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Canada Drives

Country Canada
City Vancouver, British Columbia
Address 555 Burrard St #600
Phone 888-865-6402

Canada Drives Reviews

  • May 23, 2017

Looking for a car, when Canada Drives web site pulls up, it just starts with simple questions, and then asks you for your name and address, thought it was going to search for cars for me, but after putting in your personal information, and as soon as you hit the accept buttom, the comapny says it can and will pull a hard credit check and it also allows any of its other associates to do the same. I did not give my social insurance number, just name and address, and it went from their to pull a creidit report, no signature required.

I do not even have a car I want or a price. I am not even at the deal stage yet. They say its in the FINE print to pull credit reports.

We have no contract for a car or price, and they pull credit checks like nothing.

It is an internet based company. No one has even said they founs a car for me, plus they say you have tio buy one of their cars, and they only loan on thier finds.

Need the hard credit taken off, I have no signed contract, I am looking, not buying.

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