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Caleb Boise

Country United States
State Alabama

Caleb Boise Reviews

  • Nov 20, 2022

Caleb Boise not only wasted my time but ripped me off as he fraudulently misrepresented, I believed him as he was mellow with a nice smile, this was hiding his true nature of being a liar and a very low quality human being, after he fraudulently ripped me off and wasted my time he then blocked me, as I tried to follow up for a amicable resolution he had no interest and simply hung up, beware that this is the type of conduct Caleb Boise of dapper labs operates under, actions always speak louder than words and I wish I saw these reviews before believing he was a honest consultant who doesnt fraudulently misrep and cause damage to people in the industry, he and dapper labs are now blackballed in the space, poor dapper labs for being entangled with a terrible human being like this and now also having to be connected with this type of dishonest fraudulent misrepresentation.

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