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Capital Vacations, LLC.

Country United States
State Tennessee
Phone 844-777-2582

Capital Vacations, LLC. Reviews

  • Feb 28, 2024

Buyer Beware. Capitol Vacations is a company that will lure you in with a Sales Pitch at your "free vacation" in Branson and then tell you that you can use your points to pay down Maintenance Fees & other lies to tie you into a contract. The interest rate is an obscene 25%. Please DO NOT do business with this highly unethical company. They will lie to you to get you to sign on the dotted line then refuse to let unsatisfied customers go. They are also not helpful & the "points to pay down maintenance fees and overall pay down your bill with points" song and dance is an absolute lie. This company WILL scam you into a contract with absolutely no value whatsoever in order to make a sale. Please avoid this company or you will be tied into a contract.

  • Nov 8, 2023

I called in to Capital Vacations after a long break of standing up for my family and fighting our way out the timeshare they pressured onto us. Two years ago I inquired about a way out of this membership with my husband through Capital because of the “recent” learned truth about what limitations this timeshare really has and that it is just not what it was cut out to be including the lack of respect the associates have as far as customer service goes. The call that took place on June 22, 2022 did not gain any progress on this matter. I mentioned on the call of my previous emails to Capital and looking for a way out only to be presented with a $44,052.93 settlement offer to be paid by 6/30/22. I asked the woman if she was joking and sadly she was serious. She viewed this as a deal considering the open loan is over $60,000. I called 8 days prior to that due date. Even if I were able to consider payment as large as this, who has that kind of money to gather and WASTE on a dishonest company? The “loan” isn’t like your average “loan”. They are seeing this amount as what it would cost for a lifetime usage right to their properties. I do not want the usage rights even if I could use it.

I explained in my past letters last year the problems we encountered since purchasing this timeshare, as well as Chester’s health issues (his cancer and dementia) that inhibited us from using this. I received one brief letter in return from Karyn Foley stating there was a graceful program but we did not qualify for because we did not have our fees paid. That was all she said. There was no recognition of our problems. There was no sympathy which is not surprising. Our entire time with Capital we have not experienced any kind of commiseration or compassion from any associate even when we were using the timeshare! Soon after receiving Karyn’s letter, I asked her to reach out to me if anything changed because we were not wanting to wait around until this damages our credit further and eventually maybe it would be written off as a bad debt. I still have not gotten a response and that was last year.

My dear husband Chester passed away only days later. I have been absent and regret that we could not get this resolved in his presence. Now I am lost on what I should do. I have confided in Capital on June 22, 2022 to get advice and guidance and explain that our circumstances have changed completely. To face this dreadful company head on with this tragedy on my hands has been devastating. I am in disbelief that even after asking for help out of this while Chester was alive and explaining his health conditions and the misfortunes we experienced with this timeshare and now again after his passing, the only COMMENT I was given was a settlement offer of $44,052.93 that needed to be paid in a week.

I recently called last month to rediscuss this after sending another few emails that have still gone unanswered. The response was the same. When I called and spoke to a lady named Gloria. I told her that when my husband fell on their property he had a concussion, needed stitches, and we even had to leave our vacation early, but no body cared except the security

guard. Then when my husband died the company still did not care knowing that my income was cut in half. Nobody even called. Now she was telling me that my payoff is $77,886.19 which includes loan payment and maintenance fees. The settlement payment would be $48,289.44 and the manager would send me this in writing. In Gloria’s email, the settlement letter stated the

account would be closed if the payment is made. I was informed last year that my account is already closed, however the loan will remain active until paid. This is beyond unreasonable and extremely greedy on Capital Vacation’s side. We have only used the timeshare a few times and during those times we made our payments. No vacation is worth over $70,000.

We were forced to upgrade which caused the loan to increase. We were vacationing while using the timeshare and told we had to attend an owner’s update meeting. When we arrived it was another sales pitch. The man told us in order to solve the availability problems we would have to upgrade. “That’s just the way it is”. The availability remained the same and we were out another $70,000. He lied to us. Capital Vacations refuses to see that and refuses to cancel this despite my attempts to have them see reason. I need help.

I will continue to stand up for myself and my dear Chester no matter how shattering this experience has been.

  • Aug 2, 2023

Capitol Vacations bought out a resort we owned a timeshare in. It is Grand Crowne in Branson, Mo. They had us visit for an owners meeting where they showed us the new time shares and tried relentlessly to pressure us into buying their new product. When we refused they told us our time share wasn't worth anything and that they would be doubling or tripling our maintenance fees. When we spoke to another time share company (Hilton) the lady there told us he lied to us and that we could still trade our timeshare to stay at other places and explained in more detail how it works. Capitol Vacations had multiple issues with "legacy owners" site not working and when my wife tried to book or trip she kept getting a run around with countless people. She spent months on the phone with countless people only to be told they couldn't help it would take someone else. It got to the point we ran out of time for booking (ours is an every other year timseshare). Luckily my wife kept all of the correspondence and proved she had been trying to book out trip for over 6 months and they honored our points to roll over. We only used a portion of our points and the same thing happened when trying to book another trip. Our account is locked out etc. We got to go on our trip to Colorado and it was amazing. We got a call for a free trip to Pigeon Forge to listen to the spiel again. After countless hidden fees etc we get there and the time share salesman tries to tell us the same thing again about how they are going to drastically raise our maintenance fees and again telling us we can't trade our timeshare points etc so we need to pay them to let us out of our time share or buy into their new one. We went there trying to see if there was someone there in person that could fix our account and to get it unlocked to no avail. All they did was try to bully us into giving them more money and flat out lying to us! Stay away from these people they are nothing but liars! If you want to buy a timeshare go thru Hilton. The lady there was amazing and helped more than the company we have the timeshare with. She new the history of Grand Crowne and without her guidance we would have never been able to use our points to go to Colorado.

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