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Car-Mart of Prattville

Country United States
State Alabama
City Prattville
Address 1026 S Memorial Dr
Phone 334-358-4005

Car-Mart of Prattville Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2017

I purchased a vehicle last year in 2016 I thought it was a good deal because I was out of a car for so long I already knew that the vehicle I purchased had a recall on it. they did my paperwork falsely just to put me in a car and then ask me for my down payment which was $1200 but I told them I only had $700 they only had 3 vehicles on the lot in my price range I wasn't going over $6000 any way by the time they process everything my total came to be $8000 and had me paying every week since I was getting paid that way. they explain things to me like they will work with u just come in if they need to change my payment let them know etc. so I test drove the car it was fine but I could tell it wasn't a 1 my

fought and the others I didn't like how it sounded when i crank it up. so I finally drove off the lot in may of 2016 vehicle was doing good til about 2 weeks later my light started coming on saying check tire pressure and change oil so I called them to tell them the manager Mike tells me go get it check to see what's wrong and if it's in my warranty they will fix it and I just pay $50 I told no It haven't been 30 days. so I finally went on head to see what's wrong with it and still paying a car note of $320 a month and took my paperwork up there so I can get a discount but that never happened so then the next week I didn't make a payment due to I had to already put money in the car then they start calling I'm telling them

what happened they said they understand and they will knock off $20 like wtf I just paid over $150 I said OK still continue to pay them so then July 2016 my car running hot I called them to tell them kwanwios o ugly bald headed going to tell me OK I put it in my notes and go get it check I said no I'm not and I went to let my uncle check it out he fix it for me. my hours starting to get cut in September I telling what was going on and she kept telling me to come in I said OK and I had to go in every week and still pay money I didn't have like what so then I found another job that I started getting paid 2 weeks so I went in to report my new job after that next time they still wanted a payment i said no cuz I was have it so

then they skip that week and when I got a full 2 week check I had to pay and my payments went up $40 so I ask why she told me trying to get me paid off faster. so I missed one payment and they came to repo my vehicle like wtf so I called she said come in and u can get it back not knowing that when I got up there I had to pay $335 to get it back I ask for corporate office number she told me I can speak with padro the store manager I said no then she gives me a number when I called it was the wrong number so I googled it and still didn't get a response so 1 day after I got my vehicle back in December my tramission went out I been calling they claim they can't find it I told them it's in parking lot by Wal Mart

they telling me I need to get it pull to see what's wrong it I said y'all can that vehicle and I will not be making another payment on it they keep telling me to look back in my contract. car Mart is a awful lying company they all in for themselves and money I will not recommend no one to go to them.

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