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Calm Drum

Country Norway
City Kalvatn Trading
Address Gamle Eikesetveien 21. 4032 Stavanger

Calm Drum Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2020

Calm Drum

My story is the same. I ordered on April 11th and as of August 30th, 2020, still no product. I had multiple emails with Ken as well with no results. This is not a legitimate company. They will take your money and make excuses as to why the product has not yet been delivered and refer you to their refund policy - which basically says they will not refund your money.

  • Jul 14, 2020

Placed order on March 31st and waited 3 weeks for an update on my order before I reached out.

No communication initiated by the merchant to inform of any delays in shipping or explanations of what might be taking so long. I first contacted them on April 18th to inquire when the item might ship. "Ken" from the company responded the next day, April 19th to explain the delay and informed me that I would have shipment information in a few days.

April 24th, I reached out again to inquire about shipping information. April 25th, "Ken" told me he would send me the tracking number as soon as possible.

May 4th, I responded to "Ken's" email and said that I still had not received any shipping information and requested to simply cancel my order and requested a refund. May 6th, "Ken" responded and assured me that my order was his top priority and that he would get me my shipment information as soon as possible. He did not respond to my request to cancel my order and receive a refund.

May 26th, I responded to Ken informing him that I still had not received any shipping information and again requested to cancel my order. May 27th, he responded with a tracking number for a shipment and again did not respond to my request to cancel my order. The tracking number in the USPS system stated, "Label Created, not yet in system". May 27th, I decided to send a message to the merchant through their website in hopes that the message might go to someone else who could better help me.

My message on May 27th through the website contact page said, "Hello, I have been in communication with a member of your team for two months. They have been very kind. However, they have been unable to provide me with a tracking number for my order #4181. I understand these are strange times, but I have since ordered and received other items from overseas to my U.S. shipping address. I was wary of ordering this item as it was my first time ordering something through an Instagram ad. I am feeling like I perhaps have been scammed. I would like to cancel my order and receive a refund in full. Thank you."

That message solicited another response from "Ken" on May 27th, who again did not respond to my request to cancel my order and receive a refund. He simply supplied me with the same USPS tracking number that said, "Label Created, not yet in system".

May 29th, I responded to "Ken's" message and stated that I wished to cancel my order and asked for a full refund to be issued. May 30th, "Ken" responded, "As per our Policy, we only accept cancellations and refunds within 60 minutes after an order has been placed."

June 4th, I sent the following message, "I don't mean to be a squeaky wheel here, and I know the world is a total dumpster fire right now, but I feel like I basically threw away $70. The tracking number you gave me over a week ago still says that the label was created but that the item isn't in the system which means it isn't in transit. It has been 2.5 months since I placed the order and I have had to constantly contact you to ask about my order. Not issuing me a refund for an item that I do not have and I believe I will not have is totally unacceptable. I am looking into the better business bureau because this really feels like a scam to me."

June 6th, "Ken" sent the following, "If we are scammers, we will not waste our time answering your email. After talking with the fulfillment center, they informed me that once it reached the country of destination, there will be an update on the tracking number. I will guarantee you that if your package gets lost while in transit, we will immediately send a new one to your address."

At some point after this, I filed a complaint with the BBB.

July 14th, I sent the following note to “Ken” at Calm Drum, "I hope this note finds you well. If you can believe I have STILL not received my calm drum that I ordered in March. I do not want this anymore. I do not have the product. It does not appear to be in shipment. This would be easier for everyone involved if you could just cancel my order and refund my purchase. PLEASE REFUND THIS ORDER."

On that same day I called my credit card company and opened a dispute over the charge.

I still have not received my item or a refund from the merchant and have not yet heard back from “Ken”.

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