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Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue

Country Canada
City Porters Lake, Nova Scotia
Address 836 Myra Road
Phone 902 210 5768

Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue Reviews

  • Jan 25, 2018

COSAR has wrecked havoc not only on adopters but also fosters. For over a year they claimed non profit however only in Dec 2017 did they even register as a society with no proof of being non profit. Several people have donated only to be blocked or removed, one gentleman returned an I'll dog within the 30 day time line yet never received his refund. Another woman had a dog placed with them unaware of issues the dog had until concerns were raised and the rescue stated "this is not new behaviour", one woman ended up bitten while protecting her toddler when one dog snapped while the family was eating supper. When confronted individuals were threatened and the blame placed on them. Further inspection shows they attempt to transport unvaccinated animals causing great risk of spreading diseases such as parvo and distemper among others. Animals do not go through a proper behaviour assessment and only guesses are made as to what will or won't work for the adoptable dogs.

The rescue takes no responsibility for the dogs in any manner and only lays blame elsewhere as to redirect attention away from them. Do not support or adopt from them. Its only heartache, disappointment, and a potential to be physically hurt that awaits an adopter or foster!

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