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Car Outlet

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Phone 1 855-793-5574

Car Outlet Reviews

  • Dec 2, 2016

Like many shady car companies that guarantee a car for little to no money down and in the long run charge an exorbitant amount. Car Outlet is no exception. Companies like Car Outlet pray on poor, desperate people for a quick and easy buck. Please be aware when purchasing a car from Car Outlet. In all honesty just walk, take a bus take a taxi because in the long run a taxi will be cheaper.

I purchased a car here a few years back and thankfully just finished paying it off. They screwed me over with a mediocre,BS insurance that when I needed it, it didn't cover me and I ended up paying out of pocket. If you can get an insurance elsewhere that is valid and will cover you don't let Car Outlet screw you over with their phony excuse of an insurance that if you're already struggling will certainly land you in the poor house.

At the time that I bought the car I was desperate to get a car, what a fool I was getting a car from Car Outlet. Let me start with, this car ended up costing me after the crazy interest rate (which the sales person said would be lower, he wrote it on the paper, but it turned out to be much higher, like I said I was a fool.) Started paying in 2013 and after the 4 years of finishing paying off a 2004 (it is now going to be 2017) Chevy Trailblazer cost me $20,000! For a car that is now worth around $2,500.

  • Nov 7, 2016

I went into the establishment because it caught my eye and they were very nice. I work long hours and they accommodated me. Originally I wanted the Chevy Avalanche but due to my credit score it was out of my "price range". Then I saw a Ford Explorer which was nice. I got the vehicle and it drove fine then one day the tire was low. I wasn't thinking anything of it until the tire kept getting low. On top of that it overheated. My wife took and I dropped the car off. My wife had been speaking to them on my behalf (which I informed them of and they agreed to talk to them), they were rude to my wife and hung up the phone on her. They informed me that the truck needed a new engine. A NEW ENGINE!!!! WTH! I only had the truck for a month and 6 days. They didn't offer me a loaner nothing to accommodate me. I've been without my vehicle for two weeks. I went back to the dealership, they offered to put in another vehicle. I test drove a few vehicles and picked a Ford Edge. They said no problem the car will be ready tomorrow (because it was late and after closing time plus my family was exhausted). I agreed. I go back to the dealership and Ray (manager) tries to deter me from the Ford Edge saying "wait until tomorrow I'll bring other vehicles". I'm shocked and confused at this point. Then he raises the monthly premium on a car that has 40,000 more miles than the LEMON they sold me. I talk to my wife and she just says take it babe. I agree and then the unbelievable happened. They lose the key! Which was bullshit. They didn't want me to have the truck. Then Ray comes over to say come back tomorrow after three pm. At this point Im very blunt with him. I said "lets say the truck isn't here , for whatever reason. Then what?". He says "you're smart. I won't be here. How about I give you a refund. I say "ok when?" He says "I need to contact them (I'm confused as to them is) on Monday. At this point I know it's at a loss no car and no money from my down payment back. Three kids and a wife exhausted and mentally drained from this whole ordeal. People have bad credit which is sometimes beyond their control but this is not how you conduct business. This is for anyone else that is thinking about this. My family encountered a minor set back due to this major inconvenience but we will be ok. Karma is so strong and when it comes back people think what did I do to deserve this. Sometimes stop to think about it.

  • Aug 30, 2016

My family and I were in need of a dependable car to get to work and to pick up children from school because my wife is a working nanny. We walk in and we are immediately greeted by floor sales people and appointed to Teresa Mandoza who assured us they would find us the right car for our needs. We settled on a 2009 Honda Accord which she claimed was properly inspected. We drove the car and it seemed a little off in its alignment, but everything else was great, so we bought the car and 30 days later the steering got worst which is under their warranty plan catergorized under universal joints. I bring the car back only to find they could not help me in repairs and I would have to go to their car outlet repair

shop located on Archer ave, Chicago IL which is a scam. Before I made an appointment I had Firestone inspect our vechical and they said it was the cars rack pinion. We brought them the report and Car Out denied any finding of a damaged rack pinion which is part of the steering system. They misdiagnosed our car and made us pay $350 on some breaks that did not need work or were the least important. Brought the car several times and was mistreated by management and my wife almost got in a accident with a semi truck with child because she could not steer properly due to the weakened rack pinion. The repair shop manager was combative and even said our inspections from 4 othe repair

shops mechanics were lies. The manager was bias about us as customers wanting to be safe and denied repairs or pay another deductible on repairs they could not find, and then he said its probably your alignment and we do not do that work here. Frustrated and in fear of my wife and some elses children getting killed, I took the car for an alignment job at Just Tires. They said it was not the problem. It was your rack pinion. At this point I and my wife had enough of driving in fear, so we took the car to a Honda dealer ship and they said the car was a death trap. It had no bushings on it and the rack was damaged and several other problem in the steering stem. We paid $1600 in repairs , $500, in brand

new tires and aligments that were not necessary. We lost several thousand dollar from not getting to work. This car became a hardship and we were still paying a car not of $487 a month. The Kelly blue book said that it was only worth $6500. The charged us $14000 plus an interest rate 22% totaling $30000 on a 4 year plan. The body was nice but the steering system was a nightmare. We tried to ask for another car from them, they denied us as if they knew they could do anything with this car. We tried to trade the car in at another dealer ship, we were denied because they charged us too much on what the car was really worth. We tried to sue, but we could not because they had a binding arbritration

clause in the contract that prevent class action law sues. They have not contacted us about the car and have not returned our phone calls even through their customer service hot line in Total Finance. We were scammed and I pray justice be done against them. Consumer affairs need to be aware of their activity. We are not the only ones going through this. They even sold a stolen car to someone and messed up that persons credit. This arbritation clause needs to be illegal because if you try to enter litigation through their choosen arbrotation firm, they will make you pay fees in enter a case, and you may not win.

  • May 30, 2016

So I was in need of a reliable car my friend told me that he knows a dealership that usually helps people out in my situation with bad credit. So I gave in and decided to drive from Milwaukee Wi to Waukegan iL when I first got inside they ran my credit and approved me and my trade in they showed me my options I wasn't to impressed but was in need of a car so I chose a 2009 Chevy Malibu I test drove it and felt a little shake while I was driving the car so I told them about it and they said they will fix it to schedule a appointment with the mechanic. I followed threw with that but the same night when I made it back to Milwaukee the check engine light came on as well as the oil light the car would shake constantly when going around 60 mph I then called and told them about that problem. I had to now drive the car all the way back to Waukegan on a Tuesday morning called every half hour to a hour to check on the car and was told it wouldn't be done for a day or maybe two I kept calling and now it wouldn't be done till Friday evening so in the mean time I was asking if they could go half with me on a rental car or let me use one of the other cars and they told me no that has nothing to do with them . Now the first day I went they wanted a $1000 down payment I gave them $500 and said in two weeks I will give them the other $500 but after the problems with the car and not sure what was going on I didn't feel comfortable giving them the other $500 that Friday I picked up the car who is to know if they fixed anything or just reset the battery? Also when I went to pick up the car nobody mentioned it or said anything to me about the rest of the money I thought they understood that I was paying a rental and gas back and fourth to work and to pick up the lemon they sold me I then get a call this past Friday saying my car is up for repo it hasn't even been 30 days I had the car wasn't able to make a first car payment or anything and they came and took the car I spoke to a manager and said I'm trying to work with you guys I want to make my payments and I don't want this to effect me in a negative way can you please help me his exact words are sorry in this case there is no help. So know I am out of my original car I traded in plus the $500 I put down as well as the car I got from them and they will not help me out. At this moment I'm not sure how to go about this

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