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C&E Wurzer Builders

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Chippewa Falls
Address 1750 US-53 BUS
Phone 715-839-8806

C&E Wurzer Builders Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2017

I had a roof replaced by this company. They came over and asked if they could look at the roof to inspect for hail damage. I let them go up there since they were doing my neighbor's roof. They found damage and said they would contact my insurance company for me and handle everything, which they did. My issue comes with the day the roof acutally got installed.

After a couple of cancellations that I had to initiate calls about, the crew showed up on a Friday I believe at 2:00-2:30 in the afternoon to install the roof. What a mess they made. The roof was completed in the dark, the crew who did not speak much english were rushing to get this done. When they finally left that night, I went out and with a flashlight picked up a good 100 nails off the driveway. The next day is when I saw the real mess. They had blown all the nails into my landscaping. I picked up another 100 nails. They had also trampled all over our plants in the back, threw roof tiles on them as well as in the yard. Not only did i pick up nails, and roof tiles, but they left staples and staple guns in the yard.

I had called and complained, they project manager who handles the crews allegedly came out and clean up nails with a magnet. I was still picking up nails. He then came again and while I was there picked up another 60-70 nails with the magnet. All in all, I picked up 300 plus not to mention what he picked up. I have kids that play in the yard, this was a nightmare in the making.

The 2nd issue that I have currently with this company is that I have not received any paperwork, warrany, final bills, anything from this company. If I have a problem, I have nothing stating that there is a warranty. Here is where it gets good. They wont return a phone call, email or text. Nothing! When they wanted their money, they called all the time to get the balance of the insurance payments before it arrived. Now that they have their money, I cant get them to return a call, message or email.

Hindsight being 20/20, stay away from these guys. I should have gotten another quote. I am sure they are working in a storm damaged area in Wisconsin as we speak. Good luck if you are doing business with them.

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