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California Sunrooms

Country United States
State California
City Rancho Cordova
Address 3160 Gold Valley Dr #300
Phone 916-631-8186

California Sunrooms Reviews

  • Dec 4, 2015

Be extremely cautious if you are planning on doing business with this company, either directly or thru Home Depot. Make sure if a salesman comes to your home that they detail every single piece of materials you are getting, how it will be installed, and what you will be charged. Get a firm date as to when the project will be completed. Do not allow them to just show you a picture from their brochure. That is what the sales person did with me and the cover they installed looks nothing like the picture they showed me in their brochure. I believe I have been a victim of "bait & switch" sales practices. Check with the Permits department to see if a permit needs to be pulled BEFORE they start any work. Familiarize yourself with the project and know basically what needs to done. Monitor the progression of their work. I have had a very bad experience with a patio cover that was installed by them. I ordered it thru Home Depot and when you do that you are required to pay the full amount up front and California Sunrooms is their contractor for this type of project.. The sales contract was signed on 6/27/2015 and the project was not completed until 3 months later. They made many mistakes installing the cover, had to take it down twice & put it back up. The original height was to be 9 1/2 feet. When they put it up the first time it was 10 feet 7 inches high and bolted to the concrete slab. The entire structure swayed and was unstable. They had to come back & take it down and install 2 steel support posts. They even did that wrong because they installed the wrong size post the first time. They had to come back again with a jackhammer and bust up the conrete footing and reinstall the correct size post. They spaced the rafters incorrectly, had to re-space them and drilled holes in the beams which they plugged up with gobs of caulking compound. They also drilled holes in my existing slab & plugged them up with concrete patch. They just showed up at my house on 2 occasions with no prior notice.I had to file a complaint with the Contractor's Licensing Board and learned after they were done with the installation that they were required to have pulled a permit before starting the work & they didn't. They even stated on the sales contract the no permit was needed. Once the permit was finally pulled and presented to me, the actual fair market cost of the project, including labor & materials as was required on the permit, was listed at $2860. The price they charged me on 6/27/2015 was $5700. Additionally, the patio cover they installed looked nothing like the pictures I was shown on 6/27/2015 in their sales brochure and thought I was getting for $5700. The complaint I filed with Home Depot remains open and unresolved as of 11-30/2013 as does the complaint with CSLB.

12/1 I UPDATE-Today, "Allen" at Home Depot Customer service contacted me and informed me that California Sunrooms is now attempting to alter the information on the permit they were forced to pull after the installation of the patio cover was completed and which has been inspected and closed out by the building permits department.. According to Allen, they are now trying to alter the amount from $2860 to $5700, alleging they made a "mistake" on the permit when they originally filled it out. .

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