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CanInvest Inc

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 2100 Bloor Street West, Suite 6309
Phone 1-800-573-9501

CanInvest Inc Reviews

  • Dec 22, 2016

Two years ago, I attended a seminar in Vancouver. The seminar was slick with lots of what appeared to be credible individuals. marketing how to buy investment Real Estate in the USA. The big pitch was, you come with us and we have more purchasing power to get better deals AND we will insure you have a proper business structure to accomplish and take care of the business. We also have a "Team" of professionals to set you up and get you going & for a fee (very large), you have access to them & the deals.

After getting involved, spending more than I care to mention because of embarassment that I fell for it (and it was considerable), everyone basically disappeared and you are left on your own. Phone calls never returned, emails never returned, Canadian contact #'s disappeared or unresponsive. You paid for a team & in the end you're left high & dry to fend for yourself which can be a difficult task from Canada. You have NO access to the group who ran the seminar who are supposed to be the "successful" investors. It appears what they where doing was collecting a database of buyers to sell properties they acquired through foreclosures OR tax sales.

This program was referred by Dave Dubeau who has a large database & I would suspect earns handsome referral bonuses from such programs. Considering the referral source was also believed to be creditable, you go in thinking the program is legitimate. I would say in this case, the referral partner did not know who is was dealing with OR they are friends and where looking to promote each other. In the end, this was one massive marketing campaign and I question if the only ones who made money were the referral partners and program organizers.

The CanInvest Inc website is still on the internet BUT the "client private access" is unavailable. I assume the page is left up to bring in others OR to appear they are still in business. GOOD luck trying to reach someone. It took me months when I need some help OR had any questions.

You probably don't hear from any of these individuals anymore because they have moved on because this was a bust OR they wanted it that way because the after care is from someone who doesn't care about anyone that did get involved.

This program is NOTHING WHAT IT WAS PRESENTED AS and was a rip off. I hold ALL involved responsible because I did NOT get what I paid for. I would be very careful with anyone getting involved with the individuals mentioned and carefully evalute any dealings OR programs offered through them.

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