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Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Boston
Address 2 Avenue de Lafayette
Phone 855-227-2249.

Carbonite Reviews

  • Mar 20, 2018

We are an elderly couple and my husband has Alzheimer's. They refused to credit us on a $71.99 charge I found on our credit card statement for something never used or purchased. They are bad news with all of their fancy degrees from Stanford, MIT, etc. and never walk in the shoes of the lowly. I believe in Karma and know justice will prevail.

  • Jun 19, 2017

I want everybody to know about carbonite and their illegal billing practices. I will add my voice to the other people who complain about carbonite's bhogus/slimey "auto-renewal" practice. Carbonite is a data-backup company. When you install their software on your pc, a little icon appears in the task tray, clicking on that icon then displays a control panel. There, it tells you how many days left before an "auto renewal" will occur. It gives the date on which So says the software), your credit card would theoretically be charged for another year's service.

In my case, it indicateda specific date as the renewal date. I had been dissatisfied with carbonite's crappy backup service throughout the last year, and had made a tickler to contact carbonite on the before that renewal date to cancel the d**n thing. I knew i wanted to change to a better offsite backup company than carbonite.

However, carbonite actually charged my cc 1 day before the software had promised!

I figured this was some kind of innocent computer error, so i just called up their customer-non-support # on the same day, and talked to a lady with an "attitude" who said the following: A) "i don't see any charge to your credit card in our system. Are you sure? It isn't scheduled until tomorrow!" B) i refered to my online banking information, showing the charge was indeed 1 day before promised. C) i told her that i did not want another year of crappy "carbonite" service The program is buggy, does not allow you to change 'frequency' of backup--it's either "automatic frequency" which you can not configure at all, or "1 day". That is a joke--many other off-site backup services, such as crashplan allow you to conifugre backups down to "every 15 minutes".

Another note to the reader: i suggest you dump "carbonite", and switch to crashplan -- which gets higher reviews by pc magazine, and works much better than carbonite. Crashplan also has much more friendly customer service, and they will not to to scam you like carbonite does)

Next: i sent a formal complaint to carbonite support via contact form, asking "why the heck did you charge my card 1 day before your software said you would? Even your own customer service person on the phone said that should not have happened?" i told them "if you don't refund my money, and cancel the service now, i'm going to contact my bank and get a chargeback against your flaky company."

So, i gave them this 2nd chance to refund my money. I figured the guy would just apologize and make the refund/cancellaton.

But guess what? They sent an arrogant "canned" response. .. "according to our terms and services". I.E. "go to hell answer")

What i did next: i called my bank and told them what happened. They were amazed! the bank dispute department lady said, "oh, we hear bout this kind of thing by flaky internet companies all the time. It's a shame some business are run that way. But no problem -- we will file the paperwork and get your money back from carbonite."

Conclusion: my bank did file a chargeback against carbonite-scam, and that's how i got my money back From visa by force. .. Not from carbonite-creeps).

Summary: my experience with carbonite is they are out to screw the customer any way possible. Their customer service is "superficial" and they couldn't care less if you are treated fairly. Incredible! so i suggest you do not have anything to do with "carbonite" backup. Use a more reputable service like crashplan, or sos, or others that are more honest.

I hope this outscam review helps others avoid dealwith teh carbonite and all the suffering that goes with choosnig carbonite offsite backup.

  • Apr 20, 2016

Carbonite won't allow any easy way to delete or remove your own backup data and files. I purchased their backup subscription for 1 year and used for a couple of months. My computer was crawling to its knees (i7 CPU with 16GB RAM and 1 TB SSD). Are you kidding me? I switched to Microsoft OneDrive and since I made decision I don't repent at all. I also use Google Drive for reduendency backups. My one year is up for renewal and I want to delete my fiels and data from Carbonite but guess what, they do not provide any way to delete your file. You can view online all your files and download but CANNOT DELETE. So I was advised to install software again and disable back and data will be marked to be remeoved after 72 hours and eventually deleted after 30 days.

First of all I DO NOT WANT TO INSTALL YOUR FREAKING SOFTWARE and secondly even when I tried to follow your isntructions, it immediatly started pumping data from my computer to your server. WHAT THE HELL???? Computer CPU went 100% and literally I have to unplug network and remove the software. NOW HOW CAN I DELETE MY DATA FROM YOUR SERVER. WHAT A MESS AND WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY.

So Carbonate, you can allow to upload and download files and data but CANNOT allow to DELETE. WHY???

While this is not a RIP OFF money but it is 100% RIP OFF consumers' personal data and information. BIGGEST RIP OFF OF THE DECADE.

  • Mar 26, 2016

Carbonite took my money to back up my external USB drive. Now they finally admit they can't do it. But they refuse to refund my money. And they say there is no human being in the company with authority to give me a refund!

I paid Carbonite $79.99 for 1 year backup to include my external USB drive. I use this external drive as my master (portable) drive for work at both home and office. So backing up this external drive was the only reason I bought Carbonite. (I use my internal hard drive just to manually backup my external USB drive files.)

But I have never been able to get Carbonite to actually backup my external drive, even though I had to buy a premium subscription to get that capability.

So today I contacted Carbonite technical support (through a chat line) for help.

They said I was doing the process correctly (even though it isn't working). But when they asked what kind of external drive, and I told them it is a Corsair Survivor flash drive (one of the best and most durable products available), they finally admitted that Carbonite cannot backup external flash drives.

I told them I purchased Carbonite specifically to backup this external drive, and if they had disclosed it wouldn't work on external flash drives, I never would have purchased.

They refused to consider a refund beyond 30 days after purchase, even when I reminded them the initial Carbonite upload from my internal hard drive had taken 5 weeks!

I requested they tell me who in the company has authority to grant my refund. They kept sidestepping the question, but I kept asking.

Finally, when I said: "For the fourth time now: Is there not a human being in the company with authority to refund my purchase price?" I finally got my answer -- a flat "No".

Carbonite, I will never forget you!

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