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Card Cash

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Brick
Address 990 Cedar Bridge Ave Ste B7 Rm 365
Phone 1-800-227-4214

Card Cash Reviews

  • Jan 11, 2019

I went online to Card Cash on December 24 to submit my gift cards for cash. I submitted 3 cards and accepted a bartered rate in place of full value. I received a confirmation email the same day and Card Cash informed me to mail in the cards and I would receive a direct deposit in 1-2 business days. I mailed them in on December 24, 2018.

I then received an email later in the evening of December 24, stating my cards were marked as high risk and would be returned. When I submitted a request to Card Cash on why they were marked as high risk, they could not provide a reason.

I then wrote back to Card Cash asking them to return my cards since they were already mailed. I had to inquire an additional time since all three cards were not returned even though they were all sent to Card Cash in one envelop. It took a total of 19 days to get all three cards returned - - only to see that Card Cash also added a barcode to each card that I had to use an epoxy remover on - - to get the adhesive off.

I do not believe this is a legitimate company by the numerous complaints filed against them on this site and others.

People beware of bad service and bad companies like Card Cash.

  • Nov 3, 2016

I purchased 3 - $100 Melting Pot gift cards from Card Cash. I gave the first one as a wedding gift and the other 2 were to be used several months later for a birthday present. Upon receiving the cards in August I checked the balance to see that they were correct, which they were. A few days later I received a call from the Bride and Groom saying that they had tried to use the gift card after eating their meal only to find a zero balance. I immediately checked the balance on the other two, only to find that they also showed a zero balance. Since I had used my Paypal account to purchase the cards, I immediately filed a dispute. However, over 2 months later I was denied the dispute because Paypal states that they can't verify that the cards were received with a zero balance. I have filed an appeal but now am concerned that I will just have to eat the cost of the cards. Thanks Card Cash!!!

  • Oct 14, 2016

I have bought cards from this company before but after receiving bad cards twice I am done with them.

They are selling many many stolen gift cards. This is because the store or restaurant named on your stolen gift card often don't get the reports until many weeks after the fact. Since does not verify the seller they have made it easy for thieves. Thieves will use stolen credit cards to buy thousands of dollars in gift cards, then sell them to doesn't check the sellers and just hands out the cash to these thieves. Then turns around and sells them to the public making a nice profit for themselves. gives 45 days guarantee. You will check the card when you get it and it may have the full purchased value. You may be able to use it the first time but then the store or restaurant catch the fact it is stolen and cancel the card. You will be unaware of this until you go to use it again. If the 45 day guarantee has expired you are out of luck.

I had a $100. Dairy Queen card. I used it a few times, had a 65. balance and went to use it again. I called DQ and was told it was stolen and thus DQ corporate canceled the card. I was out the $65. and said 'too bad your 45 day guarantee has expired'.

All it would take is for cashcard to thoroughly check out their sellers and not make it so easy for criminals to use them to hide their thievery. If doesn't want to assure their cards will never show up as stolen then they are just as bad as the criminals that stole them.

The government says that gift cards must hold their full value so I will be working with my Attorney General to find out the legalities of selling cards that lose their value or are proven to be stolen.

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