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C-89.5 FM

Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address KNHC 10750 30th Ave NE
Phone (206) 421-8989

C-89.5 FM Reviews

  • Feb 19, 2018

Seattle Public Schools with make NO decision about a radio station that THEY own at a high school (Nathan Hale) which is costing the taxpayers and unsuspecting SUCKERS lots of money that's being wasted. SPS continues to pay a program director (Jon B. McDaniel) who STILL takes trips AWAY to Hawaii unrelated to his JOB, claiming online that HE'S won the JOB LOTTERY, continues to rest on his weak, so-called 'Dance Music Group popularity' laurels - and periodically at the click of a button HIDES on his Facebook/Twitter after pretending to be 'E.F. Hutton' on them so that no one OUTSIDE of his band of rats can see what he posts. SPS is also paying an operations manager (Ricahrd J. Dalton) for dressing up at station concerts in lewd costumes, most recently as a KINKY CHICKEN or a FAT DISGUSTING COW to today's youth, spits in the eye to those that question his conduct, and in reality.. DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but USE the station for his own personal/so-called 'music spinning popularity'..they have been like this for YEARS -even when their former GM (Gregg Neilson) got paid an enormous amount of money from SPS that was indeed questionable - a story that made Seattle's KIRO-TV news make no mistake, trying to keep that quiet. Now recently the station (supposedly) ILL-GOT $60,000 'separately' for a new transmitter. Staff members there have NOTHING ELSE better to do than to go online with their socials - posting items that are only important to THEM - trying to make 'some' names for themselves, pleading for MORE money at every so-called pledge drive - giving NO DETAILS. How does the public even KNOW that donations are actually going FOR the station via a separate website accepting credit cards that some slick C89 TECHIE put together? They continue to brainwash. NO -the School District, along with this school (classroom?) DOES NOT CARE ANY-MORE about student 'RADIO' training. It is NOW become a w*house and should be shut down permanently.

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