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Cabinet Doors For Less

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Conover
Address 908 Industrial Drive SW
Phone 1.828.351.3510

Cabinet Doors For Less Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2018

BEWARE OF THIS SCAM. Their website looks very appealing and legit however, I placed an online order knowing their lead time is 15-30 days with Quick Delivery. My order consisted of ONE unfinished basic cabinet door to match my existing doors.

I have a few questions and placed several calls (with only being able to leave a voicemail) and sent a few emails. At first, I just thought they must be busy and will get to me, but NO ONE EVER CALLED ME BACK OR REPLIED TO MY EMAIL. I found the voicemail greeting to almost be offensive with the tone of the greeter having an attitude of knowing no one would return calls.

After the 32nd day of waiting with my order still showing as "awaiting fulfillment") I called again as a one last ditch effort to obtain this door. Of course, I only got that obnoxious voicemail greeting where I left my last message to cancel my order. Preparing that I'd not hear from them, I immediately also called my CC company and reported this company as a fraud - taking my money, not delivering, having absolutely no communications with those placing orders and it is now being over the longer range date of their SLA.

Whne requesting my refund from the CC company, they indicated it could take up to 6 months for their investigation & nrefund. My CC was refunded the cost of my order within a week. WHAT'S THAT SAYING TO YOU?? BUYER BEWARE AND HEED MY WARNING TO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

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