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Capital Cash

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 1 S Dearborn St Ste 2100
Phone (312) 473-4163

Capital Cash Reviews

  • Mar 21, 2019

Made me think he could fix my personal credit and get me money to fund my business and I gave him 1500.00 to repair my credit and get Funding for my business but he took my and said i did something to credit by applying for more credit told him i didn't apply for anything he said I did so it's voids the contract so he can keep my money so everytime I call he would cussing me out and he give me a 100.00 of the 1500.00 back take it or leave it

  • Jun 15, 2017

I saw this website a year or so ago and recently saw it again. I thought, wow they really have been around for a long time. I know my credit isnt great but they offer lots of different services.... So I email and didnt hear back. I thought well, maybe they are just busy so I called. The person that answered the phone sounded drunk. I said what I wanted and he asked about my credit. I told him it wasnt great and he said "there is no such thing as no personal guarantee. Hate to burst your fu**ing bubble" and hung up on me! I was really disappointed because I thought I found a company that would finally help me get my dream business off the ground, but the guy wont even talk to you! So I guess if you have perfect credit you are good to go, the rest of us get hung up on! Oh and they do offer credit repair, but apparently he was not interested in selling that today. Probably not a scam, but just super rude and apparently dont need the business.

  • May 3, 2016

Writes false complaints about financial offers listed on backpage and craigslist. he report is absolutely untrue, and liebel.

Just so you know. Capital cash.Co is in violation of s.B 497 Senate bill) for selling " credit privacy numbers "

The senate bill states " the purchase of "cpn " " credit privacy numbers " " credit protection numbers " are illegal, and fraud. If you purchase a cpn from capital cash.Co or any other seller of cpn numbers is fraud, and they are lying to you about the 1974 privacy act-no where in the act does it state that a consumer can use a

Cpn number. The 1974 privacy act states " your are not required to issue your social security number to anyone" other than to the irs, drivers license bureau or govenment benefits. It is a false statement using the 1974 privacy act to conduse consumers of the law...Don't believe me..Call your local state attornys office, or a local lawyer and ask them and see what they tell you. Faslifying your social security number for credit is fraud.

Don't believe a word of it-capital cash.Co lies. Every cpn seller is breaking the law selling illegal made up cpn numbers using childrens ssn or making them up using the ssn validator, or death index records. You are subject to felony charges if you get cought.

6 people in maryland were indicted for selling cpn numbers-don't believe me.Call the doj Department of justice, ftc-federal trade commission- attorney generals office.Cpn numbers are not real and is fraud.

Email used to write this complaint about us Usa shelf corporations) is bogus

Allysonlengregy tina conley same name used by capital cash.Co who claims we are-however

  • Nov 20, 2015

I did business with TINA CONELY and she explicitly told me how she makes false reports against Capital Cash cause I was a broker for her for 2 months and all she did was talk all this crap about them and It didn't dawn on me in the beginning unitl after all the signs started adding up. I resold her tradelines and they seemed legit and she said I could make a lot of money on them and the average consume is just dumb and sends her cash all the time and its easy to make 100,000 a year.

I bought into all her garbage. She was always telling me to post slander and keep her ads on top of Capital Cash saying they was cons then as I sold tons of tradelines she started lying to me and none of the lines posted and all the clients were calling me pist off and she then ignore my calls. After 2 months I sent her $85,412.24 worth of business and she never paid me one penny or posted on tradelne for one client. She completely used me to selll her scam and rip people off. I completely feel sorry for assisting her and slaming on a completely legit innocent company capital cash. I had to write this cause I m so humiliated with how I got treated and used.

I filed report with the FTC and and ATLANTA PD and they told me she is currently under investigation and the US POSTAL service is investigating her as well. I want to tell consumers to beware of Weisman Finanical and Tina Conely and all her companines. She had me send her business funding to her green apple funding and she told me she couldn't even do funding and didn't care about it she only wanted to sell the shelf corps and tradelines and I send her a client who bought one and she never produced one tradeline. The client called me and told me the corporation was even stolen and he was getting sued by the real owner. This lady is a complete con and is dangerous predator. Buyer beware and becareful.

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