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Caravan Airport Transportation

Country United States
State Oregon
City Lincoln City
Address 3262 NW Hwy 101
Phone 1-541-994-9645

Caravan Airport Transportation Reviews

  • May 19, 2016

Well let me start by saying I will never use this company ever again and will not recommend them to anyone I know.

Several weeks ago I had gone online looking for a bus from Portland to Lincoln City, Oregon for a vacation for my family.

A few days after planning this getaway my mother passed away. I tried calling the company to cancel and was not able to reach anyone.

I was busy and packing for my trip and forgot to follow up. After returning from my mothers memorial I check my statement on my credit card and I was charged $66 from the company.

I called and a very rude representative said " I am so sorry for your loss but it is outlined on our website that you have to cancel online" And that they can charge me although I did not go.

What company out there does only cancellations online and is rude to customers that just lost a family memeber? I did not take the trip and they stole $66 I needed to pay my bills.

Totally bad business to steal others hard earned money. Would have been nice to get a partial refund but the lady was rude.

I will never take this company ever! They are inhumane.

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