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California Government Legislation

Country United States
State California
City Sacramento

California Government Legislation Reviews

  • Mar 6, 2021

California wants to make children sexual pinatas where they will be raped and abused and murdered. There is absolutely no such thing as gender biased? That is because some sexually perverted legislation member of California wants to have his or her pick on children that they can pick up and rape. There's no such thing as gender bias if you're born with a p***s you're a boy if you're born with a vagina you're a girl? You educated politicians just have a piece of paper because your education degree that you wipe your a*s with. Are only trying to make girls be victimized and raped in restrooms and lockers....A girl needs to go clothes shopping in their own separate department and the same with boys. California has made its state a sexual perverted state, it is pretty pathetic when you go into a men's room and you see women peeing in a urinal and they wonder why 3 guys hold her down and rape rape her? It is all because of you pervert politicians of California. Women do not belong in men's bathrooms and women don't belong in the men's bathroom and the same difference between the toy and clothing departments. California politicians want to see all our children be victimized sexually. Because most California politicians should be in jail because they are all perverted.

Politicians have made America a nation of Misfits.

It's a proven fact women will never be equal to men: watch this video,

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