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Country United States
State New Jersey
City Brick
Address 990 Cedar Bridge Ave Ste B7 Rm 365
Phone 1-800-227-4214
Website Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2018

I read about this company and I made sure, (I thought) that I was making business with a legitimate company. The seem so neat and clean but then I discovered why so many people are complaining about them. I place 4 gift cards on their site for sale. Spend a couple of hour reading and making sure this was the right move. After sending the cards number and code to them I got a screen for 2-4 seconds telling me the transaction was completed and that I needed to wait 24 hrs for them to release my funds in a form or an Amazon credit. Then the next day I went back to check the site and I got a message that my transaction was declined and the cards had being flagged and could not use them with them. I called customer service and I got the same answer. These are birthday gifts from friends and relatives for goodness sake. I then asked to talk with a supervisor giving them a last chance to review their flaw system and I got the same answer. For that reason I am giving them one star. Unreliable system and uninformed customer service.

  • Jun 10, 2018

Purchased $200 worth of certificates for a high end steakhouse chain. Confirmed balance with the chain and when we went to redeem the certificates found out the certificates had already been redeemed. Ended up paying twice for an expensive steak dinner. CardCash responded quickly with the following tough luck response "Buying from any marketplace involves the classical Risk vs. Reward decision. Consumers shopping at a marketplace can save up to 35% but will, at times, receive cards that are invalid or have a balance discrepancy. This is not something we can control." Since this was a digital certificate, not a physical gift card, it appears that the same voucher number is sold multiple times.

  • May 7, 2018

This company supposedly verifies the giftcards that they sell, but the one i received was never activated. It was a bevmo gift card, but when i tried to use it, they said it had a zero balance It was supposed to be $100). When i called the bevmo customer service, they said that the card was never even activated - meaning it was never legitimately sold in the first place. So somewhere along the supply chain, the card was taken without consent and sold through supposedly verifies all their giftcards, but if that were true, they either knowingly sold a giftcard that was never activated, or they are lying and did not verify it. Either way, it is proof they are not honest and buyers should be aware of doing business with them. When i tried to contact their customer service, they just ignored me and stopped responding.

Looking at the bbb reviews on this company, it seems they have a lot of negative reviews and don't give a crap about one more bad review.

For anyone that's been duped by this company, these are the steps that i'm taking to try to get my money back. Hopefully it might help others from getting scammed, or apply sufficient pressure on the company to resolve these issues. If not, hopefully they will go out of business and will stop scamming people out of their hard earned money.

- document all communications with this company - don't take them at their word on anything they tell you over the phone.

- make an effort to reach out and resolve the issue - who knows, you might get lucky.

- file a complaint with the ftc Federal trade commission).

- file a complaint with your local district attorney

- file a complaint with the windsor, nj district attorney

- if the transaction involved shipment of stolen goods shipped through the us postal service As was the case in my situation), it's possible there may have been federal mail fraud statutes that were violated. Credit card fraud across interstate commerce may also be a federal crime as well. I believe the fbi would be the correct agency to contact in such cases.

- write to your local congressional representative to let them know about what's going on, and ask them to follow up and intervene on your behalf. One of the little-known duties of congressional representatives are to represent their constituents on various matters of government. For cases such as this, where their constituents are getting swindled by shady out-of-state characters, their office can send letters to the da, ftc, fbi, and/or other organizations and ask them to look into the matter. A letter from members of congress will not go unheeded by these governmental organizations. And they will take action and report back. Especially if they are receiving multiple requests from different congressional members about the same scammer, they will probably start a special task force to make sure they do a thorough job of investigation.

- file for damages in local small claims court, and if possible, look for an attorney that may be willing to take the case as a class action lawsuit. Considering the number of reported complaints, i think there will be plenty of people that will sign up.

Companies like this almost certainly are counting on the fact that most people will not go through the hassle of following up on all these steps. But even if a few people do so, it can really make a big difference. They know that people who buy discounted giftcards are looking for a deal, and sometimes may not have the means to pay full price. They are counting on the fact that they are tired from working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families. They are counting on the fact that most people will choose to just eat the loss, rather than take the steps necessary to stop despicable characters like these. They need to be stopped, and if appropriate, locked up behind bars so they can't continue to defraud the public. If you feel that you've been taken advantage of by these people, please do everything you can to try to get your money back and stop them from hurting others.

  • Mar 13, 2018

I received a call that someone was fraudulently using my bank account. They made 2 purchases of $297 to Cardcash and made secveral other attempts at other online companies.

Cardcash is allowing this transaction to go through despite my bank initiating an investigation. My state police will look into this, but because there is no point of sale and it's out of jurisdiction, they suspect that nothing can or will be done.

While the bank will reinstate my funds, someone out there is getting away with almost $600 of stolen money- JUST FROM ME. How many other scammers and thieves are getting away with this with this company?

The BIG issue is that with gift cards, they cannot be traced.

I would like to know what else can be done? How do we, the victim of these types of crimes, stand up to this while these companies walk away with millions?

  • Sep 26, 2017

I purchased two gift cards from CardCash (one from Chico's for $300, and the other from Panera Bread for $100). When I tried to use them two months later, there was a zero balance on both of them. I contacted CardCash on three different occasions. They told me that they tried to contact the persons who sold them the cards, but were unable to reach either party. CardCash says they have a policy that they can only gaurantee the cards for 45 days from the date of purchase.

They made no effort to reimburse or compensate me. All they did was keep repeating their 45 day gaurantee policy.

  • Aug 25, 2017

I purchased a gift card for Dunkin Donuts for $19.73 from on June 18, 2017. I didn't use the card until Aug. 19, 2017 at a Dunkin Donuts. The store said the card was "Stolen". When I contacted they said it was past their 45 day return policy and refused to do anything. When I went online, I saw that it is very common for to sell stolen cards. I reported it to the Police, BBB, FTC and others, but probably nothing will be done. Don't buy from or They are not honest.

  • Jul 29, 2017

Cardcash has a pattern of fraud according to the BBB. You buy a gift card, check the balance, then go to use it and there is nothing or less on it. This happens because the seller continues to use it or even more frequently, it was bought by a stolen credit card.

Cardcash state to the BBB that they would inform customers to use their card within 45 days of purchase to ensure they are backed by their 45 day warranty. Although their warranty is clearly stated on their site, there was nothing in the email to me that stated I needed to use the gift cards within 45 days or the balance might disappear. (I live in California, so most gift cards do not expire.)

I lost almost $200 on a gift card bought for my husband for Christmas. We used it once the week after Christmas. Went to use it this past weekend and was told there was fraud reported on the card. (Most likely purchased with a stolen credit card.) It is past the 45 days, so of course their default response was sent back to me when I inquired about getting a refund or even a credit to buy another gift card on their site:

"Please be advised that we have received this claim beyond our 45 day buyer protection period.

CardCash is a gift card marketplace where millions of sellers can sell their unwanted pre-owned gift cards at a discount. CardCash checks the balance at the time of the listing. Statistically only a very small percentage of our cards have issues where the seller used the gift card or it got canceled after we have checked the balance at the time of the listing. The percentages are kept very low because of all the proprietary fraud technology and KYC measures CardCash has working behind the scenes.

Buying from any Marketplace involves the classical Risk vs Reward decision. Consumers shopping on a marketplace can save up to 35% but will at times receive cards that are invalid or have a balance discrepancy. This is not something we can control. However, in order to make our customers feel a bit more comfortable we offer a 45 day buyer protection guarantee. CardCash encourages all of its customers to use the cards within that time period and if they encounter an issue to immediately let us know.

We also require that all claims to be submitted to us within that 45 day period as that increases the probability of reaching the original seller and receiving a refund from him or her. In such situations, if CardCash cannot recoup the funds from the original seller it will take the loss as part of its guarantee and issue a refund to the customer. For claims submitted beyond the 45 day period, CardCash will still attempt to request a refund from the original seller but if unsuccessful , CardCash cannot absorb any additional liability and is very clear about this policy all over the website.

In your situation, we were unfortunately unsuccessful in recouping funds from the original seller and cannot offer any refunds for this order since it is beyond the 45 day period."

  • Jul 3, 2017

This internet seller promotes the sale of gift cards at a discount. The discount is as little as 3% to as much as 25%. I first purchased a $50 card to Jamba Juice at 10% off. When I went to use it, they said it was no good.

That was embarassing but i chalked it up to a possible error. I reported it to Cardcash and they issued me a replacement card.

The second time, I was offered a 25% discount on 3/15/17 for Benihana gift cards via a flash sale that was good for 24 hrs only. I purchased a $100 gift card and used it on June 25th. To my embarassment once again, the waitress announced that the card was no good.

When I filed a new claim with cardcash, they responded that it was past 45 days since the purchase so they would not honor it.

When you first sign up for cardcash, they provide safety and security. Well, two problems out of two purchases is inexcusable. It seems that they do not do the proper due diligence on the purchase of gift cards.

It is definitely not worth a small discount if the risk is losing 100% of your cost This type of business should not be allowed to exist.

  • May 16, 2017

I have purchased multiple gift cards from CardCash that had a zero balance when I went to use them. Having waited several months to use the cards, merchants, such as Nordstrom and TGI Fridays advised me the cards had already been redeemed. CardCash would not back them up.

I have had problems with two cards from other gift card resellers, and they have always protected me regardless of when I tried to use them. Almost all of the cards I purchased recently from CardCash had no value and I lost every penny.

  • May 3, 2017

Purchased a $100 gift card for $81, which seemed like a good deal until I went to use it and was told it had a zero balance. I figured it was a problem with that store, so I tried a few weeks later at another store, again Zero balance. I contacted Card Cash and was told that they only stand behind their product for 45 days, and since I did not contact them until 54 days after purchase I was not covered. It appears that they have a track record of ripping people off, unless you are looking to donate to their "enterprise" I would stay clear of this company..

  • May 3, 2017 stole $124.68 from me.

Last year I bought a Dillards gift card which I ended up giving to my wife last Christmas. Last week she went to Dillards and used it for the first time but she was told that the card has a zero balance and it was likely that the card had been stolen.

I notified CardCash about this for a refund. They refused. They said they only guarantee their card up to 45 days.

Yes, the 45 day guarantee is in the fine print. Didn’t know I had to hire a lawyer to do business with them!

When you buy a card to give as a gift, you don’t know if the person you give it to will use it in 45 days.

I bought a defective product from them. They made a profit, I lost EVERYTHING I paid.

They could at least have met me half way. But they were hard nosed.

I’ve been a CardCash customer for years.

No more.


  • Feb 2, 2017

I sold Cardcash my gift card and received a check from them. 6 months after the sale, they stated that the card was no good and charged me for it. I asked for the card back to investigate. Months later still nothing. They used the card, and noe i have to pay them. It is a scam (most likely from employees).

  • Nov 9, 2016

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM! You will be giving your info to crooks! Sent out USED CARD! “They sell you $0 balance, already used gift cards! Then tell you too bad. I purchased a $300 Dillard's gift card through Card Cash in May '15. What they sent me by email was brought into Dillard's, Dillard's said they do not accept what told me I could print and use. Since then, I have been strung along by promises from Card Cash that they would make it right. OVER A YEAR AND 1/2 they have strung me a long, I'm guessing long enough that I couldn't dispute the crime with my credit card. **** The last thing they did was actually send out a sheet of paper with a bar code, they said this would 100% work since what they sent by email was never accepted by the store. We brought the card in and it had $0 balance! This card was sent to us in May of '16, after dealing with a year of them trying to get me to use the unusable "emailed card". We brought the the mailed card/sheet of paper into Dillard's and it has $0 balance, Dillard's management, who had been trying to help us with these scammers all along, traced the card history. The card had been used TWO MONTHS BEFORE THEY EVER SENT IT OUT TO US! This time when I called in to let them know they sent me a $0 balance card, they said it was past their 45 day policy. ONLY BECAUSE THEY STRUNG ME ALONG FOR SO LONG! They say the cards have NO EXPIRATION, but they do! You have 45 days to use them, or they will say it's not their problem. I'm guessing with all the other shadiness that they had going on in the first year I dealt with them, this last card they send is one they bought from someone and never checked if it was valid. They got an already used card and then sent it off to us. Passed their incompetence on to the customer. That's the best case for them. The other thing that could have happened was they send out zero balance cards on purpose, just to buy more time to get past the time frame when you can dispute a charge on your card. They got us to the point we were scammed for $300, and then told us too bad. You could tell the "supervisor", Amanda, is used to these kinds of calls all the time & was prepared to tell us too bad, you got scammed. Now seeing they had no intention of giving me what I paid for, I'm cancelling my debit card and have to order a new one because these are the kind of scammers that will maneuver every last angle to get your money. Please do not fall for the endless lies. Or take a chance that they pass their loss onto you

  • Apr 22, 2016

Cash sold me an invalid gift card. Since I did not discover this during their 45 day guarantee period, they have refused my claim. The first time I tried to use the card, the merchant reported that it was invalid! It was never any good! yet cash represented it as a valid $100 gift card for the merchant when I purchased it.

Maybe it was my own fault for not checking the card sooner, but I had a false sense of security with them after a few previous of smaller dollar amounts that were satisfactory. However, they should have seen for themselves that the card was never valid before they sold it to me.

They can check with the merchant themselves to verify my claim that the card they sold me was never valid! but instead they simply quote their 45 day guarantee and refuse to make good on my claim.

I have since learned that they have an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau in their home state of New Jersey. Wish I'd known that $79 ago. Do your research before doing business with this company."

  • Apr 21, 2016

This company buys and sells unused gifts cards at reduced prices, I have quite a few with no use to me. I went through their online process to sell these cards. The next day I received a generic email stating I was flagged for high risk and was rejected. I responded asking what I could do to fix this, their reply was the same information as the first email (literally a copy/paste). I replied again, citing I went through many verifications such as giving my name, address, phone number (verified with text), email address (verified with link) and credit card number (verified with pending charge).

I asked for an actual reason why I was denied after giving so much information. My reply from them was "There is no further information given and we cannot accept your gift cards at this time".

Here is a company that simply took my personal information and did nothing regarding the service they claim to provide. They were unable to give me any information regarding the problem they say there was. I am left with my information (including credit card) in the hands of a company that did nothing they claim to do. Now I have concerns about my information being used improperly.

  • Mar 28, 2016

I went to use a $100 Jimmy John's gift card I bought 4 months ago from this company for $85. It had a $0 balance. They wrote back that they only guarantee them for 45 days, which mea culpa I never noticed that, never dreaming they would send a card out with a $0 balance and cross their fingers you don't notice during their 45 day guarantee. They kept the whole $85. No attempt to exchange or refill the card, no refund, no partial refund, nothing. They just kept 100% of my $85. Personally I'll never use again, but if you decide to risk it, make sure to use your cards right away. They do send blank cards out.

  • Mar 26, 2016

I bought $1500 Lowes gift cards (total 7 printable cards) from in June 2015. I checked the value once they arrived, everything was fine. I spent half of them within two months.

However, the last three cards were rejected by Lowes in March 2016. I was told that the cards were fraud, they were shown 0 balanace and unidentified. The total face value is $725.39 ( my cost is 638.37).

Cashcard said they couldnot help me after 45 days since purpase. They said they could not reach the sellers.

There is one weird thing. Their customer service figured the fraud cards immediately I told the order ID. Keep in mind, I bought seven cards, three of them were fraud. How do they know the bad cards since I didn't tell them those cards numbers.

IMO, already knew the problem. They probally recoupped their costs from the buyers, however, they didn't want to share the information and take their responsibility. They take advantage of their customers, and they like the buyers to take risks. This is another type of fraud.

  • Sep 24, 2015

I was shopping this site and had added a few items to my cart to consider. I wanted to see shipping options and cost, but they wanted me to create an account first.

I did so, and then they asked for my PayPal information to continue to see the options. I did so, and then clicked continue. Lo and behold, I had unknowingly placed an order for everything in my card without ever actually clicking a confirm button! I was just supposed to be looking at shipping options!

No place on the website to cancel the order. I called their "customer service" immediately. Guy refused to give me his name, said all the managers were out, and that my order had shipped within the 3 minutes it took me to place the call! He said no refunds, but they would buy the cards back - at a loss to me!

I told him this was unacceptable and I needed to speak to management, but he said again that they were all out. I questioned that my order could ship that fast and he conceded "well, it probably hasn't actually shipped, just been processed." And I said "great, call down and tell them not to put it on the truck until management gets back." Of course he can't do that. Awesome. Filing a claim with PayPal right now.

  • Aug 24, 2015

I bought 4 AMC gift eCard of $50 from on 7/13/15. only send me 1 gift card of $25 and other 3 gift card of $10 is missing. They also refuse refound money back to my PayPal.

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