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C5 Property Management

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tempe
Address 1212 E Baseline Rd
Phone (480) 786-5339

C5 Property Management Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2017

I consigned for daughter's rental on 10/15/13. IF paid rent after 5pm on the first..late fee of 118 This only happened twice in almost 4yrs. She gave me 2days to clear out a 3bdroom home. I'm 77 And my daughter was in the hospital phyc ward with the shock of it all after having major surgery..and told to move out as were raising the rent from 1300. I enlisted my aged friends from my complex here to pack everything..was told throwaway in sack in garage and remove furniture. I offered my cleaning to clean.."Oh no, Erin said you paid cleaning expense in deposit. She charged 275.00 more. I also had trimmed all the trees in back and laid to gave my weed guy come..She charged me 375.00 more dollars. I turned keys in tues and went back for final load and she'd locked me out! She screamed over and over when I asked her to give me a break. I had neighbors over and they all said what a nice neat place it was. I had the carpets cleaned 2 mo before this.She charged another 265 for that I had disclosed both bathrooms needed work..daughter could have called maintenance but was embarrassed over problems with colostomy bag. That I accepted. July 23 got a bill for 1900. After mydeposit of 1100. We didn't pay rent, only July owing I sent the bill to daughter living now in Washinton, to go over. She agreed that those were xtra charges and I asked her to send it back. By the time I got it..she, Erin had sent a final notice to the address she moved Out I got a call from Genesis collection bureau on August 24th..Erin gave to collections. He now informed me I had to pay 2865.56. He would inform the credit bureau if I didnt. My credit is very good..Erin used that scare tactic on me paid. But maybe I shouldn't have. This was all done before the 28th which was the date to vacate. People shouldn't be able to treat good people like this. I don't know where to turn. The BB was contacted and Erin said rent wasn't being paid and it was filthy..lies I hope you can help me.

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