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Capitaneo LLC

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
Address 312 Elm Street
Phone 617 849 8501

Capitaneo LLC Reviews

  • Apr 14, 2019

Started as a much needed interview. Then a second. Then an offer to conduct training for 30 days and pass quizes. If at the end of the 30 days, I still had a 'B' average I would be paid $2,000 and be offered a full time position. As a condition of probationary employment, I was required not to share anything on social media.

After completing 7 cases ( they were so simple a high schooler could ace them) they presented me with a 'special project' in order to help the new office opening in my city. The bottom line of the project was they would forward cash to one of my credit card accounts, I would make purchases, and send perchases to IT.

The catch was, even though it appeared it worked fine, after 2 of these transactions the credit card company reversed each of the deposits. This was due to no funds available. Even though they did not have any personally identifiable information, they succeeded in gaining product while not paying for them. Once I stated no more purchases until the funding was sorted out, they went radio silent.

The website was elaborate. It appeared legit.

  • Apr 14, 2019

I was scamed with the offer of online training followed by high payment project manager job. They were supposedly opening an office in my city, needed me to be a project manager initially to buy equipment for the new office as my first duty, using my credit card which was to be tied to my "company" account.

I pushed back, offering to get equipment bids and forward all charges to their company accounting dept., My online training program vanished for several days, the I was told that all the contracts and etc. sent me were infected with virus and should be deleted and they would send me new contracts. I kept papers copies so this was never an issue.

On checking they were not registered to do business in Ohio. The thief calling himself "Eric Walters" never returned my emails and their company web site mysteriously is "under construction". I lost about a month of my time "training" for a non-existant job, missing likely other job opportunities and much needed wages. I see a similar scam has been reported with exactly the same criminal activity.

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