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Capital One

Country United States
State Virginia
City Richmond
Address P.O. Box 85565
Phone 1-800-655- (2265)

Capital One Reviews

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  • Dec 14, 2015

I applied for a loan online, I received several calls from Andrew Williams prior to me calling back. I was told I was approved for a $4500.00 loan, first I would need to purchase a My Vanilla Reloadable Prepaid Visa card in the amount of $90.00 to proceed with the loan. After purchasing and providing that card information I was told I would need to purchase another card in the amount of $230 for some fees, once that card information was given I was asked to cut it up. Then another card needed for document fees, then state taxes, then federal taxes. I was then told money would be depostied into my account. The following day I recieved a call money was not able to be deposited even though I had paid for transactions numbers for the deposits, ("transactions numbers had expired") I would need to pay for PIN numbers for the cards in which they would deposit the money on and I would be able to get from an ATM. In all I purchased a total of 7cards purchased in the amount of $1995.00 not including price of cards. The final step was when I was told I qualified for a "Federal Grant" which would not have to be paid back for the sum of $10,300.00, but would need to pay $470.00 federal taxes priror to receiving, once card information provided I would receive the $10,300.00 into my account within 3hrs. I at this time informed Andrew I believed it was a scam and wanted to cancel the whole thing and recieve a refund of my money, He informed me there would be no refund if I cancelled instead if I paid the addtional money to get the Grant that is 100% not repayable. I asked to speak with the Federal Grant department, Andrew yelled "hold on while I connect you with washington DC". When that person answered, (Jacob) he asked my name and SS# I refused to give information and asked about "Federal Grant details" and the contact number to him, The number given rang back to Capital one. I was then sent back to Andrew, I again expressed my concern for fraud and Andrew became angry yelling at me, rude and then hung up on me. I informed him I was filing a compalint with the attroney generals office (which I did). He yelled at me stating I would have to pay attorneys fees and court cost. I then hung up on him, he attempted to call me back repeately for the next 15mins as I refused to answer the call. Throughout this process I also spoke with Samuel Thomas (manager) who was rude as well.

**Warning any loan provided will take the cost of loan off money deposited and will verify you account info with small deposits made, they will NEVER ask for money up front, Lesson learned. **

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  • Sep 24, 2015

Recently I applied for a secure credit card with Capital One, I sent them 100.00 and they gave me a 200.00 line of credit.

About a month later I had to file a temporary chapter 13 only for a few weeks. Capital One was not listed on the Bankruptcy nor any other credit card. I was trying to buy time as I am working with my mortgage holder to refinance my home and needed a few weeks time.

Almost immediately Capital One froze my account, I called them and after speaking with some foreign speaking person, I cancelled my card and had already made a fifty dollar payment, the balance was now under the 100.00 that I had initially sent them to open the account, I asked the CS agent to send me the differerence.

Now today I receive a bill for a late fee and interest, instead of closing the account as instructed and the refund I was promised, they now want more money. After calling and getting hung up on two times I finally got someone to look into it.

His answer is we will keep charging you interest and late fees until we get around to seeing that the bankruptcy petion was discharged. They were so quick to suspend the card virtually a week after I filed Chapter 13, but now a month later they were not too quick to see it had been discharged over a month ago.

This bank is EVIL, they are liars, and cheats, there whole philosophy is to steal as much money as they can from poor consumers.

I would never, ever do business with these people again for any reason.

Capital One is one evil enterprise, stay clear of them.

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  • Feb 23, 2024

I have been working on a fraud for 5 days and Capital One will not fix the fraudulent charge on my credit card and when you call it sounds like it's India or Pakistan that answers the phone? and they demand for your personal information your date of birth your social security number which is illegal in the United States. The United States Government says this is a crime that (they have No right to ask you for your social security number on the phone; because they're selling your social security number to fraudulent people so they can open up Credit in your name. Capital One needs to bring the Jobs back home to America and stop Outsourcing jobs because you want to pay them $0.50 an hour (pay a regular salary and make it an American citizen. I don't want to be giving my social security number out to foreigners. CapitalOne refused to fix the Fraudulent charge.

  • Feb 7, 2024

Capital one 360 checking account.

So I had someone hack into my door dash and buy a bunch of high end food on my card on file (this Capital one checking in question) so naturally I disputed it, the rep was nice, friendly and understood.

couple days later I call for a status and they claim "it was closed. denied and you resubmitted it" NO I did not!!! I asked for them to review the recorded calls to prove this, they said they can't (we know thats a lie) however the reason it was closed and denied was (Get this) "You stated your card was in your possession the entire time"

Let that sink in for a second...

Door dash is an APP, that got HACKED into!! me having my card in my possession makes NO difference!!!! they stuck to their story (of course)

I literally had to ask if whoever makes these decisions do they drug test? this might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard from a bank... and they are really trying to stick to this crap

  • Dec 7, 2023

I am off today and placed a $1,000.00 order online and yet again Capitol - One will not let my change for the order of the merchandise that I am trying to purchase to go through because Capitol One is following the Democrats communist Agenda and refuses to let me make the change for my order. The Capitol One agent sounded like they were from India? This is unacceptable Abuse by Capitol One Walmart Credit card.

  • Mar 5, 2023

17 December 2022

Capital One

P. O. Box 30279

Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0279


Dear Capital One Representative,

I confirm receipt of your correspondence dated November 21, 2022 regarding case number 221008174890836. Capital One claimed that I did not submit adequate documents/correspondence. This statement is false.

It is evident that Capital One has no regards for a client’s position on disputed cases based on facts. Examples from my case plus my experiences with Capital One’s deplorable business of providing inadequate means to communicate with them plus a response team that cannot make decisions but only using a prescribed protocol demonstrates my belief that Capital One does not support its clients/customers.

Your response date is November 21, 2022 and my communications letter to you was dated November 19, 2022. Capital One advised my reply deadline was around 10 December 2022, so you based your reply on speculation, not facts. I mailed my letter from Portugal on 20 November 2022, so your response was before the reply deadline and before you received my reply with documents. My fax response to the dispute was delivered to Capital One on November 21, 2022 at 8:44am before the deadline to respond. It appears that you did not read my fax documents either.

Please review my letter dated November 19, 2022 and an attachment showing that Priceline policy for the Holiday Inn hotel could be canceled. The letter also provides information why Priceline’s charge of $127.30 to cancel the reservation was not valid. Please read point one in my letter. Priceline’s cancel policy states that the reservation my be canceled 7 days before arrival. I canceled the reservation on October 8, 2022 about 9:00 am PST, seven plus days before the cancellation penalty. This time is before the 7 day cancellation policy deadline since my check in time was 3:00 pm PST.

I have also enclosed communications from Priceline showing that I canceled the reservation on October 8, 2022 with a refund due of $848.15. I dispute their claim that I should pay a reservation cancellation fee of $127.30. I could cancel the reservation before Priceline’s cancellation policy of 7 days before check in. Check in as listed on their papers shows the checking time of 3PM on October 8, 2022. Please credit my account for the $975.45 immediately.

It is deplorable that Capital One does not accept email communications regarding disputed transactions nor any viable means to communicate with them. Why can Capital One emailed me communications about this dispute, but not allow me to use this communications method with them? I talked with your representative on 16 December 2022 regarding my dispute and disagreeing with Capital One’s rejection of my request for a refund. Camilla advised that I did not provide adequate information to dispute the Priceline claim. Obviously, she did not review my response. She advised that my correspondence did not provide the requested information. I have no communications from Capital One about required information. When I talked with your telephone representative she advised that I needed to send a letter to Capital One with the reasons for my position. Her and Capital One statement that I did not support my contention that I should be refunded the $975.45 is bogus. When I finished my communications with Camilla I advised her she needed to confirm my statement that I disagreed with Capital One’s communications dated December 9, 2022. She advised that she could not confirm the communication with her on this matter.

I also advised Camilla to update my communications methods with Capital One, per your communications with me. I provided two telephone numbers which can be used to contact me. They are: 1. +351-924-785-679 or you can use my wife’s USA number 1-925-360-8357. I tried to update this information on your web site but could not because of the international number and due to my wife using the 925 number on her capital one account.

It is very evident that most of the online reviews about poor or no support from Capital One is true. How discouraging!

  • Nov 23, 2022

I gave Capital One $250 to get a secured credit card. Filled out the application was approved, gave them my deposit. No ID required.

I tried using the card and they said I have to send them proof of ID to use the card to access my deposit I gave them. I told them I don't have ID. I told them to cancel the card and give me back the money to me. They said they can't do that unless I produce ID.

I'm basically a homeless Veteran just trying to get a card I can use to buy things rather than carry cash. I don't have any ID. I don't need ID in my day-to-day life. I told them it's like voter suppression, no ID no vote. They hung up on me.

I just want my deposit of $250 back. I don't have a home, car, job, or ID. I just have a PO Box to get mail.

I did not need ID to get the card why do I need it to get my money back. I never was allowed to use the card either.

There are a lot of people like me who don’t have ID. We're not up to no good, it's just how we want to live.

  • May 4, 2022

I tried to make a transfer from hsbc us bank n.a bill payee to pay my bank of america credit card for 1500 and another to bank of america for 1200 and one for 800 but bank of america only allowed me to deposit two checks.

The 800 and 1500 so i deposited the one for 1200 to capital one bank my check cleared but they still havent un freezed my account because the check say pay to bmo harris.

When they called bmo harris told them its not they check but my account is still locked now for three months.

  • Feb 21, 2022

Capital One Auto Finance has not released a title after two (2) months of a loan pay off. Loan was paid off and confirmation of the loan payoff was provided. However the title is still not possessed by the owner of the vehicle.

*An update: Capital One Auto Finance has announced they have lost the title to the vehicle after no updates for two months.

  • Nov 8, 2021

I made the mistake of allowing Capital One to refinance my vehicle last January 2021. When hurrican IDA came knocking in September my car was totaled from Water damage. Geico was on the spot with claim service and made a great settlerment offer but could not payoff the loan because Capital One did not have the title. I have been trying to deal with them for over a month and have gotten nowhere. They have "escalted " my issue to "The Office of the President" who seems to be a mythical figure because I have never heard back from that office.

Now, I have had to buy a new car with a new loan but Capital One keeps telling me I have to make the payments on the old loan even though the car has been towed away. I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Agency but that doesn't seem to help either.

Capital One has committed total negligence in this case and they expect me to continue making payments until they finally get around to resolving this issue which seems no closer than it was 45 days ago.

FYI: When I purchased my new vehicle I was given the choice of using Capital One and flatly refused. I would never use them again.

  • Sep 20, 2021

In November 2020, my employer reduced my hours and cut by pay by $2.00. I immediately found my self in hardship.

After moving out of my home in December and moving in with my son, I called Capital One to work out a settlement offer. On January 21, 2020 we agreed on my balance due was $5,549.36 & I would make monthly payments of $154.11 un-till agreement was pay in full. This settlement payment plan was to start on February, 2020. As of today, I have paid Capital One a total of $3,549.36 towards my debt.

My complaint with Capital One is…….

I broke my wrist at work and I call Capital One to let them known that I was going to make two payment in March, 2021 in the amount of $300.00 and I would not be able to make a April payment. I was told by the representative in the collections department that it would be Ok and I was under the impression all was good. On August 31, 2021 I call Capital One to confim by balance was $2,000.00. I was shocked to learn that our agreement was no longer in place because I did not make a payment in April.

I also learn the payments I made from May though August, 2021 was not going toward our agreement and my payment arrangements were no longer in place. I ask…. why did I not received a letter about this and I was told the collection manager Eran (LYQ466) that no such letter existed, and my new balance due was now $5,699.57 because I did not send in a payment in April, 2020. Eran explain to me that it did not matter those two payments were made in March, 2020.

I worked really hard to put this behind me and repair my credit, and now I am screwed and I am filing complaints with everyone that will listen. We are going through a World-Wide Pandemic with Covid and this company does not care at all.

  • Aug 6, 2021

The reason I am making this complaint about Capital One is because they are STILL accusing me of crimes I didn't commit. On June 24, 2021, I found out via a free credit report by TransUnion that I was a victim of identity theft. There were 5 delinquent accounts under my name that were opened by an unknown person. I immediately contacted TransUnion and started the process of disputing those accounts. Consequently, I had to freeze my credit with all the Credit Bureaus. And, I made reports to the POLICE department in my city (Pinellas Park, FL) and to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION.

As far as I know, two of the banks on my credit report have finished their investigations and found that I am not responsible for two of those delinquent accounts. However, two of the delinquent accounts by Capital One were found "not fraudulent" by their Fraud Dept. even though I have submitted to them numerous times all the documents I possess to prove I have been a victim of identity theft.

  • Jun 9, 2021

CapitalOne bank is thieves. they closed my account, charged it off, then 2 days later accepted a deposit and now refuses to release the funds to me, it was for a loan from my lenders, they have no controlling interest in the loan yet they wont tell me their policy supporting this and they lied to me for a week before someone accidently slipped up and spoke the truth.

Then they said they are speculating my account to be fraud, which is complete and utter horse Sh*t, there are real crooks out there go get one sorry POS. i have pushed over 100K in this account alone in the last year and this is how they treat their customers. STAY AWAY bc they dont have to abide by the same laws as us consumers. share with your friends

  • May 20, 2021

Ovation Credit Services is ripping me off by making fraudulent charges to my credit card. Capital One, refuses to stop them! I had to cancel my card to stop fraudulent charges. This is total BS. Capital One has lousey customer service.

  • Jan 14, 2021

The bank's should only be able to charge interest on your credit cards for what they give you for your savings account? The bank's today are only giving an average of 0.04% interest on your savings and they demand $15,000 more to open up an account? (This is pathetic). The bank should only be able to charge 0.04% interest on your credit cards until they start paying proper interest on your savings account like the banks used to before they started stealing everybody's money. The banks are broke that's why they don't give you any interest. Don't put anything in your savings account? pay off your credit cards where they're charging you 18% interest and when they only give you 0.04% interest on a savings account you have to be stupid to save money pay off your debt.....

14.6% In the early 70s, the average savings ratestarted to spike, hitting a peak of 14.6% in May of 1975. The spike in personal savings ratesfrom 1973 to 1975 coincided with the deep recession that was ravaging the country over the same period of time.Mar 1, 2010 › 2010/03/01 › a-... A History of Personal Savings Rates in the United States - Dave Manuel

  • Nov 16, 2020

I added the extension then went on Amazon's website to shop. A pop-up appears , saying I was such a good Amazon customer, I could pick a free prize if I answered a few survey questions, which I did. I was then shown a bunch of skin care products and a MP3 music player as my free gift. I chose the free MP3 player, then was shown a screen to enter my credit card information--which I know Amazon already has--so I could pay $2.00 to cover the shipping charge. I received NO email confirmation the gift or the $2 shipping charge. Then, checking my credit card bank website, I see a brand new charge for $39.13 from an unknown initialed company. The bank listing gave a phone number which I called, and the phone operator would not give me any straight answers except to say I had purchased a skin care subscription and would receive products sent to my home. I said I had OK'd a 2 dollar shipping charge for MP3 player, and she acted like I was crazy--BUT--she promised to send me a refund by canceling the Visa charge when I told her my bank would block your company from future scams.

  • Aug 17, 2020

I had a Capital1 credit card and was paying the last statement balance and after I logged on and viewed my balance on my accoount I make a full payment of that balance and later I get another bill for Interest $7.82 on what appears to have been for the remaining balance of $0.00 , according to my latest statement.

I sent them an email but no responce , so I closed my account .

I would think paying 25% interest on a card would be enough for them but I guess it was not , so my advise to anyone thinking about 'WHATS IN YOUR WALLET ' you might want to find another card to put their.

  • Aug 15, 2020

Signed up for a 100.00 bonus for 10000.00 deposit. After the required time for the deposit was told it takes 60 days to process. After 60 days was told it was being processed and would be deposited on Tuesday. Called back on Tuesday somehow it wasn't automatically applied and they would have to investigate should be 3 business days then changed it to 15 business days. I doubt I wiil see my money even though rep said I had met all the criteria

  • Aug 6, 2020

On July 22, 2020, I paid off my account/statement balance of $1,706.91. On my new August statement, I am being charged $20.62 interest on a balance that was already paid off!

On Aug 7, I called in to Capital One's Walmart credit card customer service and asked for the $20.62 interest that was on a balance that was already paid off, to be refunded. The customer service rep refused and I was transferred to a supervisor, Casey, who proceeded to tell me that is their policy and if I don't like it, I'm "S.O.L." and "maybe I shouldn't do business with Walmart"!

To be treated like this and to be talked to like that is INEXCUSABLE! Paying off the account in full and to be treated like trash, especially during these hardship times caused by COVID! I will make sure that everyone on twitter and Facebook and everyone else will know how poorly Walmart and CapitalOne credit treats their customers, especially during COVID!

I demand a full refund of bogus interest charges of $20.62, interest fees on a balance that was paid in full prior to the statement closing. Walmart and Capital One credit say they want to help us, the customers, during COVID-19 but when it comes time to help they do NOTHING, liars!

  • Jul 16, 2020

I filed a dispute claim with Capital One Bank against Your Mechanic who scammed for $158.77 on 2/25/2020.

Capital One Bank fabricated favored Your Mechanic because the dates your mechanic provided are wrong and I can provide the correct dates of email documentation of factual communication. Your Mechanic sent Capital One an inspection report dated 2/25/2020 on 7/13/2020 and never gave me an inspection report and I am a customer.

I provided proof and evidence that the company Your Mechanic was uncooperative as I sent a request to schedule Your Mechanic to my home for the diagnostic and Your Mechanic sent me a quote for $89.00. When I read that the warranty (12 months and 12, 000 miles) states that Your Mechanic can't charge the customer for diagnostic. Your Mechanic explains to me I was correct that they are not going to charge me the $89.00.

As I tried to schedule for a diagnostic Your Mechanic customer service hang up the phone on me. Then I provided Capital One Bank the emails I sent to Your Mechanic, which Your Mechanic gave me confirmation that they receive my emails on 3/4/2020, 3/11/2020, 4/15/2020, 5/9/2020, 5/8/2020, and 5/18/2020- I sent these emails to schedule for a diagnostic and Your Mechanic refuse to come. While I filed a dispute with Capital one bank on 4/21/2020; Your Mechanic and I were communicating with the Better Business Bureau in San Jose.

Your Mechanic wrote to Better Business Bureau that they can't make any adjustments to their policies such as scheduling a diagnostic, warranty, or refund because I filed a claim with Capital One Bank on 4/21/2020. I provided that evidence to Capital One Bank and Capital One Bank refuses to disclose that into evidence with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. This discloses that Capital One Bank shows favorable towards Your Mechanic as Your Mechanic is scamming me. I discovered that Your Mechanic is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Capital One Bank is a Member of the Better Business Bureau since 1995. Capital one bank has a lot of negative complaints under the BBB and their membership which I believe is a conflict of interest. Capital one bank needs good ratings. Since Capital one bank and Your Mechanic are partners under the same member organization group there is some personal conflict of interest and biases in the decision against me. Better Business is a business organization that collects fees and uses its own accreditation standards, which are built on the BBB Standards for Trust.

These eight principles "summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business. Businesses wanting to display that blue torch on their websites and marketing materials must pay an annual fee. A 2015 investigative report from CNNMoney found more than 100 businesses that were not as credible as their BBB ratings of A- or higher made them seem. In fact, many of them were being investigated by the government for fraudulent or other illegal behavior at the time of the reporting.

I had taped conversations between Jessie, Card services supervisor on June 17th, 2020. On June 17th, 2020, I was informed that the Capital One Bank Escalations Department was going to call me on within 14 days and the escalation department never called me. I told Jessie that I am having loud noises and I am not driving my car because I am scared due to the brake issues. Finally, on 6/25/2020, I put my car in the shop due to my brake problems. There was a pending charge on Capital One Bank on 6/25/2020 $593.00 from Pep Boys.

On 6/26/2020, I received an email that a $158.77 dispute was reverse back to Your Mechanic. I called and talk with Becky, the card service supervisor. She told me that Jessie was wrong to grant me some time for an inspection. She said some disparity words about her co-worker and basically took it out on me which I found was misleading. She instructed me to send the inspection report to the card investigations email. I asked her about Capital one escalation departments returning a phone call to me and she told me that they would call me.

As of today 7/17/2020, Capital one escalation department has not returned a phone back to me. Capital one has not been cooperative to me as a customer either. I have treated unfavorably because Jessie, the card services supervisor granted me time to get an inspection as I received harassing emails from April 30th - June 16th from Capital one Card Services to get an inspection report from another mechanic to check out the front brakes.

I turned in the Pep Boys inspection report on 7/7/2020 not on 7/9/2020 which clearly states that I had problems with my car due to Your Mechanic installing front brakes on top of a warped rotor. In addition, Your Mechanic inspection report dated 2/25/2020 indicates that I had a warped rotor also. The Mechanic installs brake pads on top of a warped rotor.

Capital one bank I believe discriminates against their customer under the protected class because:

1) They refuse to communicate escalation department never contacted me as requested since 6/17/2020

2) They demonstrate special interest and favoritism. Capital one is members of a business organization Better Business Bureau and Your Mechanic- They refuse to review my evidence to however shown favoritism for their special interest Your Mechanic and the Better Business Bureau.

3) Capital One knows that I am disabled I receive a direct deposit from SSDI I believe I am discriminated against because I am under the protected class

4) The employee Becky, card service supervisor treated unfavorably because Jessie, the card service supervisor granted me an extension for an inspection.

5) Pep Boys inspection report clearly states that Your Mechanic install brakes on top of a warped rotor that is why I am having issues.

6) I never turned down a diagnostic- I provided emails that I wanted diagnostic and provided evidence that Your Mechanic refused to abide by my request.

7) Capital One refuses to show me polices throughout the dispute process, they make up rules as they go along. I had other disputes and Capital one didn't treat other disputes the same process. Claim #200419CL00403 134.16 Claim #Claim #200608CL02276

8) Capital One is retaliating because I filed a protected activity and filed a complaint with CFPB and The Office Comptroller of Currency

9) I gave Capital one copies of all communication between Better Business Bureau and Your Mechanic. Your Mechanic admission of adjusting their policies diagnostic or refunds, however, Capital One Bank refuse to acknowledge the fraudulent behavior from Your Mechanic because they are partners in the same member organization. Which I believe is a conflict of interest.

  • Jun 4, 2020

Capital one waits a year with a closed account, accepts payments, sets up payments over the phone in 2019 I'm thinking now that it is 2020 everything has been cleared for what I owe not for my card amount being compromised because I am a victim. I send in documents like they ask me even submitted to the credit bureau of my situation. How is that the amount has increased, why wait a year to send me a link without any notification to a credit card I have no access. I'm not in San Francisco . Don't you think you should correct the amount. Account issues happened but victims like me don't deserve an increase, I don't even have access to that closed account in April. You send me a link a year later why didn't your representative promised the amount I owes was decreasing.

Remember these fraudsters posing as employers targeted my capital one credit card not my Walmart capital one card, not my checking account capital one. I reported the situation. You cannot blame for accounts that I don't have such as sun trust or chase, at the time in San Francisco with minimum wage, disability I cannot afford more than one account which you validated when you were taking one payment from one account. So how I can afford or apply for more than one such as chase or sun trust, provided that I have been dealing with contacting authorities in December 2018 to protect my identity.

  • May 13, 2020

I tried to reply to their email address on my dunning email, but it gets rejected as " Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently." Then I tried to contact their Customer Service on their website, but couldn't remember my password, and it was impossible to reset my password, due to their claiming my "cellphone # could not be verified" - hence, they could not text me back my validation code. Then I tried calling their only visible phone number, and it took me 15 minutes of phone tree hell to get through to a person.

I'm hard of hearing, and their employee spoke rapidly, and with an accent, such that I could not make out what he was saying. It seemed like he was reading from a long script, giving me a convoluted and nonsensical answer, and could not answer my questions with a simple "yes" or "no." I finally asked him to put his answer to me in writing, via an email, so I could better understand what their problem was. He said he would, but I never got this email, and feel that they're going to demand a late payment fee from me for May, and they stated in their email that my next payment was due JUNE 7.

I feel so frustrated, that after spending all this afternoon, trying to get my due date changed back to a week later, it was a wasted effort, and I still don't understand how or why this happened. How can they dun me that THEIR auto-payment deduction was LATE, and I would be penalized - and there are too many inexplicable hurdles put in the way to contact them, to fix their unwarranted due date change.

  • Mar 17, 2020

I have several business cards. They all are guaranteed by my personal credit but report charges only against the business. Capital One however, reports business charges to your personal credit report on Equifax and TransUnion. I made a large business purchade on my Capital one card and saw my personal credit drop 80 points for 2 months even though I paid entire balance before due date! When I called to inquire, they lied to me and said it was Federal law. NO OTHER BUSINESS CARE I HAVE OWNED HAS EVER DONE SO! When I pushed the issue they fessed up that it was their policy. I have since cancelled the card.


  • Mar 5, 2020

I called Capital One 18 times and spoke to somebody at Capital one phone number 800-227-4825 phone went through the Capital One Maze and it takes about an hour and a half to get anywhere on their phone line because I don't know what country the call goes too? but there's a language, conflict. You think you're calling some Capital One Bank in America?

No Capital One pays $0.25 an hour shop and India Pakistan Iran so you're banking information of American citizens are all being sold in these countries for $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 Capital One gave my personal information and my social security number and my identity was stolen 3 years ago it cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars to fix my credit and now they're asking me for me to text them a copy of my social security card and my driver's license and the back of my driver's license where they can scan all my personal information so they can sell it despite needs to be stopped they're violating everybody's personal information and identity they can't stop people from stealing my information because they're the ones that are selling it 841 do not give any of your personal information to Capital One they will harvest your information and sell it to the highest bidder where they will destroy your life.

The calls that you dial in America do not stay in America they go across the seas to more like pakistan-afghanistan maybe even Iran? and they want you to text and email a copy send a photo of your Social Security card and the front and back of your driver's license? tell me they're not trying to steal your identity? Capital One is incompetent and they should not be practicing any banking in America.

The government states to you do not text or email your driver's license or social security card or any identifiable information unless the federal government brings you to court? but Capital One Wants all your personal information so they can sell it for $20,000 to people in Afghanistan India and they'll ruin your life.

If Capital One ask you for your personal information do you self a big favor do not send it and also file a formal complaint with the federal government banking like I did. They're sending me through hoops we're going to steal my information and sell it but they give strangers my credit card information where I was charged $1,600 for a generator that I didn't purchase.

  • Feb 24, 2020

Received my statement and saw two transactions I didn't recognize. One for 154.00, and 4 days later for 153.00. I don't shop at Walmart like that. Called and disputed charges. Asked customer service: " What was purchased?"

Was told, " We don't keep records like that". Asked them: " What time of day, or night were the purchases made?" Was told: " We don't know". They sent a letter stating all charges would be returned to card.

The next day they sent a letter stating that myself or another account user " benefitted from the transactions". I am the only account holder, and I sure don't like being called a " liar," by Capital One.

The first thing they did was send me a new credit card. So, if the activity wasn't fraudulent, why did I get a new card? I didn't even ask for a Capital One credit card. Walmart just decided to change over. Well, I think they can have it back.

  • Dec 15, 2019

I went to court years ago against capital one one of the easziest company to beat then 15 yrs but now they are worst. They treat their card holders like sh*t, closed accounts charge offs and lying to credit agencys this year So watch out. you miss one payment or late .

They took over the walmart card i was pissed and watch for not reporting payments know wonder why nobody wants their stupid credit card this is my last time asking for credit with them thrust me i know i had a pc attorney i hired he did my wrong PHILLUP A SELLERS FROM TEXAS.

He kept my copies of my contract from me i died when i seen it then capital stuck their nose with my dispute because mr sellers collected my money and just sat on it. i was 30 60 90 days late on 6 credit cards.

Another attorney must read it to be safe. dont hire a pc attorney today they back stab you no im dealing with the texas state bar involving mr Phillup a Sellers. Transunion needs to be sued the pc attorney and capital transunion believe capital charge all of them in court. gustave wandland 708 279 7539 12/16 /2019

  • Feb 21, 2019

Charged 40 dollars ever month for 3 months on my account without authorization.

  • Feb 3, 2019

Don't become a victim of capital one. They are nothing but a bunch of sleazeballs who have gone back to their old sleazeball ways. They are just as bad like wells fargo. These banks all got bailed out with our tax money and this is how they say thank you to the taxpayers. We were forced to bail the scum banks out of their financial mess that they put themselves through. Yet they won't give us the same taxpayer a break or let people keep their vehicles who have had them for 10 years and has paid enough on them.

No Capital One has to be greedy sleazeballs, rotten to the core. They could at least give the taxpayers a break just like how george w bush forced us to bail out the big banks. Now that donald trump is president. Expect life to be more in misery and financial hardships for the average blue collar worker! But Donald Trump supporters support him and his making Merica the same not "GREAT" They cheered when trump took away our consumer protections. This is what trump means by making merica great again. For the banks to be sleazeballs like when george w bush was president.

  • Oct 29, 2018

I started with a credit card called Sears Solutions back in 5/2012. They change their name to HSBC several months later around (10/2012) and then to Capital One early part of 2/2013. These people in their moving and name changing lost documents, payments or possibly did not credit my account and now they are harassing me that I did not pay the debt. Hogwash! I have every receipt that was paid to this company, then HSBC. I had set up an agreement with 2 employees working there at the time for payment arrangement. In fact I still have the fax sheet they send me. These people are so full of themselves, more importantly, they don't value their customers self worth, they think people are stupid. First of all, I don't have monies to be sending monies to companies just for the fun of it. I am far from being RICH. What happened was those employees working at the company got careless and lost papers or possibly did not post my payment to the account and now they want me to pay again. They must be smoking some strong hard CRACK, if they think I'm going that route. I will never pay for anyone mistake, I don't even like paying for my own mistake, let alone someone else, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

To make a long story short these bozos give this debt to some shady collection agency called Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC and they are just as stupid and dishonest as Capital One. How are you going to overlook money order receipts, showing proof of payment. What jerks! (I wrote a separate story on Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, check it on, Rip off Reports under Portfolio Recovery associates ) So now I have to add a statement to my credit report because of these peoples foul up. I want the viewers or anyone that takes a look at my credit report to know how dishonest and corrupt these 2 banks are: HSBC and Capital One. When you see their commercial on television be aware, when they say What's in your wallet, because they are planning to manipulate you out of your money. Always asking people what's in your wallet. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. How rude and ignorant of these self absurd, self center, greedy mofos.

I hope they get what's coming to them, and KARMA has never let me down. I do have proof of payments, documents are in place, so when a person asks of this debt, I can prove this debt was paid. Be aware people when dealing with credit card companies and collection agency it is all about the money with them. These scroudels do not have any morals or character. That is sad, because we need honest people working in banks, or anything dealing with people monies. Stay away from hsbc bank and capital one they are no good. They do not post your account when sending in payment for your account. STAY AWAY FROM THEM NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SNAKES: HSBC AKA CAPITAL ONE.

  • Oct 2, 2018

Credit karma is showing that I have a hard inquiry from capital one bank in which I have never been associated with. I am not sure how they got my information nor how I am in their collections.

  • Jun 13, 2018

The guy named George Bali introduced himself as a loan officer from Capital One. He offered a loan for $5,000 with low interest rate, for a repayment of $156/month for 36 months. He said he pulled out my application and the loan will be ready the same day. But since I have a poor credit score, I have to pay an insurance fee of $75. He asked me to buy the Google Play card and load the $75 fee. I did that. I sent him the picture of the back of the card.

A few hours later, there was no loan transfer to my bank account. George called me back saying there's a tax issue with the transfer and I needed to pay $125 to fix that. He said $250 was the total tax and he will take care of the half. So far I already paid $200 for this loan.

An hour later, still no loan transfer to my account. I started to doubt this whole transaction. He called me again after getting the $200 from me. He gave me the news that the money will be available tomorrow morning at 9 am. He sounded so helpful, and I was so stupid to believe that.

The following day, still no transfer. He then told me that I needed to pay an activation fee of $180 for the Western Union since the bank wire didn't work. Then that's the time I realized that this is all fraud. He gave me the WU MTCN no. (2312882021) through text messages and promised to send all loan documents through email. This is all bullshit.

I called this scammer to tell him that he's committing a fraud. He then transferred me to his associate (fake accountant) for some loan details. I didn't buy it. I insisted to return my $200. But these people are saying that it's not possible. They asked me to pay $100 cancellation fee. I never get any call back.

They're preying for desparate people who are in dire need of money. These scammers need to get busted.

  • Mar 6, 2018

I was told I owed about $400 dollars more for interest, after I had paid my Capital One credit card bill off in full, even though I always paid on time, paid over the minimum amount due monthly, and never incurred ay late payments. Was it legal for Capital One to charge me after the fact for a bill that was paid in full?

  • Feb 16, 2018

I received an alert from Credit Wise that an account was opened in my name. Credit Wise system was down and could not help me. Transunion not opened for 2 more days.

Inquiry credit Date processed 12/25/2017. Alert states a minimum payment was made 1/30/2017.

Account #414709**1409 Balance $4225

Phone # listed 800-215-1921 no one ever answers - "experiencing high call volumes"

  • Nov 18, 2017

I made 1(ONE) cash advance of $40 in February of 2017, Capital One charges a $10 cash advance fee, plus the same APR they charge for purchases. What I didn't realize is that they charge that Cash Advance Interest every month unless you pay off the card in FULL. I've been getting charge $1 since March for a $40 cash advance I made in February. Now, I contacted their customer service number to get an explanation, and ask if I can pay the $40 cash advance and the interest on it, so I don't keep getting charge $1 every month and the said they couldn't separate Cash Advances from purchases. I think this is a scam to rip off consumers, what's worst is that Capital One is problably not the only Credit Card company who does this. Beware of the terms and conditions in your credit card cash advances. Shame on Capital One for this, I've already pay $20 for a one time cash advance.

  • Sep 22, 2017

Received a verified email today from my ACTUAL capital one account saying there were changes on my credit report. I’m in my 20s desperately trying to rebuild my credit so I’m expecting my score to have improved but upon further investigation a capital one bank USA na is claiming I have a delinquent account. I’ve had four credit cards in my life 3 of which are either paid off or up to date but none of them are related to capital one in anyways. I do have a capital one credit card but it is up to date. So it’s not that. It’s claiming I’m delinquent 25 the first time and 50 dollars the second time. This is ridiculous. So of course I go to the internet and google the address they give me and every link that pops up says SCAM or TRYING TO RUIN MY CREDIT. So now I need to figure out what to do since they don’t give a phone number or anything and this is obviously bogus. But in the meantime it’s ruining the credit I’ve worked so hard to fix. I am livid.

  • Sep 18, 2017

Took my $500 for an appraisal fee nobody never showed up to give me an home appraisal. they refuse to give me a copy of one and said they have no reckord of an appraisal. they refuse to return my appraisal fee. capiteal one bank robbed me $500 then refused to lend me $26,000 for a home loan. capiteal one is a scam. i am calling them a fraud. i have all ducumented proof to my claims. because it has my personal info on it i will not be uploading it. so capital one home loan take the money and run scam. I am now in the process of reverseing my visa card to get a refund.

  • Aug 7, 2017

They sent an email stating that I was approved for a loan. When I called back to inquire about the offer. I was asked for My banking information after that I was asked go to a Walgreens or a Walmart to show verification that I had 200.00 dollars in my account to receive the deposit. I thought it was legit at first because I do bank with capital one. But this isn't them according to a phone conversation I had with their Customer Service department they don't give out personal loans since 2 years ago*

  • Aug 5, 2017

MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS OPERATED BY CAPITAL ONE N.A. Using local attorneys John Graham , NOW IN THE HANDS OF JAMAICA SUPREME COURT; FBI; US TRUSTEE SERVICE AND U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTCIE ,COULD CAUSE CAPITAL ONE’S INVESTORS UP TO US$30BILLION and Set back Development of Jamaica’s very first 125 story high-rise; over 30,000 PERMANENT JOBS, proposed for Montego Bay

CAPITAL ONE N.A. harasses Children of Developer who caught a US TRUSTEE ; Michael Bakst, making private deal with Capital One N.A. for $50,000.0 TO SCREW developer out of potentially $11-30Billion damages; that Capital One STOCK HOLDERS WILL have to pay Anthony Tharpe after Court rules Capital One Liable for all damages proved by the Developer. Court appointed Expert witnesses have entered Preliminary estimates of $11-30Billion.

After Anthony Tharpe ; filed Reports with THE FBI; U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Trustee ; about Capital One filing Fraudulent documents and claims against his estate Capital One, has started to harass his Children. This all started when Capital One ; joined with Jamaican Attorney; John Graham, to scam a multi-million New Your Trust. Using an illegal debt collection scheme.

Jamaican Authorities have been afraid to Dismantle the scam which as been running for more than 7 years, even though it is costing the islands economy billion in revenue, and thousands of good paying jobs. One of Jamaica’s top News Paper has stated that it is afraid of being Black listed because it seem the scam could involved members of the judiciary. Reports have been filed with the Ministry of Justice in Jamaica. With the Fraud squad and the Chief Prosecutors office, who have been prosecuting local scammers, but have kept silent on the Capital One Scam.

BELOW FIND MEMO SENT TO Department of justice.

Attention: MS. Heidi Feinman and whom it may concern;

Dear Ms. Feinman,

I have deposited five bundles of documents at your office for review pursuant to Administrative Order 2017-03. Two Pertain to Capital One N.A. and Two Pertain to Nationstar Mortgage LLC. They are;


1. Surrogate’s Court Of The State of New York, Queens County [file#1975-862/A], is a Motion by Capital One N.A. for Certificate Of Appointment of Trustee(s). Showing a Date of January 30th, 2007, when the Letter of Trusteeship was first issued to David Rubin and North Fork Bank.

2. Every document in Bundle One; except for documents on page(CAP000008-CAP000013) Pertains to North Fork Bank as Trustee or Co- Trustee with Davis Rubin. There is absolutely no mention of Capital One N.A. being appointed as co -trustee of Trustee by the Surrogate Court of New York.

3. Capital One N.A. has filed documents in these Bankruptcy proceedings that it was Appointed Trustee from 2007 to Present.


I. “In 2007, Capital One became the succor trustee to the Burnham Estate”

5. Yet the document found on(CAP000008-CAP000013), clearly documents that the document itself is a mere Petition for Successor Letters of Trusteeship. With a signing date of 2/1/13.

6. This fact alone demonstrated that Capital One N.A. deliberately and intentionally lied to the Court when it stated on multiple documents filed in this court as well as other courts that it was not and could not have been Appointed co-trustee or Trustee in 2007.

7. There has been numerous request for Capital One N.A. to produce its Letter of Trusteeship from the Surrogate Court of New York showing the 2007 date of their alleged appointment to present.

8. I have filed numerous allegations in these proceedings as well as other State and foreign courts that Capital One N.A. was not a Trustee or the Alexander Burnham Trust appointed by the Surrogate Court from the 2007 date it alleges it was.

9. Capital One N.A. is also estopped by (ARTICLE 10) the last Will and testament of Alexander Burnham. It can be found on page 9 of BUNDLE ONE. It clearly states that only a Bank with its principal place of business, located in New York City and New York State, can be appointed Trustee.

10. Capital One N.A. has stated in these proceedings that it has a branch on long island New York only. Meaning it has not met the conditions set by the last Will and Testament of Alexander Burnham for being appointed Trustee.

11. Capital One has also alleged in these proceeding’s as well as others filed in Florida and international courts, that the Debtors Property in Jamaica, fell under its Trusteeship. However, the Property was never titled to the Alexander Burnham Trust for two reasons;

a) The Property was not sold as a trust property but was sold by David Rubin as the Executor of the Estate. Titles have been filed in the court records.

b) When David Rubin sold the property, the Trust was not yet formed or alternatively David Rubin was not yet appointed as a trustee.

c) David Rubin was appointed Trustee after the sale of the property in 2005. And the transfer of Titles to the Property was in 2006.

d) This means Capital One’s representation that it was a part of the sale of the property was misleading the court. Reminding everyone that Capital One did not allegedly take control of the Trust as trustee until 2007 AND Capital One N.A. by its own admission did not Apply for being appointed Trustee until 2013. That’s fraud on the court

12. It therefore means that Capital One was not an appointed Trustee in 2010, when it started its law suits against the Debtor in Jamaica. Any judgment and award of cost resulting from any legal action during that period, when Capital One Paraded as a Trustee was fraudulently procured.

13. It is also being alleged that Capital One N.A. has Capital One allegedly charges the Alexander Burnham Trust for filing these suits. Problem is the legal actions taken cost the Trust that the Property it alleges it has been attempting to take from the Debtors corporation.

14. It is alleged that the Alexander Burnham Trust is a multi-million-dollar trust.

15. Capital One also Communicated to the Trustee that the debtor owed approximately $500,000.0 to Capital One N.A. the Transcript of Trustee Bakst taken from the meeting of the Creditors, is attached to Capital One’s Motion to Dismiss, previously listed.


Document of Debtor’s Notice of Referrals of Potential violations of statute 18 U.S.C. and 158(d) for violations of 18 U.S.C. Section 152 or 157 by Capital One.

The documents have hand written notes included and separating each group of documents for your review. They are self-explanatory.

I will be out of Florida for approximately one week. Please email if you have any questions.

I have also attached email of Documents forwarded to other agencies; including the Regional [21] U.S. Trustee in Atlanta.

  • Jul 24, 2017

I received a bill from the IRS for a 1099-C that was issued by Capital One Bank. The debt was charged off in 2005, but the 1099-C issued was dated 2013.

The charge off is no longer on my credit report but I made a copy while it was still being reported so I have proof of the date of the actual charge off. Capital One reaged the debt.

Capital One Bank took their tax break in 2005 and now re-issued a 1099 for the same account which will result in another tax break. Not sure how to handle the IRS notification that they claim I owe.

I know 1099 forms must be issued the same year debt was forgiven.

  • Jul 6, 2017

This company has been extruding money from me for over a year they owe me $200,000 every time I send them a few hundred dollars to compensate them for their costs so they say they never send me any of my money back I want them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I want to hire a lawyer to file a 50 million dollar suit for post-traumatic stress disorder that they have caused and disrupted my life and stole in my entire life savings

  • Jul 5, 2017

I got an email today from Credit One Bank who carries my Credit One Bank credit card stating that I had an overdue balance of $48.47 which I had to pay in order to stop the overdue charges. The payment receipt number is #231247532. This overdue charge was the result of a company called IC* making unauthorized charges to my credit card Since November 11, 2016 in the amount of $12.97. This results in an amount of $103.76 plus $48.47 for a total of $151.13. I want to object to these charges and ask Credit One to put a hold on my credit card to stop these charges and to get a refund from IC* and mail me a draft in the amount of $151.13.

I also want to stop the paperless billing and get a monthly statement so I can see if anyone is making unauthorized charges to my account.

Credit One Bank refused to stop these charges and also refused to return my money.

  • Jun 10, 2017

I put in for a Capital One Visa card about a week ago. Three days later I get an email stating that I qualified for a MasterCard with an initial $1000 credit limit. Today, four days later, I get a card telling me that I do not qualify because of an altered name. I will be 63 years old tomorrow and at no time have I altered my name. I have everyone call me Ellen because my full first name is Jo Ellen and I am sick and tired of everyone shortening my name to Joe, I hate that, I am not a man, I am very much a woman! That is not altering anything by shortening your name because no one can remember what it is! Then to be denied a credit card because of it.

On this card there is reservation number on the card, whatever that is for. They say they got the information from an outside source other than a credit reporting agency.

How can I find out what this is all about? Right now, I feel this is fraudulant. I did try to file a fraudelant report through Capital One but they want the credit card number. Kind of hard to do that since I don't have the card as yet, probably won't get it either at this point.

  • May 10, 2017

Capital One leads you on into thinking you can get a credit card when you cannot.

  • Mar 23, 2017

I've been a loyal Capital One cardholder, on and off, for very close to 10 years. I was very surprised and upset when I recently discovered that all 5 of my active Capital One credit card accounts were placed on restriction by the Capital One fraud dept. After speaking to a fraud supervisor, I was informed that unless I provide the driver’s license and social security cards of all the authorized users that I have ever added on my accounts from their inception (Spanning over 6 years) including those that have been DELETED, My existing accounts will remain restricted. This was really a death blow to me as many of the authorized users I've added in the past are no longer in my life and have since moved on. And as for the more recent users it would feel really odd asking them for this information way after the fact, especially being that I was never made aware from Capital One that this was a requirement when adding additional cardholders.

If I would have been made aware of this policy and procedure beforehand, I would have prepared accordingly and gladly requested the information from each user. However, whether it was up front before the add, or during the period after users were added on my account, this information was never requested of me by Capital One. I followed all the guidelines accordingly concerning adding and deleting authorized users which is found in the Capital One customer card agreement. There was no wording provided to me in this agreement concerning the number of Authorized users that could be added to my accounts nor the length of time each authorized user must be on the accounts. So to my understanding I was simply exercising the privileges that were given to me by Capital One. I did not think for one moment that adding and removing users was a violation. So I'm really not sure what I possibly could've done wrong. I followed ALL of the written policies provided to me by Capital One when it comes to adding new users to my account, and am fully aware and would take full responsibility for the purchases that would’ve been made on my account by any authorized users that I added. So I really can't understand why I'm being singled-out, penalized, and treated like a fraudster?

Throughout my time with Capital One, I have never been late in making payments for any of my accounts.(Over 6 years) I would think that with a track record such as that they would’ve been more lenient or at least would have warned me of what I was doing was potentially wrong, before they resorted to such drastic measures. Having a solid pay history and many years on the books, normally speaks volumes with most financial institutions, but I seeing different with Capital One. Until I logged into my account on 03/21/17, I have never heard or received anything from anybody at Capital One. What has happened to me is like a really bad nightmare and is extremely frustrating. By adding users to my account (Which is my right) I never anticipated Capital One to play such hard ball. If it was that serious, I would’ve be ok with them limiting the additional card holder feature altogether. So again this fraud block is really baffling and I don't understand why I'm being punished. The revised customer agreement indicates that they "may" require certain information of the authorized users, and they "may" limit "their" ability to use the account. It says limit "their ability" not my mine. I am ok with Capital One obtaining information beforehand when adding users, but in my case I was never told ANYTHING. Instead I was blindsided with a restricted account that is now causing me more harm than good. I am really worried about how my credit is going be affected by this, as my available credit is going to be reduced significantly once these 5 accounts close.

To add insult to this injury I have yet to receive a straight answer from Capital One as to why this information is needed. I was informed by a fraud supervisor that the reason for the request can't be discussed with me the account holder. I was under the impression this was MY account, and if the problem was that SERIOUS, I would think I would have the right to know. After going in circles and getting limited information with the fraud supervisor, I decided to submit additional complaints to the executive office, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

After being loyal to Capital One for so long, and being a responsible cardholder, I would hope they would reevaluate and reconsider their actions and UN-restrict my accounts.

  • Feb 3, 2017

Capital one restricted all my credit cards including my business credit card due to fraud and I'm extremely concerned. I made two payenents with them that where reversed and I called them up and explained what happened immediately after the error. The first one happened in Dec 2016 I made a payment online with my iPhone and I by mistake picked the wrong bank account not realizing that I I had closed it because I have two chase accounts on file with them and all I saw was chase and so I clicked it made the payment and that was that. I noticed the next day when the money wasn't taken out that there was something wrong so I called and the rep told me that the payment was trying to come from my other account and I told her that was an error please erase that account so I don't make the mistake again and here's a payment (I paid with my debit card which is an immediate payment) so I thought that was squared away. I asked her if everything was ok with my account and if I was going to be charged a fee she said no everything's ok it happens and that was all.

Now last month in January I went to make a payment on my other card and something was wrong with there system it was only allowing me to pay the full balance and I didn't have that available but it got clicked by mistake and it was over a holiday weekend MLk so I called the next business day and I explained what happened the rep said that it was such a large payment that it takes time to process and that if I didn't have the funds it more than likely would not go through. I agreed that I didn't and said it was a crazy error with your system and that I had proof and she said she was going to notate it and that it shouldn't be a problem. The next week Jan 24 2017 my cards are all restricted. I just made a payment on my business card which I needed to use the day before that went through and then this happens. I submitted faxed in the documents showing it wasn't my fault for the last payment and asked them to pull the calls for the last conversations that I had with the reps so they could see that I was telling the truth about those issues and that I called in and everything when those situations happened and they said they where going to review the accounts and "see what they could do" and it Feb 2 2017 and my accounts are still restricted! I'm a good paying customer gone out of my way to even call in when I noticed something is wrong and they still did this anyway!

I just was told today 2/2/17 that they denied my claim and that my accounts where going to stay restricted. I am disabled I was just evicted from my home and all I'm trying to do is pay these stupid credit cards on time so I can get a new place to live and this is what I get. I've been a customer since 2012 and I've never had a credit card before that I wish I stayed that way I've experienced nothing like this before I called in and explained what happened it's recorded so they can pull the tapes and yet they still restrict due to fraud and what fraud is it that's actually being committed? I'm the one that processed the payments no one else so I'm ready to go to get counsel and take them to court because I feel that they are discriminating against me and my impairment and considering my situation and all that I've sacrificed just to make these payments and now I'm not able to use the cards I've paid on just makes this situation seem extremely unjust and that's the reason why I need this claim to be investigated by a disabilities advocate because my rights have been infringed.

  • Jan 31, 2017

We have a credit card from capital one and have paid payments twice a month at a minimum well I made a payment and they put it on hold! They said cause too many payments looks fraudelent! Eleven times of calling I can't understand the rep so I request a English rep in the US! Well I was told no! Then while I was speaking and telling he guy I was requesting the payment to be credited and released for credit available and he said more or less he didn't care what I wanted! We were told I made too many payments in the last two billing cycles ! So because my account balance is a very small amount and it's almost paid off yet the payment was on hold for five days? I was hung up on! I was told I couldn't be helped! I asked to speak to a supervisor 12 times in three minutes and was told no! Horrible service !!!

  • Jan 24, 2017

I am, and have been a current customer of Capital One, formerly Chevy Chase. I have paid my mortgage with them on time for 10 (ten) years without a single late payment. Not one. I had gone thru a bankruptcy 6 1/2 years ago resulting from a business that went out of business. I did not include them in it, and retained my home. Discharged and for the last 7 years all was fine.

However, in October of 2016, unbenownst to me, they reported to the credit bureaus that my account was settled, and zero balance. I was unaware of this, as they never contacted me about any change. It was not until December that I did notice this when I was in the process of applying for credit and the purchase of a vehicle.

I notified them by phone, and they reiterated what I already knew. That my account was open, active and current. they said they would correct the error within the next couple weeks. That put the timeline at the holidays, so I waited until after the new year and checked again. To my horror, the account was not only NOT corrected, but now showed a 60 day late.

It is now Jan 23, 2017 and I have called them each of the last 15 working days, only to get no answers. I am only able to speak with customer service, and rarely able to speak with a supervisor. They simply refuse to put one onthe phone. Each time they claim notes are being made on the account, but I must go thru the 15-20 minutes they require to "get a handle" on the account.

Their position was that they are reporting the account just fine and there is nothing for them to amend. After a week of no help, I was finally instructed to send a fax to them with the proffo of my claim(s). I sent them the 3 copies of my credit report that I had to now pay for, showing each of the 3 bureaus were reporting the loan closed, settled, zero balance, and now 60 days late.

Allthewhile, I was able to speak ONLY with customer service who would send emails or IM's to a department, wait for a response, and then tell me what they "said". When asked for the contact name, number and email of that department, I was told there is no phone communication with that dept by anyone, ever. I was refused information to contact, in anyway, those who are in charge of this debockle they have created.

There have been no less then 14 conversations with them, and most of the times I am promised a call back. To date, ONE call has been returned, and Juanita called just to say it was in her dept and she was investigating it. It has been 3 working days plus saturday and sunday that SHE has not returned the call she promised.

Now, after 7 weeks of trtying to ask them to correct their errors, the last communication i received was them telling me that they DID mess up, but their system has now, after 10 year of reporting, and 6.5 years of continual reporting since the business bankruptcy, they are no longer allowed to report mortgage history to the bureaus.

I might be able to accept that as an answer, except they ARE reporting still "lates" that have never happened, except by their error of closing the regular reporting of my account.

Since then too, I had placed disputes with each of the 3 bureaus. Expewrian has replied to my dispute, indicating Capital One is reporting correctly. Even though I provided them with current mortgage couplons from Capital One, the copies of checkes paid to them each month for the last 18 months.

Of course, this has placed me in a position that I am now unable to buy a vehicle, and it has cost me many hours of time talking with them, sending information, and much anqguish. The financial costs cannot be summed up as of yet, but are growing since the vehicle I had wanted now costs more... $5,000 more. I had also wanted to refinance this mortgage, and suspect this "policy" change they now invoke is a response to hurt my attempts to pay off their mortgage. I feel they have purposed to hurt my ability to refinance, and I know they have affected my ability to obtain credit due to my scores going from the mid 760's to now 640's.

I believe this represents multiple violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act by Capital One, and for now one of the 3 bureaus who either did not investigate, or is in collusion with the creditor to hurt my credit.

At this point, my only alternative to compel them to stop reporting erroneous lates, and compel them to report 10 years of perfect payment history, is to sue them civilly. since they know and refise to correct, I feel there is punitive damages, and I am likely NOT the only person who this has been done to, thus a class action suit is likely.

  • Jan 12, 2017

After being a loyal customer for over 5 years capital one restricted all my good standing accounts which paid in full. Due to some authorize user fraud mess. No one explain what's going on. I ratherhave them taken off which they aren't allowing me to do on my account which these people are former emplooyees of mines. How can a company risk such a good customer for this bull. Customer service has declined big time and honestly doesn't matter if they close my accounts. Because I am officially done with them. Thank god I owe nothing and have other cards that appreciate us.

  • Nov 16, 2016

Where does one even begin to describe the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MOST HORRID PEOPLE ON EARTH-Capital ONE mastercard. Whats in your wallet? NOT CAPITAL ONE

It's truly shameful that a great company like Costco that goes to the nth degree would align themselves with a Capital one. A company that makes 3rd world techs support look like concierge service. We have a 6 star credit rating never missed a payment in 2 years, paid our card early EVERY TIME ahead of time. We have had so abused by this company we don't even know where to begin. Over charges on card for $2200..than we call in the moment of lodge a complaint to remove this charge. What do they do..."We'll investigate it have it removed" Yes but they tack 19.75% while there doing in it. In other words your paying them for a charge that should not be on your card to remove.

The people there barely are coherrant as they have heavy accents use cheap headset and you can barely understand what they are saying or if they can even hear you. Yesterday we paid $7000 on our card off to our bank. Capital one has not received the payment yet but we had a $12,000 limit on the card. We were trying to buy something online for $5600 and we needed to call them as the payment would not process online. We need a $600 extention in order for it go through. One would think having a s 6* credit rating and neve having missed a payment the call woudl take a matter of minutes. After putting us through the grinder of asking for all our information and transferring the call, our call was than transferred to another department that sounded like the call was routed to Pakistan but we were later told it was within the same country. "We are not prepared at this time to authorise you for increase we were told" We than asked to talk to someone in managment after talking in circles explaining our credit history and even willing to share bank payment of $7000 to them for what was on the card (not due till next month) that was paid still nothing was done!?!? We asked why? We were told "YOU HAVE NOT ME OUT PROPIETARY INFORMATION AND I AM NOT AUTHORISED TO EXTEND YOUR CREDIT LIMIT" We asked "What is propietary information?!?" Response? " I am sorry that is confitdential and I am not prepared to share this with you at this time" We said...lets see...our credit history is 6* our payments have always been made so what does propietary mean our we being racially profiled here?!?!?" I am not prepared to give you this information sir" We replied if your information is in relation to me MY NAME and there is a problem regarding my credit than I have a right to know about it" It has nothin to do with your credit information sir you just do not meet our propietary requirments" Having spend $28,000 on our card last year we were lost for words at the level of stupidity here never mind professional ignorance. Turns out there are over 6000 complaints with consumer affair aboub Capital one. So to say they suck would be polite. This would NEVER happen in an AMERICAN EXPRESS environment Or ANY other Credit card with proper backing. Why would Costco destroy their image and branding with such delinquent service!? We put a call into Costo we warned Capital one that this would resonate and cost them dearly. We spoke to Costco on other occasions and we were told that this is not the first time they have heard this. Capital one does not deserve to be anywhere near Costco. 4th world service if there is such a place. They own it. Disgusting and terrible to say the least. We almost feel like cancelling our membership with Costco to drive the point home. It is our hope Capital one will be finished after our experience.

  • Nov 1, 2016

Received phone call and e-mail saying my loan was approved. They said they would loan me $3000 @ 10% interest for 36 months. Since they were not allowed to withdraw payments from my bank acct. I had to buy an appleitunes gift card for $100 and register the card number with them. Once registered they would put the money plus the $100 into my bank. Called them a few days later and that is when they told me since my income was lower than most Social security). Told me they would put the money back on gift card and for me to have a nice day.

It seemed strange to me that they all gad the same accent like from india yet they all had american names?


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