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Cali Girl

Country United States
State California
City Los Alamitos
Phone (209)269-2823

Cali Girl Reviews

  • Nov 7, 2019

Cali Girl (Brittany Guitterez) wrote a complete false description of her short interaction with me via text message on 10/12/19 regarding adopting a puppy from a litter planned for Spring 2020. I have every screenshot of every interaction and want to share it with anyone interested in seeing how she completely twisted the truth via her reviews of my business on multiple platforms.

She claimed I keep deposits. There are two texts where I clearly stated deposits are in fact refundable if desired puppy isn't produced. She claimed she heard from a mysterious breeder she refuses to name that I have kept a deposit in the past without providing a puppy. This is a complete lie.

I have contact for every deposit I have received and all of them received a puppy and I can prove this without problem. She claimed I offered to have her deposit carried over to another breeder if my female didn't produce the dog she wanted. This is completely false.

I have never offered this nor would I have reason to offer this. I am hurt by the senseless accusations she dreamed up about me and and can't make sense of why she took the time to try to smear the name of an honest person who works hard to love and care for my dogs and lovingly places their puppies into qualified homes.

Beware of fraudulent buyers like Brittany who have no interest in actually doing business but seeks to hurt genuine people for no reason. Again I want anyone and everyone to contact me personally and I will happily produce every bit of evidence that backs up all I have said above.

Please also take the time to request the same proof from Brittany Guitterez (Cali Girl) to see if she is capable of doing the same. Thank you.

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