no longer paid him he is ceased the communication.

I filled a local police report however they cannot do anything as this is outside their jurisdiction.

I have filled complaint on the organizations below and also reported his Website Hosting company so they take the site down. Most liked he was able to built the site using a stolen credit card.

FTC Complaint Assistant

To file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau click here:

The United States Department of Justice


He has a super thick accent. His wife also. She called and emailed from their Alpha Pet Relocator. [email protected]

NOTE: THIS HAPPENED TO THE SAME DAY SATURDAY MAY 26 2018 where the other report from "SICK AND TIRED" filled out.

Report Attachments:



It is HOSTED bt

located below is the abuse email for hosting service which is probably FAKE.

abuse%[email protected]%20fozzy%20.%20com

Note: There is no phone number for support.

In the sequence is hosted by has its own registrar and hosting which also does not have phone number is could be a local on premises server in someone's house. THIS IS THE IP ADDRESS OF THEIR SERVER.

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