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C&F Finance Company

Country United States
State Virgin Islands
City Richmond
Address 1313 East Main Street, Suite 400
Phone 1-855-602-2001

C&F Finance Company Reviews

  • Dec 26, 2016


C and f fiance is nothing more than a rip off. We asked them to move our payment to the first of each month and they wouldn't even work with us. Today they had a guy to come and repo our van. I will never tell anyone to used them and If you are a day late on a payment they start calling you. And when you try to tell them that you have a grace period. For the payment they tell you that they don't. Well if you look at your paperwork it's sa that you have 10 days after your due date to make a payment they have argued with me over and over again and they are very rude people to talk to. They can kiss my. Behind as I'm glad that I don't have to deal with them anymore

  • Nov 18, 2015

I purchased a car through Furman Nissan in Cleveland, TN. C&F Finance is the company that accepted my loan. At first they were nice and i was happy with the service they provided.

They changed their collections/customer service department and things went to hell.

I have never denied that I got behind. I have breast cancer and have been fighting that battle on my own. I am a single mom raising my 2 daughters with no help. Yes, they gave me a defferment adn for that i am thankful. i am now a little more than half a month behind. Two months ago, I set up a payment arrangement with Karlee. She got approval from her manager on the arrangements.

I got a call today that my car is going to be repossessed. I was told my payment arrangements that THEY set up are no good. Karlee had been transferred to another department and the manager that approved them is no longer with the company. At this point, i am batteling my own cancer, plus helping support my father, 6 month old nephew and sister who are also battling cancer. I have one missed payment that i have been paying more a month to catch up through the arrangements C and F set up for me. When i was talking to the new manager today about the situation i am in and the reason the payment is behind, i was told to "Shut my mouth" i was told it was "best for me to be quiet" because i didn't know "who i was dealing with" No way should anyone be told to shut their mouth on a call like this. Also, they should stand behind the arrangements that their manager made.

If the next car i try to buy is financed through C&F i will tell them to keep the car and i will ride a bike to work.

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