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California Energy Contractors

Country United States
State California
City Van Nuys
Address 15138 Stagg Street, - Entrance off Burnet Avenue
Phone 800-574-3006

California Energy Contractors Reviews

  • Jan 15, 2019

Paint with Tex-cote and it keeps peeling off. They painted & stuccoed in June-2016 They have come out serval times to repaint but it just peels off again. Also the stucco is cracking everywhere.

Some of the House is wood and some stucco. The Guesthouse is where they did the stucco on and paint is peeling really bad on it. I have painted myself over and over and the gallon of paint they gave me doesn’t match so it’s light patch’s from trying to fix and cover cracks and peeling.

I have asked them to fix problems but was informed it was the last-time they would come again to fix peeling ect... This problem is on going. The promise of a never have to paint again was extremely untrue.

  • Aug 28, 2017

I was contacted by California Energy Contractor and told Tex Cote for my home was the best way to protect my home for a lifetime. Additionally, I was told Tex Cote was guaranteed for life. I have since had a huge problem with Tex Cote bubbling. I have numerous locations on my home and garage where the Tex Cote is with bubbling or peeling. I contacted Alex at California Energy Contractor after several attempts. I called many times and left numerous messages, which appeared to fall upon deaf ears. Eventually, Alex returned my phone call and said he would send someone out to my home to look at the faulty areas where Tex Cote failed. Several weeks passed and several phone calls were made to California Energy Contractor. Therefore, after weeks of waiting finally a repair person from California Energy Contractor arrived at my home to inspect the bubbling and peeling areas on my home and garage. Alex later called and said the areas where the bubbling and peeling where found were cause by a common fungus. Alex said the fungus was caused by moisture. I reminded Alex that California Energy Contractor told me Tex Cote would be applied to my home and protect my home from the weather. I was told trenches would be dug around the application areas and Tex Cote would be applied, thus protection from water or moisture damage. I explained to Alex that Tex Cote was supposedly lifetime and my home needed repairs. Alex told me he would obtain free paint (Tex Cote); however, I would be responsible for a $400 labor charge. this cost for repair should not be charged on a product that is lifetime. Alex and California Energy Contractor are falsely advertising and failing to repair my home without paying for labor. Please help me find a remedy to get my home repaired without having a large labor cost. I paid well over $5k to have Tex Cote applied to my residence and I was told the application of Tex Cote was lifetime coverage.

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