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Can-World Finance Services

Country Canada
City Calgary, Alberta
Address 3025 12 St NE
Phone 1 403-208-4919

Can-World Finance Services Reviews

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  • Apr 14, 2019

Jeff Weiland, President and scam artist of Calgarians and Albertans

Jeff operates a rip off circus calling it Can-World finance, charging upfront fees without ever providing capital or funding. Should be called “Con-World” because all they do there is con people out of their money with no recourse.

After reading this brief and upfront release you will hopefully head the other direction and be better off (and less broke) from almost dealing with Weiland’s Con-World.

Jeffery Weiland will look at you like a cat watches a bird in its cage. His sole care is for himself and he only wants your money. He will claim you are ‘pre-approved for financing’ and needs due diligence costs to put a file together. No, it will not work so don’t do it. Go anywhere else. Their “due diligence” only amounts to a no and a request for more money.

You will hear claims that they are a funder, not a broker. That is a lie. They are only a broker and have no licence to operate. They claim they can fund anywhere in North America, also a lie and misrepresentation.

Jeff Weiland’s scam team at Con-World:

Mandy McBride – credit department

She is married or common law to Jeff Weiland and claims to be in house credit department. Mandy completes adapted documents and puts names in spaces. She is part of the equation to help scam people out of their money expecting finance capital.

Patrick Chorney – client department

Patrick is in cohorts with Jeff. Just as guilty, making it a team effort.

If we knew about these guys beforehand, we never would have written a cheque. Let our experience be your warning!!

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  • Dec 3, 2019

Remove my name and company!

The above review is completely false and who writes this garbage

  • Dec 14, 2019

Our experience with Can-World was very similar to the others I read on this site. I wish I found out about Rip Off Report, before doing business with them.

We do have proof and are very interested in talking to people who have experienced the same. Please contact me if you also had a horrible experience with this company.

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