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Car Castle

Country United States
State California
City Fullerton
Address 722 W Commonwealth Ave
Phone 714-992-4000

Car Castle Reviews

  • Nov 23, 2021

qWhen you purchase a car from Car Castle you're taking a HUGE gamble on quality. I purchased a car for over $5000 and explicitly asked them "does this car have any mechanical issues"? And they told me it doesn't have any mechanical issues. One month later I found out the car is incapable of being driven on the highway because it has a FAULTY TRANSMISSION that will cost almost $3000 to fix. I know the transmission didn't deteriorate over one month because I don't normally have to drive over 50mph but the instant I actually take the car somewhere that's over 50mph the RPMs stutter and the car jerks, it drives fine below 50mph and that's all of the driving I've done over the past month until recently.

I know it has to have had this issue since the day I bought it from their garbage lot. I told the dealership owner Anmol Khindri, (Google his name you'll find some interesting information...) about what's going on with my car because I assumed he has a shred of integrity in what he does for a living and would be willing to help me resolve the issue. Nope, he told me there's literally NOTHING he can do to help me. Literally nothing.

They will sell you a faulty car and won't even take a little bit of responsibility for it. They will sell you a dangerous car that could break down any moment. Are you really willing to take that risk? Also they sell all of their cars for $1000 more at the dealership compared to online, in hopes of making bank on people who didn't even see the online price.

  • Sep 9, 2016

They promised us free car washes and then failed to honor our promises. William was our sales guy.

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