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Cape International Mobile Detailing

Country United States
State Florida
City Cape Coral
Phone 239-677-1558

Cape International Mobile Detailing Reviews

  • Mar 8, 2017

I hired micheal to do some flooring on my boat. He asked for an advance of $1,800, to purchase the material. He was suppose to start the job in five days, buy never did the work. I called him and he made a whole lot of excuses, but never returned the money or did he do the work. I contacted the Florida Dept of Consumer Fraud and was told they would enter the complaint in their data base, but Michael was known by law enforcement. I contacted one of the people he ripped off, and they said he had his picture on the Lee County Sheriffs Dept for theft. The Lee County said that he was no longer in their jail, but they new Michael. I only wish I read the Google and Rip Off Reports, because I certainly would not have given him my money. This guy belongs in jail, especially with the number of people he stole money from. I am sure most people don't follow up, but instead take the loss. I hope no one is so foolish as to give him any money.

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